Detailed Noise Colorfit Pulse Review NOVEMBER 2022


Introduction – Noise Colorfit Pulse Review

Budget-friendly smartwatch Noise ColorFit Pulse has an intelligent SPO2 meter and a number of sports modes. Its display is slightly bigger and have some interesting features.

If you are thinking to buy noise colorfit pulse smartwatch then you must check out this detailed noise colorfit pulse review in which we have discussed every detail and features of the smartwatch and why you should go for it or avoid it.



The 1.4′′ LCD Touch Screen Display of the Noise ColorFit Pulse features a 240*240 pixel resolution. Even though the LCD is unexpectedly dim in direct sunshine, it can still be seen and is functional.

A large bezel surrounds the screen on all sides, centralizing the display. Comparing this display to the Noise ColorFit Pro 2, it is a little bigger in size. The touch on the panel is quite nice aside from this.

The Design and Strap

Design and Strap

The Noise ColorFit Pulse’s design is quite similar to a modern smartwatch with a button on the right side and a rectangular dial. While there are numerous colours available on the market, the strap we received is black. The SPO2 sensor, heart rate sensor, and other branding, as well as the pulse sensor, all visible on the rear of the dial.

The rubber strap is cosy, and the dial is portable. The dial size is just right, and it fits any wrist type perfectly.

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Sports Modes


Sixty different sports modes are available with Noise ColorFit Pulse. These include outdoor running, walking, cycling, hiking, and trekking as well as indoor running, cycling, and yoga.

You can track your daily activities while on the go with these outdoor and indoor fitness and sports settings. Daily updates on your progress are sent to you automatically via the watch, and if it’s synced with the NoiseFit App, the information is also recorded in your record.

Health Features

Health Features

The SpO2, Heart rate, and Sleep monitors are included with the smartwatch. You may monitor your health using these wellness partners throughout the day.

The SpO2 monitor requires the user to hold on for a brief period of time before providing an accurate reading; the sensor must be appropriately positioned on the hand for the sensor to function effectively. Both the heart monitor and the sleep monitor are functional.



You have access to a variety of notification choices, including incoming calls and text messages from various applications. The notifications are timely and require a Bluetooth connection with the phone. On receiving a new notification or reaching any type of activity milestone, it provides a steady vibration feedback.

In addition to this, you can find your phone, look up the weather, manage the music, and many other things. All of these extra functions operate flawlessly and without any issues.

When you receive a call notification on your watch, you can actually reject the call and also choose from a few pre-loaded short responses. The NoiseFit App allows you to tailor these quick responses. But there is no rapid reply option in the standard app notifications.

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The UI & NoiseFit App


The Noise ColorFit Pulse’s extremely clear user interface makes it easy to find each single feature on the smartwatch. The NoiseFit App, on the other hand, is a program specifically made for this wristwatch, and you can connect to it by scanning the QR code on the watch. The software enables the user to keep a thorough log of all their activities and, to a certain extent, customize the watch. This wristwatch app also allows you to control a number of extra features. Additional watch faces are also available for download, and you can customize them.

Connectivity, Battery life and charging


The smartwatch includes Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity for quick pairing and improved connection. Additionally, it works with devices running iOS and Android.

According to Noise, a fully charged watch has a 10-day battery life. However, in actual all-day use with continuous heart rate monitoring, carrying out some everyday tasks, and receiving notification alerts, the battery backup time can be reduced to almost 8 days.

The watch comes with a magnetic charger that charges the Noise ColorFit Pulse by attaching onto the rear of the device. The smartwatch needs roughly two hours to fully recharge from a completely discharged battery.

Final Words – Noise Colorfit Pulse Review

Noise ColorFit Pulse appears to be a genuine improvement over the ColorFit Pro 2. This smartwatch is the best if you can get one under Rs. 2,000 because it now has a SpO2 and sleep monitor in addition to other upgraded features. Both the UI and the battery backup are greatly enhanced.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Noise ColorFit pulse Grand good?

Yes, the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand smartwatch is a fantastic buy for even 2500 inr. fitness trackers including SPO2, Heartrate Monitoring, Stress Test, and endless fitness modes There is also excellent build quality.

Can I receive calls on noise ColorFit pulse?

A heart rate sensor and SpO2 monitor are additional components of the smartwatch. Additionally, the device has Bluetooth calling capabilities, allowing users to place and receive calls right from the smartwatch.

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