8 Amazing Hanging Jhula for Balcony India JULY 2022

Hanging Jhula for Balcony

Are you looking for Hanging Jhula for Balcony India? A balcony is a favorite sweet spot for a lot of us. And thus why not have luxury and comfortable seating there, so here we at BabySwingStore are going to recommend you some hanging swing chairs for your home. These hanging jhula for home are really going to help you fight your boring furniture pieces like those sofa chairs, you had been sitting for years. 

See in recent times getting a modern-looking house interior is the new trend, so keeping up with it here we are also willing to offer you a bunch of options that you install in your space. All these Hanging Jhula for Balcony India are best rated on Amazon, all our recommendations are going to be the best-suited as per any of your needs. 

To give you an idea of how did we actually manage on figuring out how out such 8 best-selling swing chairs is a Buying Guide. We will be sharing a buying guide that will help you too to shortlist how to buy the right hanging jhula for balcony. So here is a buying guide that will help you choose the best swing chair online. You can read the buying guide at the bottom of all the product descriptions. 

Here are the 8 Best-Selling Hanging Jhula for Balcony India:

1. