10 Best Quick Dry Sheets for Babies India OCTOBER 2022

Waterproof Crib Sheets for Baby

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Ensuring a Good Nap for Your Newborn – 10 Quick Dry Sheets for Babies

Are you looking for quick dry sheets for babies? A sound, relaxed and uninterrupted sleep is extremely crucial in the initial years of your child. That’s why everything, from comfortable night clothing to a safe and snug mattress, needs to be considered to lull your little darling into a nice sleep.

However, most babies are likely to have a bad sleeping-cycle owing to their involuntary compulsion for bed-wetting. If a child stays like this for a prolonged period, it is likely to experience rashes, itchiness, allergies, infections and suchlike physical irritations. Moreover, you would have to face the inconvenience of frequently changing your bed-sheet and mattress.


We have sorted out a list of the best baby waterproof sheets online in India.


1. 2 in 1 Baby Bedsheet Protector

2 in 1 Baby Bedsheet Protector

Brand: Mizuna

Sizes: S, M. L and XL

Weight: 210 g

Dimensions: Varies with size

Available in a set of two amazing colors – peach and purple, these quick dry sheets come at a very pocket-friendly price. The texture of the cloth is quite smooth and made with premium quality fabric which keeps it softness and color intact, even after multiple washes. The outer sheet is completely waterproof which locks the moisture into an inner layer and keeps the sheet dry for a long lasting use.  Moreover, the water-resistant layer of the sheet has been designed in a way which keeps your kid comfortable and happy. To avoid frequent shifts from one size to another, it is advisable to start with the medium one, as newborns tend to grow faster every few months.

2.Striped Quick Dry Sheets

Striped Quick Dry Sheets

Brand: Newnik

Sizes: S, M and L

Weight: 125 g

Dimensions:  Varies with size

Made with a skin-friendly, cotton-soft and a breathable material, it undoubtedly meets the requirements of an ideal waterproof baby bedsheet. It comes with an extra dry layer to keep your baby dry and cozy all night. You can wash it either with hands or in the washing machine, as per your convenience. Besides, it is Oeko-Tex certified and meets the standards of a high quality and eco-friendly textile product. You can also count on this while travelling with your baby. What’s more, this striped designer sheet is available in 6 vibrant shades – lavender, coral, butterscotch, flamingo, green apple and ruby,

3.Waterproof Crib Sheets for Baby

Waterproof Crib Sheets for Baby

Brand: BeyBee

Size: S, M. L and XL

Weight: 140 g

Material: Cotton

Dimensions: Varies with size

Ranked as the No.1 Best Seller on Amazon, this waterproof bed cover for baby is tailored with 100% cotton and a superior quality water-absorbent sheet. It is suitable for beds, cribs, bassinets and baby cradles, too. In fact, the large sizes of the sheet have been designed for the elderly patients as well. So, they can be placed in wheelchairs and cars. You can ensure an uninterrupted sleep for your baby since it doesn’t make annoying noises unlike many other dry sheets. It is also perfect for a double bed and comes in 20 fascinating colors.

4.Baby Dry Sheet (Large)

Baby Dry Sheet

Brand: LuvLap

Sizes: Large

Weight: 440 g

Dimensions: 26.92 x 26.92 x 5.84 cm

This excellent product by LuvLap can be used for kids up to 4 years of age. It’s lightweight, spongy and durable. And, it is 100% skin-friendly with a supreme quality waterproof material for quicker absorption.  Moreover, it has been manufactured smartly for easy washing and does not give off any awful smell. It is also heat-free and keeps the baby cool and comfortable. Surprisingly, you can use this sheet even for your pets. It is available in navy blue, baby pink, light green, sky blue, maroon, royal blue and salmon rose.

5.Waterproof Rubber Sheet for Baby

Waterproof Rubber Sheet for Baby

Brand: Bey Bee

Size:  Small

Weight: 280 g

Material: Cotton and Rubber

Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 6 cm;

Qualified as the Amazon’s choice, this quick dry bed protector is extremely reliable and comes in a pack of two. It is easily foldable and completely leak-proof with superior quality under pads. It gives a soft feel and helps in curbing rashness and discomfort experienced by the little ones during bed-wetting. You can easily fit this in your baby cradle and let your bundle of joy experience a comfortable ride. It acts as a urine absorbent bed sheet for adults also. What’s more, even would-be mothers can use this while experiencing pregnancy sickness. It is completely hygienic, as it has both anti-bacterial and anti-allergic components.

