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Hanging Egg Chair

Hanging egg chair : 

Are you Looking for a Hanging Egg Chair ? Egg Chairs are very stylish and eye-catching furniture that is a very comfortable seating space. 

This hanging egg swing requires easy installation and many don’t even require complex installations like ceiling hooks etc. These swings come up with a Chain, egg swing, and comfort cushion for extreme leisure. 

We have tested around Top 7 Egg swing chairs in India, that have durable quality, can be used indoors & outdoors, and have easy installation. 

You can blindly buy any of the hanging egg chair as they will become the new peaceful corner in your house, where you will spend most of your time. 

Here are the Top 7 Hanging Egg Chairs Swings in India


1. CITE Hanging Egg Chair | Hanging Egg Chair with Cushion & Stand

Hanging Egg Chair

Product Features: 

  • Suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor usage. 
  • Stylish Swing chair with cushion and stand. 
  • Dimensions are: 111 X 91.44 X 66.04 cm. 
  • Made with Stainless Steel for durability. 
  • Assembling is easy and requires less time. 
  • Adds more grace and style to your space. 

Product Description:

CITE is an amazing brand that is offering quality Egg-shaped swing chairs in India. These chairs add more grace and style to your personal space. You can The available color option is White and you can use them anywhere in your house, like a balcony, garden, or deck. 

Don’t go on the name, these chairs are extremely comfortable and extremely safe to sit in. This piece of furniture adds a lot more value to your house. 

The complete setup is all based on DIY installation, within 30 mins the swing will be ready for use. And, you can also change the setup, by placing outdoors or indoors. 

We highly recommend this piece of furniture as it brings more style and design to your house interior. It’s a value-for-money product in terms of material quality and comfort. 



2. Carry Bird Big Boss Rattan Hanging Egg Chair | Egg Swinging Chair

Hanging Egg Chair

Product Features:

  • Durable build quality. 
  • Designed with antique bronze finish. 
  • Can be used in bedrooms, lawns, balcony and many other places. 
  • Build for both outdoor and indoor usage. 
  • Comes handy with cushions for extra comfort. 
  • Easy installation within 30 mins. 
  • Can hold weights up to 10 Kgs. 

Product Description:

Beautiful egg-shaped Honey Swing, with elegant color combination and super-luxury comfort. 

Swing has an egg-like shape and has a meshed exterior that is made with metal. To give an artistic feel the egg-shaped chair in India is coated with a bronze finish. 

With such a solid build, it’s completely climate-proof whether it’s water or heat. You can use this furniture indoors or outdoors, placed in a Lawn, balcony, or bedroom. 

The complete egg swing chair is made with 3 main parts, chain, basket, and cushion. All these are very easy to DIY assemble and in 30 minutes it’s all set. 

If you are looking for a stylish piece of furniture that can be used anywhere in your house, then this egg-hanging chair is highly recommended. 



3. CITE Leaf Single Seater Hanging Egg Chair | Garden Egg Chair

Hanging Egg Chair

Product Features:

  • Leaf Shaped swing chair for indoor and outdoor. 
  • Sturdy build quality, with all-weather construction. 
  • With comfortable cushion. 
  • Hanging egg chair adds style and a modern vibe to space. 
  • The chair has dimensions 109 X 69 X 91 cm and can hold up to 150 Kgs. 
  • Comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. 

Product Description:

Cite Leaf is a very famous name in the furniture industry. They are leaders in manufacturing stylish and appealing furniture for modern taste. 

The hanging egg chair is made with a durable powder-coated steel frame and for comfort, we have woven synthetic rattan cushion for 3 sided support. 

You can practically use it anywhere like a garden, balcony, or even indoors. This egg-shaped chair is a luxurious piece of furniture that is enough to keep you peaceful and entertained as it will become a new seating space for you in your home. 

The available color options are very bright and will add up more glamour to your space. For setting this up, it hardly takes 30 minutes as all the parts are DIY assembled. 

A modern piece of handing egg chair like that is highly recommended to you.



4. DMosiac Hanging Egg Chair | Egg Shaped Swing Chair in India

Hanging Egg Chair

Product Features:

  • Leaf or egg-shaped hanging swing chair. 
  • Made with durable Rattan material. 
  • Can be used outdoors as well indoors. 
  • Available in elegant white color. 
  • Universal size, suitable for adults & Kids as well. 
  • Item weighs 35 kgs and has a capacity of 120 Kgs. 

Product Description:

DMosiac egg-shaped hanging chair is an artistic and durable piece of furniture that is made in a unique egg-shaped design. 

It comes with a stand, a chain, and an egg-shaped swing. All these comes separately in a package, it’s very easy to assemble or dismantle these pieces. 

The swing is made with Rattan material, making this heat & water damage resistant. Other than this, we have a soft cushion that ensures hours of sitting without any discomfort. 

