7 Best Baby Crib Cot Beds in India JUNE 2022 (Baby Crib India)

Baby Crib India

Baby Crib :

Baby Crib is your baby’s personal bed where they can have a sound sleep, play or just lie down.

A dedicated bed for babies is a must have as it helps them stretch and relax without any restriction. 

These baby crib beddings are just like the dedicated bed’s only meant for your little one.

As a parent now your search for the right cot/crib for your kid is over now. 

We have listed the Best Baby Crib Cot Beds in India, all our listed products are bestsellers, and lakhs of parents in India are day-to-day using them for their little one’s.

A commonly asked question is what is the difference between a cot and a crib. A very simple answer to this question is that a crib is actually a smaller version of a cot. Here both of them are used for infants, to provide them a peaceful sleep. 

Very renowned National Childbirth organization claims that a baby should sleep with parents only until they are 6 months old. Either they can sleep on their own bed or it has to be a cot or a crib. In this article, we will be listing out the Best Baby Crib/cot Beds in India. Newborns spend most of their time sleeping only for the initial months, for proper growth and sound sleep they need to have the right environment. 

Here are the Best Baby Crib Cot Beds:

1. LuvLap Wonderjoy Baby Crib Bed Cum Cot / Convertible Baby Crib

Product Features:

  • European Standard certified cot for baby. 
  • Has a very compact and easy-to-carry design. 
  • Comes with a multipurpose utility. 
  • Can be used as a Napper, Utility Rocker, and a playard for babies. 
  • Has ample storage space for all your baby stuff. 
  • Has an easy to detach mosquito net and a very portable diaper changing table. 
  • Facilitates easy 2-sided ventilation.
  • Suitable for kids aged 0 to 3 years.
  • Carrying capacity of 10kgs. 

Product Description:

Luvlap is a very famous brand that manufactures the most amazing baby products in India. 

LuvLap Wonderjoy is a very comfortable and best selling Baby Crib India which has lots of multipurpose features and is very comfortable. 

This crib comes with European standard certification making it very safe and sturdy for your little one, it’s so sturdy that it can even hold you. 

Talking about its physical features it has big pockets for storage, has a dedicated diaper changing table, safety straps for a stronghold, and a canopy with a mosquito net.

Even with all such amazing features this baby cot bed is very portable and travel friendly. 

This multipurpose baby crib India is very affordably priced which is a bestselling baby crib online India on Amazon. 

2. R for Rabbit Hide and Seek Baby Cot/Crib Bed

Product Features:

  • Comes with EN 716 certification for complete safety.
  • Has a dedicated bassinet with a comfortable mattress. 
  • Airy baby cot with 4 sided ventilation. 
  • It comes with wheels for a 360-degree movement. 
  • Gets adjusted to the needs of your baby – useful from an infant to toddler. 
  • Has a dedicated toy-bar for you little one’s play.
  • Can be used for kids of 0-3 years. 
  • Has a carrying capacity of 20 Kgs. 

Product Description:

R for Rabbit’s hike and seek baby crib bedding is an EN 761 certified crib for baby which comes in a very innovative and comfortable design. 

This bed can be used even when your baby grows from infant to toddler.

It has very comfortable bedding for your kid where they can easily relax and enjoy their sleep and play.

It is made with a very sturdy and quality material with a very portable design, it has wheels for easy movement and a soft mattress for a peaceful sleep. 

Also comes with 4 sided ventilation and a detachable bassinet layer which can be used to convert this crib for newborn baby into a cot that can be suitable for kids of 12 to 36 months of age. 

3. LuvLap C-50 Wooden Baby Crib India

Product Features:

  • Made with premium Pine Wood. 
  • Ergonomically designed with a mesh cloth.
  • Comes with European Standard Certification. 
  • Can be also used as a cradle. 
  • Can be used by kids of age 0 to 12 months. 
  • It has a carrying capacity of 15 Kgs. 