6.Water Resistant Bed Sheets

Water Resistant Bed Sheets

Brand: Pokory

Weight: 100 g

Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 cm

These sheets come in three different packs- set of 1, set of 5 and a set of 10 sheets that too, at a very economical price! They boast mesmerizing colors and fascinating designs like hello kitty, teddy bears, animals, and so forth. These are cotton sheets that are anti-allergic, feather-light and sweat-free. Also, the plastic covering is smooth and soft for keeping the baby comfy. In fact, these quick dry sheets are made with harmless dyes that not only keep your baby safe but also make washing easy for you. You can also place them on your child’s sitting chair, walker or pram. For frequent and hassle-free use, these ones are indubitably recommended.

7.Waterproof Bed Sheet Cover

Waterproof Bed Sheet Cover

Brand: Bestfit

Size: Various

Weight: 850 g

Material: Terry Cotton

Dimensions: 31.75 x 26.67 x 8.89 cm

The attractive maroon color and the pure terry cotton fabric of this sheet make this product a great choice for your newborn. The pack includes a mattress and a reusable dry sheet. The TPU layer of the sheet instantly absorbs liquid even without a plastic sheet on it. It meets the ethical standards too since it’s made with bio-degradable stuff. The mattress provided is spongy and the dry sheet can be used like a floor mat. With this one, you definitely keep your baby diaper-free for a longer period.

8.Extra Absorbent Dry Sheets

Extra Absorbent Dry Sheets

Brand:  Loomsmith

Size:  S, M and L

Weight:  Varies with size

Dimensions: Varies with size

One of the best set of quick dry sheets, it comes in a pack of duo colors like firozi and peach, purple and royal blue and, salmon rose and light green. These are ultra-soft and silky with airy material to keep your baby snug and relaxed. The cloth is made of excellent quality that protects the baby from skin irritations and heat. As compared to other bed sheets these ones dry faster, making it possible to use them often. They are also dust-resistant and you can place them even on a grassy area like a park or playground. They are utterly safe for your baby as they are made from natural colors.

9.Cot Bed Wetting Sheets

Cot Bed Wetting Sheets

Brand: Bey Bee

Size:  S, M, L and XL

Weight: 890 g

Material: Cotton

Dimensions: 220.98 x 139.7 x 0.3 cm

Made from a breathable and soft cloth, this sheet prevents excessive perspiration during summers. It is dustproof, protects against dander, and has fine quality absorbents that quickly repel all types of fluids. And so, it can also be used by women during their menstrual cycle. Furthermore, the brand also assures that it is 8 times more absorbent than other sheets. It has been manufactured with recyclable and reusable material along with the use of organic colors.

10.Toddler Quick Dry Sheets

Toddler Quick Dry Sheets

Brand: BCare

Size:  S, M, L, XL and Standard Double Bed

Weight: 200 g

Material: Cotton

Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 5 cm;

These quick dry sheets are available in 10 assorted colors and are made from 100% cotton. As these are very soft and reduce the friction of body, your baby is likely to experience a soothed and an unperturbed sleep. These quick dry sheets keep up to the standards of sanitation and are ideal substitutions for PVC sheets (that are considered to be quite toxic for babies). Also, if you’ve been looking for a double-bed dry sheet, you can definitely go for these ones. To increase the durability of this product, it is advised to use a mild detergent or soap and avoid machine wash.

So, we hope that this list helps you find the best dry sheet for your baby. As we aim at making parenting a smooth experience, we regularly update our blog with helpful information and reviews on various baby products. Keep following our blog to never miss out on any useful content!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Baby Dry Sheet?

Also popular by the names waterproof sheet, bed protector or mattress protector sheet, it is made of plastic or other durable material which can instantly absorb fluids. It is used to protect the bed-sheet from urine and other liquids.

How to use Quick Dry Sheets?

Besides protecting your mattress, most of these can be used like mats on both floors and baby chairs. You can also cover your car seats to be sure of your baby’s hygiene. Furthermore, you should change and wash these sheets at least once in a day.

Can we wash quick dry sheets in a washing machine?

Yes, most of these are tolerant of machine wash. Yet, you must read the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer for long-lasting durability of the sheets. In case of any doubt or query, it is advisable to check the brand’s official website or reach out to its customer helpline.

Which is the best waterproof mattress protector?

There are innumerable top brands that offer good quality water-absorbent sheets. But it might be difficult to pick the ones that are highly reliable and worth your money. So to help you out, we have sorted out a list of the best baby waterproof sheets online in India.

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