10 Best Newborn Baby Bed Online in India JANUARY 2023

Newborn Baby Bed

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Newborn baby bed :

For a baby, an unperturbed sleep cycle is extremely important to keep up with the rapid changes in its psychological and physical growth. To be sure of this, parents need to go the extra mile to provide their newborn a safe and sound sleeping environment. And, to aid them in this endeavor, there’s no dearth of various baby products in the market. Nevertheless, searching for the best products, that too at reasonable prices, is certainly a tedious task! So in this blogpost, we are going to explore some newborn baby bed online – on Amazon, weighing both their benefits and perils.

1.Baby Travel Bed


Brand: Superminis (By ASW Retail)

Material: Cotton

Age group: Up to 12 months/ 18 months

Item Weight: 590 g

Dimensions: 50.2 x 48.9 x 11.2 cm

Pros – This bed for newborn baby is among the best sellers on Amazon, so you can be sure of its utility to a great extent. It has two product sizes- one for babies up to 12 months of age and the other for those up to 18 months of age. The frill pillow that comes with it is very adorable. The mattress is aptly thick wand has a cute elephant print. The bedding feels very soft and the pipes supporting the net are quite flexible. It is available in 10 exciting colors.

Cons – So far, no major complaints have been received regarding this product. There have only been a few that concerns the zip quality of the net closure.

Conclusion – Needless to say, it is undoubtedly an ideal pick for your baby.

2.Newborn Baby Sleeping Bed


Brand: Amardeep

Material: Cotton

Age group: 0 – 3 months

Item Weight: 500 g

Dimensions:  44 x 33.1 x 8 cm

Pros – The frame of this baby pillow bed is made up of superior quality plastic-wire for a high tensile strength. It has a compact design and the mesh ensures good inflow of air. The overall finishing is good and safe with smooth edges.

Cons – The quality of the pillow is not very good and it can wither after a few washes. The fibers that might come out as a result of withering are hazardous, if swallowed by babies. The size of the bed is not a standard one for the age-group mentioned and so, some babies might not fit-in well.

Conclusion – Newborn baby bed is a fine product for temporary use, also since newborns tend to grow faster and you would need to change their beddings from time to time. As for the pillow, some doctors actually recommend not using one until the baby turns a year-old. So, it’s good to use none and if required, you can replace it with a pillow of your own. Also, it is better to compare your newborn’s height with the dimensions of this product before buying it.

 3.DearJoy Bedding Set


Brand: DearJoy

Material: Cotton

Age group: Up to 6 months

Item Weight: 700 g

Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 70 cm

Pros – A little play gym with a newborn baby bed set , this one has fascinating toys and some endearing mattress prints. It has a beautiful design with spiraled rods and an attached insect-proof net. In fact, if you don’t want toys and wish to detach the rods, you can easily do this. Just call up the given helpline number and you will be guided. Besides, you can reassemble it whenever you want. It can be washed in a washing machine after removing the accessories.

Cons – The structural strenght of this bed seems to be average. Some buyers have complained about the quality of the net and the mattress is also quite thin. Like the previous one, this product also appears to be small in size for some newborns.

Conclusion – The pros here do surely outweigh the cons. Unlike many bedding sets, it is easy to clean (as it’s tolerant of machine wash). You can support its thin mattress with some extra sheets. Furthermore, good net canopies are not very expensive to purchase so you can replace it if you aren’t satisfied. And though the manufacturer has recommended it for babies up to 6 months of age, we would like to suggest it for those not above 3 months old.

4.Waymore’s Newborn Baby Bed


Brand: Babloo (By Waymore)

Material: Cotton

Age group: Up to 6 months

Item Weight: 350 g

Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 3 cm

Pros – Made with a soft fabric, it makes your little one feel quite comfortable. Moreover, this newborn baby bed with net keeps the mosquitoes away and ensures proper ventilation. It’s light in weight and can be carried around with ease.

Cons – The mattress has poly-filling which makes it extra fluffy and unsuitable for supporting your baby’s back. Also, the manufacturer has not provided any information on its water-absorption capacity.

Conclusion – Even if it’s not very suitable for sleeping time, you can use it when your baby is awake and not staying in one position for a prolonged period. And as it comes at a pocket-friendly price, you can definitely invest in this one as a spare mat or cover.

5.Baby Bed for Newborn


Brand:  Toddylon (By Baby Fly)

Material: Cotton

Age group: Up to 6 months

Item Weight: 350 g

Dimensions: 11.99 x 10.01 x 3 cm

Pros – Available in fascinating prints and colors, this portable baby bed is also made of cotton and has a net canopy for protection.  It is absolutely travel-friendly since it’s lightweight, foldable and designed to fit in your carry bags.

Cons – Although it has cotton fabric, some buyers of the product have found that the overall material actually traps heat, making the baby sweat during the summers. Also, the quality of its mosquito net is not an excellent one.