Product Description:

LuvLap C-50 is a Wooden cot for baby which is made with premium pine wood and offers a premium cot at an affordable price. 

This baby crib is very different from all other baby cots as this is not made with some steel or plastic, this is made with very premium wood and also comes with European standard certification for complete safety.

It comes in a large size where your baby can have a comfortable sleep and can easily stretch their body.

The fabric used is very airy and also provides protection against mosquitoes. 

If you were also looking for a wooden cot for a baby then, LuvLap C-50 is perfect for your little one.



4. BAYBEE Plastic Playard – Convertible Crib for Baby

Product Features:

  • Premium Quality baby crib bedding. 
  • Made with robust material. 
  • Has cushioned mattress with airy mesh walls. 
  • Extremely portable and travel friendly. 
  • Comes with a removable bassinet. 
  • Easy to clean and has an adjustable mattress. 
  • Comes with a dedicated toy bar. 
  • Has additional pocket storage. 
  • Suitable for kids age 12 months to 36 months. 
  • It has a carrying capacity of 11 Kgs. 

Product Description:

BAYBEE has come up with a really innovative and travel-friendly baby cot bed which can be easily carried along.

This has a foldable design made with quality materials. Talking about the physical features it has ventilated walls on all 4 sides which make this portable baby crib very airy.

Comes with an adjustable mattress which can be altered as per your little one’s need and also it’s very easy to maintain hygiene. 

It comes with dedicated pocket storage to store all the baby stuff, has dedicated wheels for easy movement. 

Changing pads and playing with your little one is a hassle-free process as it has a zipper entry.

The major highlight is that it’s very portable and can be carried anywhere along. 

If you are also looking for a very portable yet very cozy baby crib set for your little one then you should definitely go with this one. 

5. DOTCOM Cobabies Smart Folding Cot Bed For Baby

Product Features:

  • Made with premium fabric and material. 
  • Has a ventilated wall. 
  • Can be easily folded and carried along. 
  • Very cozy and comfortable space for your baby.
  • Requires minimal installation. 
  • Comes with a dedicated diaper changer.
  • Has a storage pocket for proper storage.
  • Comes with Wheels for easy movement.
  • Easily convertible into a baby rocker. 
  • Suitable for children of age group 12 to 36 months.
  • Has a carrying capacity of 10 Kgs.

Product Description:

DOTCOM Cobabies is a Foldable and travel-friendly convertible baby crib online which comes with 4 sided ventilated walls making it very cozy for sleeping as well as playtime. 

This baby crib bed can be easily converted into a baby rocker making it a 2 in 1 product.

For extreme comfort of your little one, it comes with a double padded mattress which is very comfortable during sound sleep.

It comes with ventilated sides which makes it very airy and your baby will never feel suffocated.

This is very safely designed and offers complete value for money. 

Very basic installation is required and also very portable to carry during shiftings or travel. 

The material used is of good quality and can be easily washed to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. 

6. Fisher-Price Shield Baby Cot Cum Bassinet

Product Features:

  • Made with quality stainless steel. 
  • Comes with a foldable mechanism. 
  • Very compact and travel friendly.
  • Has a very soft mattress for better comfort. 
  • Unique foldable design. 
  • Requires very little space beside your bed.
  • Also comes with a carrying bag.
  • Suitable for children age 0 to 6 months.

Product Description:

Fisher-Price offers a Baby cot cum bassinet which can be easily folded and can be carried along.

This baby cot bed is very compact yet very sturdy to use. It has a very unique design where it offers great portability and also has an extremely soft mattress for complete comfort.

It’s just like having a little space only for your baby. 

Talking about other physical features, it occupies very little space and can be easily carried in the carrying case which is provided with the portable baby crib. 

This offers a dedicated mosquito net which prevents the baby from bites.

If you are also looking for a very comfortable baby crib that is most suitable for your baby then this can be the one, it’s perfect for your newborns. 

