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Introduction – Boat Rockerz 550 Review

Boat rockerz 550 over ear Bluetooth headphone is a very popular product launched by boat. It is bought by more than 60 thousand customers. If you are about to buy boat rockerz 550 over ear headphone then you should read this boat rockerz 550 review till the end because we have included every detail point about boat rockerz 550 in this review. Our team have tried and tested this product to provide to a genuine review.

Look & Design


The design of headphones has been revolutionized by BoAt. In this price range, the headphone has a distinctive and unique design. This headphone’s design is overhead, and the headrest and earpieces are cushioned.

On the outside of the earpiece, there are two unique designs: a grey and black design in the black model and a red-black pattern in the red variant. On both of the earpieces is a boat logo.

At the bottom of the right earpiece are volume rockers, power buttons, a 3.5 mm socket, a microphone, and an LED light indicator. Adjustable headphone length is available.

The cushions have a quality feel both in the hand and after wearing them. They are extremely soft. After wearing the headphones for a while, they do not seem heavy or cumbersome. However, after wearing for more than 2-3 hours, users could experience minor ear discomfort.

Usage and Controls


The headphone’s volume may be adjusted via a volume rocker, which can also be used to switch tunes when Bluetooth is paired. You may activate and deactivate Rockerz 550’s Bluetooth by pressing the power button.

You can accept and reject calls using the power button as well. By pressing and holding for a short while, voice assistants can also be activated.

The headphone has a playback time of almost a full day at medium level after pairing with Bluetooth. It might not be necessary to throttle up to the highest volume every time because this headset has a very high volume. It is also compatible with using the AUX (wired) mode while playing games like FreeFire, which is what we advise doing.

Both in connected and wireless modes, the calling volume is good, and the sound quality is good. Speaking on a call does not experience any distortion because to the excellent mic.

Audio Quality


This is a nice one if you want bass. At about 60 to 80% of volume, the low end is extremely audible. Though not overpowering, the bass will make your ears vibrate. You can hear clear vocals and musical instruments in addition to good bass.

The BoAt Rockerz 550’s crystal clear mids and highs are one of its best features. The vocals, instruments, and treble speed up after you reach the 80 percent threshold. As a result, you can comfortably enjoy a variety of genres.

The 50mm drivers in the headphones allow for quite loud volume without causing discomfort. Rockerz 550 is a great option for you if you prefer listening to music loudly. BoAt Rockerz 550 includes high-quality audio drivers that will produce incredibly clear mids and highs as well as decent bass end at volume levels around 80%.

Battery Backup


You can reach the claimed playback of 20 hours if you are a medium listener who enjoys the details in everything and keep the volume between 50 and 60 percent. You’ll get roughly 16 hours of playback if you maintain a volume of 80 percent.

As long as you stay below 80, there won’t be any audio leaks. If you are unaware, an audio leak is an uncomfortable scenario in which people in your near area can hear what you are listening.

You have access to aux mode. So that you can use wired mode to move further. Rockerz 550 headphone’s lack to enable fast charging, it typically takes 3 to 4 hours, depending on the charger. However, a battery backup of 12 to 20 hours is still not awful.

Build Quality


Aluminum and plastic are combined in the BoAt Rockerz 550. The headband is the most important component of the headphones, and BoAt provided aluminium headband adjusters rather than plastic ones, so they feel quite durable and solid.

The headband is incredibly flexible and can be adjusted to match any head size without squeaking. You will notice that the constructed quality is really comfortable and luxury while adjusting for the optimum fit.

Now, the earcup tilting hinges are plastic, which makes sense given that it doesn’t require much force to adjust them. The mechanism is incredibly flexible and simple to set up for better comfort.

Pros and Cons

  • Big and comfy earcups.

  • Sound quality is good.

  • Un-distorted Mids and Highs.

  • Good, durable built quality.

  • (Wireless and wired) Dual Mode.

  • Matte Style.

  • Battery backup for 20 hours or longer.

  • Mic quality could be improved.


Boat rockerz 550 bluetooth headphone is a great buy when we see sound quality, pricing, build quality, connectivity options, design and style. It is a budget friendly headphone. We really hope this boat rockerz 550 review has helped you making a buying decision. Help your friends by Sharing this review with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are BoAt rockerz 550 waterproof?

Yes, the IPX5 dust and water resistance of the Rockerz 550 headphones makes them ideal for outdoor activities and sports.

Does Rockerz 550 have noise cancellation?

For the purest sound pleasure, it has a physical Noise Isolation feature.

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