One can place this luxury egg chair anywhere in the house, whether indoor or outdoors. 

If you are looking for a rigid and appealing piece of furniture, should try. 



5. Universal Furniture Hanging Egg Chair | Egg Chair Swing

Hanging Egg Chair

Product Features:

  • Artistic egg-shaped swinging chair. 
  • Made with durable Rattan Wicker material, this material is heat & water-resistant. 
  • The installation of this swing takes only 30 minutes. 
  • Can be used Indoors & Outdoors. 
  • Stand and a soft cushion are included. 
  • Product dimension are 80 X 70 X 60 cm. 

Product Dimensions:

Universal Furniture is a very famous brand that manufactures luxury and quality furniture. 

The hanging egg chair is made with highly durable and elastic material Rattan wicker material. With such quality, you can place this swing anywhere whether it’s outdoors or indoors. 

You can place this on the balcony, bedroom, or even on your lawn. It can hold a single person at one time, you can easily use this swing for kids as well as adults. 

It has 4 different pieces that one needs to join, a stand, spring, the swing itself, and cushions. All of these are bundled with the package. It has a DIY installation that will hardly take 30 minutes. 

Egg chair hanging weighs around 35 Kgs and can hold up to 120 Kgs. 

This Egg chair India is highly recommended as it will get you a new place to hang out in your house. You can spend hours sitting on this swing chair. 



6. SINGLE Seater Hanging Egg Chair | Egg Shaped Chair in India

Hanging Egg Chair

Product Features:

  • Single seating Egg swing chair with cushion. 
  • Made with sturdy Wicker material which is tamper-proof. 
  • It is safe from harsh weather or heat. 
  • Can be easily placed, on the terrace or indoors. 
  • Suitable for all home interiors, modern furniture makes your interior appealing. 
  • Easy to install, within 30 minutes. 
  • Can hold weights up to 120 Kgs. 

Product Description:

Single seater Egg-shaped hanging chair, made with wicker material for a durable and comfy swinging experience. 

The swing can be placed outdoors on balconies or lawns without any second thought. And, indoors it will enhance the look & feel of your house. 

It can be used for adults as well as kids. Due to the egg-shaped design, it’s extremely safe for children, they will never fall from this swing. 

Installation or assembling is very easy, it’s based on DIY. Within 30 minutes you can expect a new corner to spend your time within your house. 

Whether it’s harsh sun or water nothing can tamper with the quality of this swing. We highly recommend this swing as it has the supreme quality and can serve you for years. 



7. FurniFuture Maria Hanging Egg Chair | Egg Swing Chair India

Hanging Egg Chair

Product Features:

  • Extremely luxurious egg swing. 
  • Unique and artistic design that enhances your interior. 
  • Suitable for Indoors & Outdoors as well. Can be used on balconies or lawns. 
  • Assembly takes not more than 30 mins. 
  • Made with a combination of rigid steel frame and UV-protected HDPE wicker material. 
  • Has a weight capacity of 130 Kgs. 
  • Comes with a comfy cushion and chain for support. 

Product Description:

When compared to all the above-listed swings, this rattan hanging egg chair in India is luxurious and will enhance the look & feel of your space. 

It is made with mild steel and wicker HDPE material. This material is resistant to heat & water as well. It can be easily placed on balconies, lawns, and even indoors. 

All attachments required for installation of this hanging egg chair are provided within the box. It’s based on DIY assembling, you can easily install it within 30 minutes. 

In the package, you will get an ‘S’ shaped hook and a 4-feet long metal chain that keeps this up-tight. 

This is suitable for both kids & adults as well. With its snug fit, it’s very safe for children to swing. 

If you have a luxury budget then you can surely go with an egg chair swing in India. 


Here we have mentioned the Top 10 Hanging Egg chair in India. These chairs are modern swings that add up style and elegance to your interiors. 

This is a piece of artistic furniture where you are getting a comfortable seating space and also a beautiful egg swing. All the swings have different colors and designs, you can choose any of the swings, as per your requirement. 

Shop for the Best Swing Chairs in India.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Hanging Egg Chairs Comfortable?

Hanging Egg chairs are more artistic chairs than the traditional swing available in the market. These are photogenic and add more feel to your space. You can use it indoors & outdoors even. It’s highly comfortable and can be used on balconies, laws, and rooms even. 

Can egg chairs be left outside?

The majority of hanging chairs are made with a combination of durable polyester material and rattan wicker that makes them resistant to heat or water. These swing chairs can be easily left outside without any hesitation.

How much weight can a hanging egg chair hold?

We cannot have an exact answer to this question, as this depends upon different brands. Some quality benchmarks are the same of industry, all the brands that are listed by us have a carrying capacity of 120 Kgs or more. 

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