7. R for Rabbit Baby’s Den Wooden Baby Cot with Mattress

Product Features:

  • Made with premium Wood. 
  • Comes with 2 sides packed for better safety. 
  • Has 3 level height adjustment. 
  • Provided with an extremely comfortable mattress. 
  • With easy to move wheels for movement. 
  • Suitable for kids age 0 to 18 months. 
  • Has a carrying capacity of 20 Kgs. 

Product Description:

R for Rabbit Baby’s Den Wooden cot is made with premium quality pine wood which is very premium and comes with a unique protected teething rail for the complete safety of children.

This baby cot is adjustable as per different growth stages of the baby, it has 3 different height adjustments suitable as per baby’s age.

The different levels include 0 to 6 months, 6 to 12 months, and 12 to 18 months. 

It comes with 360-degree durable wheels which help in easy movement of the baby cot crib from one place to another. 

For your kid’s comfort, it has a very comfortable mattress that provides cozy and comfort to your little one. 

If you are looking for a quality baby crib then you can definitely go with this cot as this is a complete value for money and it will also serve you for 3 different growth stages of your baby. 

For sound sleep, you will need to use a Baby Crib Bed cum cot or a convertible baby crib. Infants have a sensitive mood shift, even little noise or action can disturb their sleep, and ultimately they will end up crying for hours. So it’s always advisable to Best Baby Cribs in India. As a parent and a product reviewer, I have personally tried a lot of products, and after that, I am writing a brief buying guide as well as featuring the 7 best baby cribs in India that you can consider buying for your infant. 

Buying Guide: How to Buy Baby Crib in India ?

  • Standard Certification: Any product you shortlist must have proper certification. Since these are baby products they should have proper certification as it’s mandatory for usage. For swings, baby cribs in India, baby cot beds a certification is mandatory. So, every product that we have featured comes with a European Standard Certificate. 

  • Material: Baby Cribs are a part of furniture only, so we expect these baby cot beds to be made with 2 materials, wood or metal. Every baby crib that we have featured is made with Good Quality Wood or Stainless steel material. 

  • Dimensions: The dimensions are very flexible, a baby crib is to be kept in a bedroom near the parent’s bed. So, a baby cot should consume limited space, here we have features of the Top 10 Baby Cribs. Some of them can be easily folded and the majority consumes very little space at your home. 

  • Age and Carrying Capacity: Every manufacturer has different criteria for age and carrying capacity as per the baby crib and baby cot bed. Almost all manufacturers listed in our article under Top 10 Baby Cribs in India support an age limit from 0 to 6 months. 

This was our detailed buying guide on How to buy the right Baby Cot Bed/Baby Crib in India. 

This was our article on the Best Baby Crib Cot Beds in India 2020, all the products recommended are bestsellers on Amazon and have lakhs of positive reviews from a lot of parents. 

Happy Shopping!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Which is the best convertible baby crib for a newborn ?

Baby cots are the best beds you can get for your newborn as they serve as the most comfortable bedding for your little one. LuvLap Wonderjoy baby cot/crib is the best crib in India, which has a robust design and is very portable and compact. It offers a comfortable bedding with utility storage pockets, it’s a complete value for money product.

Are baby cot beds useful?

Yes, baby cot beds are very useful as they provide the complete space to your little one to stretch their body and sleep comfortably. We cannot just let our kids sleep with us, as it will not provide them the required coziness. These baby cribs are the baby’s personal space where they can sleep, play and have a pleasure time.

Is a convertible crib worth it ?

Convertible cribs are completely worth every penny as they are very portable and easy to carry around. Being that portable also these cots have a durable built quality, 360 degree wheels for easy movement and a very comfortable mattress. Some cribs are even convertible into a baby rocker or a baby cradle.

How to buy the right baby crib for a baby?

Some key features to look before buying the right baby crib are- choose a cot made with good quality plastic or wooden material, go for a baby crib which has big boundary walls to avoid accidental drops during sleep and always choose a soft mattress for pleasure sleeping.


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