10 Best Foldable Study Table In India – Folding Tables online JANUARY 2023

Callas Multipurpose Folding Study Table

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A good study table lets you focus on your studies and maintains proper concentration in your studies. And choosing a foldable study table makes it even easier to focus on work or studies as you have less mess on your desk.

The biggest advantage of choosing a foldable table is that it will save a lot of space, it’s portable and you can even adjust the height as per your needs.

Here in our article, we have listed the best foldable study tables that are available on Amazon. All our recommended tables are high quality and have positive user reviews.

10 Best Folding Study Tables in India:

1.MemeHo Smart Multi-Purpose Foldable Study Table Online

1. MemeHo Smart Multi-Purpose Foldable Study Table

  • Highly durable and sturdy structure. Made with solid metal tubes and has a tough wooden board on top.

  • This is a multipurpose foldable table that can be used for studying or as a laptop table.

  • Whether adults or kids it’s suitable for all, you can even sit in your bed and still sit straight for studying or work.

  • The design is attractive and looks premium, the dimensions are 60cm X 40cm X 27cm. It has a general usage and has common measurements.

  • Talking about its various uses, that can be study table for kids, serving table, foldable laptop or computer table and many such versatile uses.

  • Whether it’s a 5-year-old or a 50-year-old, this table can be used by both.

  • This table is available in more than 5 colors and aids your comfort.

This table itself weighs 2.5 Kgs only, so you can even carry it along. Just like portable chairs here we have a foldable study table in India.

2.Callas Multipurpose Folding Study Table Online | Foldable Laptop Table

Callas Multipurpose Folding Study Table

  • Callas Foldable and Portable tables are made with stainless steel pipes and provide’s you with a comfortable sitting and working space.

  • We are calling this table multipurpose as it can serve versatile purposes and can be used by both adults as well as kids.

  • Are you also struggling to find a suitable place for work or studies, well now here is the solution?

  • This table can provide you a firm base to work or study on the bed and probably anywhere.

  • You can use this folding study table online as a laptop table, kids study table, serving table, or a table to play games on. It can fulfill anything that you can think of.

  • We highly recommend buying this as it’s portable, made with quality steel, has anti-skid pads for firm grip and majorly it’s useful for everybody.

  • Callas even claims that after using this table you will have health benefits like Improved comfort, the flexibility of use, Boosts productivity and the table is easy to organize.

Callas foldable study tables are suitable for daily usage and will become your favorite work or study place.

3.Swan Multi-Functional Portable Foldable Study Table for Kids Online

Swan Multi-Functional Portable Foldable Study Table for Kids Online

  • Swan Adjustable tables are different than the options listed above.

  • This table has 2 legs that are foldable with wheels that let you carry this table anywhere within your home or office premises.

  • The design and utility are a little different here, you cannot place it on your bed. But it’s so portable that you can carry it anywhere in your house or office.

  • Dimensions for this table are 30X18X0.75 inches. And the legs of this sturdy table are adjustable from 30 to 35 inches. No issues how tall or short you are, you can adjust as per your needs.

  • Talking about the material used, it’s made with heavy-duty metal that is powder-coated (making it rust-free). And on the top, it has a balanced and durable laminated board.

  • It’s for adults as well as kids, it is perfect as a study table and also as a work desk.

  • With wheels, a storage rack, and such a high-quality build we highly recommend this foldable study table online in India.

4.Bi3 Adjustable Table Foldable Study Table Online | Best Study Table for Kids in India

Bi3 Adjustable Table Foldable Study Table Online

  • Are you also used to only working and studying on such massive tables that are pretty easy to mess up. Or looking at that messed up table you lose your concentration?

  • Well, it’s 2021 and here we are with innovative tables that are foldable and adjustable as well.

  • Here we have a foldable study table that can be used by kids as well as adults. For kids it can be a study table, that can be even placed on the bed.

  • If you are a working professional then also this table will serve you the best, it has enough space to keep your 15 or a 16-inch laptop.

  • The topmost features that you get are portability, adjustable heights, and a table made with high-quality PVC material.

  • Dimensions of this foldable study table online India are 20X18.5X20.8 inches.

  • Comes with variable height adjustments, can be adjusted from 20.5 to 28.5 inches. It has a carrying capacity of 23 Kgs and the table itself is lightweight, weighs only 2.4 Kgs.

Under an affordable price range, you get a very sturdy and multipurpose table that is a must-buy for you.

5.Savya Home Multi-Purpose Foldable Study Table | Wooden Foldable Study Table for Kids

Savya Home Multi-Purpose Foldable Study Table

  • Savya folding desk is multipurpose, that can be used by both kids as well as adults. It’s an ideal table for study as well office work.

  • If you are also looking for an ideal table that is lightweight, yet very useful. Then you must go with this foldable desk.

  • It has foldable legs that are made with heavy-duty pipes and have anti-skid rubber pads at ends.

  • The dimensions are 24 X 16 X 10.2 inches (LXWXH).

  • Other than studying or office work you can also use this table as a gaming desk, snack tray, or for watching movies.

  • With this table, you can even sit straight in your bed.

  • It weighs only 3 Kgs and can bear up to 25 Kgs.

  • The bottom is made with anti-skids material that gives a sturdy grip for laptops and stuff.

  • If you are looking for a high-quality table for personal use or even for gifting then this is the ideal folding table online in India.

This table is very affordable as it’s only priced under Rs. 1000.