Conclusion – This product is good for a wintry weather mainly for two reasons. Firstly, the mosquitoes are not very active in extremely cold conditions, so the quality of the net might not be a major issue. Secondly, the material of the bed is good for keeping your baby warm in winters.

6.Baby Folding Bed


Brand: KookyKooby (by Amardeep and co)

Material: Not Specified

Age group: Up to 3 months

Item Weight: 244 g

Dimensions: 65 x 12.2 x 41.7 cm

Pros – It has an appealing lion design with a bassinet like rectangular frame. Even though the material of this newborn baby bed is not mentioned but its customers have appreciated it for its softness. So, it is surely comfortable for your baby. It is flexible and easy to fold and port, having a detachable mosquito net as well. There are thick crib bumpers also to protect your baby’s head.

Cons – There have only been issues with the size of the bed until now. However, crib bumpers on any bed might lead to suffocation, if the child accidently presses it face against them.

Conclusion – It’s indeed a promising product but a little care from your side will be required. So when your little angel is sleeping in it, keep a watch on them to make sure they do not get chocked due to the bumpers. With that said, it is also quite obvious that you can use it only during the day time when you are awake to look after your baby.

 7.Baby Nest bed

Unibee Zippee

Brand: Unibee

Material: Polyester and Cotton

Age group: Up to 3 months

Item Weight: 400 g

Dimensions: 70 x 40 x 10 cm;

Pros – Available in 4 exquisite designs, this is not just a baby nest but can be used as a flat mattress, too. The hollow fibre filling helps to keep the baby snug and warm. It has been smartly stitched to support your baby’s neck and back.

Cons – As it is not made purely of cotton fabric and has synthetic material as well, it is unlikely to keep your child cool during hot weather conditions. Due to this, the baby might feel discomfort and skin-irritation.

Conclusion – Well, it won’t be justified to skip on trying this product just because it has one negative factor. So, this one with an adorable appeal and warm fabric can turn out to be a great choice for winters.

8.Multifunctional Infant bed

Toddylon New Born Baby

Brand: Toddylon

Material: Not specified

Age group: Up to 6 months

Item Weight: 250 g

Dimensions:  12 x 10 x 3 cm

Pros – This is another multipurpose newborn baby bed which can be opened and used in three different ways. It comes in three vibrant colors- pink, purple and sky blue. In contrast to other such products, this one keeps up to the standard size of the age group it recommends and so, it is quite spacious. It has a soft feel and is ultra light in weight. The mattress is also thickly cushioned for ultimate comfort.

Cons – The bolster pillows are a problem, if the child’s face comes into contact with them.

Conclusion – It is suggestible to avoid using these pillows as much as possible, especially during the night time. This would ensure absolute safety of your child and allow you both to have an interrupted sleep. Since there aren’t many bad points to it and it’s comparatively bigger in size, it’s worth buying.

9.Multipurpose Newborn Bed

Toddylon New Born Baby Net Bed

Brand: Toddylon

Material: Cotton

Age group: Up to 6 months

Item Weight: 300 g

Dimensions:  10 x 10 x 5 cm

Pros – A net bed that can also be converted into a sleeping bag, this is a great pick to gift your child a good nap time. It has a stylish and adorable appearance with animal prints. It has a 100% cotton fabric that allows the baby’s skin to breathe and feel relaxed.

Cons – Some buyers seemed to be dissatisfied with the quality of the fabric and the frame pipe is equally bad.

Conclusion – This product has mixed reviews so, we suggest that you contact the buyer once and clear your doubts. Also, since Amazon has a reliable return policy, you can return this newborn baby bed within 10 days, if doesn’t meet your expectations.

10.Baybee Newborn Bed

newborn baby bed

Brand: Baybee

Material:  Polyester and Cotton

Age group: Up to 6 months

Item Weight: 199 g

Dimensions:  63 x 29 x 8 cm

Pros – It is very light in weight and has a cushiony fabric to provide utter comfort.  It has a simple yet an incredible design, since both sides of this bed can be used by the baby for sleeping. Besides, it is EN71 Certified so there cannot be any doubt about the high quality of its fabric.

Cons – The synthetic material is not considered to be very skin-friendly, especially for the sensitive skin of a baby. Also, it’s not very spacious and uncomfortable for an infant who is slightly bigger in size.

Conclusion –If you want to use this newborn baby bed regularly, it’s better to flip it to the backside. This is actually a great select for those who want to keep it a separate bed for travelling.

We hope that with this list of baby beds, you’ll be able to find the best one for your tiny angel. Follow our blog to stay updated with more such reviews and useful information on new baby products.

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When should you buy a baby bed?

It’s important to understand that “baby bed” is a wide term and includes everything from portable beds to cots and bassinets. So, the recommended age for each of these vary. For a newborn, there’s a separate category of beds.

What is the best bed for a newborn baby?

There can be no definite answer to this, owing to the dynamic changes in trends and choices of people. Nonetheless to put it in simple words, a perfect newborn baby bed is neither very firm nor too thin and is made of natural fabric material. Also, the size of the bed must in accordance with the physical parameters of the baby.

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