6.Innofur Meleti Folding Study Table for Study and Work | Adjustable Tables Online

Innofur Meleti Folding Study Table for Study and Work

  • Innofur Meleti is a premium beige-colored table that is foldable and is a space-saver.

  • With this table, you can save space and can even put it aside by just folding it.

This table is different from other tables, you cannot place this on your bed to study or work.

  • A Premium-looking wooden foldable table in India, this table will add more grace and elegance to your house.

  • This has got two levels or we can call it an extra shelf.

  • On the mainboard, you can keep your books or laptop and on the second shelf, you can keep other stuff like stationary or some showpieces.

  • It is an absolute space saver as it only occupies 4cm space and has dimensions 80 X 90 X 50 Cms.

  • Key features of this wooden foldable study table include Strong Design, water, and heatproof 1.2mm thick laminate.

  • With all such amazing features also, its priced affordable and moreover, it is very easy to fold.

  • You also have various color options like Beige, Brown, and White.

7.Zaqondigital Foldable Wooden Study Table | Multipurpose Foldable Study Table

Zaqondigital Foldable Wooden Study Table

Another amazing table only under Rs. 1000. This folding table is a made-in-India product and is completely made with Wood.

  • This table comes with foldable legs that make this table easy to use and carry.

  • We can use this table as a portable study or work desk, as a table to play games on, and for many other versatile uses.

  • It had dimensions 64 X 32 X 26 cms (LXWXH).

  • This table requires no installations and is just ready to use.

  • Whether it’s adults or kids they can easily use this and it will simply increase your productivity.

  • Especially for placing your laptops, it can easily hold a 14 to 15-inch laptop and also has a cut-out to place the mouse.

  • And has ergonomic features like angles to adjust the reading view and block that prevents laptops from sliding off.

All-in-all it’s an amazing product under a budget price and you can surely get this foldable wooden study table.

8.LuvBells Smart Multi-Purpose Foldable Study Table for Kids

LuvBells Smart Multi-Purpose Foldable Study Table for Kids

LuvBells has this ergonomically designed table with ample space to keep your Laptop, mouse, a cup holder and also has space to keep your phone or tablet in portrait mode.

  • This is a multipurpose table that can be used as a Laptop Table, Dinner Tray, Serving Table, or even a writing desk for kids.

  • It can be used by adults as well as kids, whether it’s a 5-year-old or a 50-year-old everybody will like to work on this table.

  • It is made with solid pipes that have anti-skid pads on edges and on top we have a shiny top to work or study.

  • The dimensions of this table are 60 X 40 X 27 Cms.

  • This table is highly portable and adjustable, you can easily place it on your bed or even in your car.

We highly recommend this table for day-to-day usage.

9. Compaq HEMU Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table | Ergonomic and Rounded Table for Study

Compaq HEMU Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table

Compaq HEMU is a multipurpose foldable table that is suitable for both office and household usage.

  • This table has a wooden top with a cup holder and enough space to fit your Laptop and mouse as well.

  • It has a durable and sturdy structure made using powder-coated metal pipes and a laminated wooden top.

  • This can be used as a study table, work desk, drawing, or even as a playing board.

  • The dimensions of this table are 60 X 40 X 27 cms and this is a space saver as it can be folded easily.

  • It is available in various colors and designs.

This table is perfect if you want to work comfortably in your bed or you want to study on a table.

10.NISUN Multi-Purpose Foldable Study Table | Folding Reading Table

10. NISUN Multi-Purpose Foldable Study Table

  • Here is our last recommendation of the Best Folding Study Table in India.

  • This table can be useful in multiple ways, it can be used as a serving tray/Playing desk / Work desk and other versatile uses.

  • You can easily sit straight for studies or work, it lets you sit even on a bed for comfortable reading pleasure.

  • The material used is high-quality and can be used for years.

  • Its dimensions are 61 X 40.5 X 24 cms and it’s very portable.

  • It’s available in various models like one with a writing board and other ones in black and silver colors.

Under budget, it’s an ideal foldable table to buy for home or office use.

NISUN multipurpose table has more than 150 ratings and has good customer reviews.

Final Words:

 Here in our article on Top 10 Foldable Study Tables in India, we have mentioned the review for tables that are available online on Amazon.

We have shortlisted the products with high customer reviews and ratings. You can visit the products and check as per your needs. But in terms of usage and quality, these products will serve you well.

All our recommendations are completely unbiased and based on real customer reviews and ratings.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.How do I choose the best foldable study table in India?

Portable and foldable study tables are need of hour. As these tables save a lot of space and are quite handy to carry. Ideally big wooden tables are more purposeful but they are not so portable and are always messy. To choose the best folding study table, look for ideal height between 26 to 30 inches. And the build quality must be robust with foldable legs. Choose a suitable chair from our list of Top 5 Folding chairs in India.

2.Which table is best for study?

For studies the most important requirement is comfortable posture and a balanced flat table that helps you maintain straight back. We have listed Top 10 folding tables that can be used as a ideal table as a student and for a working professional.

3.What should be ideal height of a folding study table ?

A wrong study table can give you neck, shoulder and back pain. So ideally for a comfortable position the height of a folding table should be between 26 to 30 inches. Since you are getting a table online you will have to compromise with default sizes of folding tables.

4.Which color is best for folding study table ?

Ideal and suitable colors of a study table are cream, white, yellow, cream and brown. These colors are proven to be soothing and ideal for interior even. And, you should avoid black color as its not at all advisable.



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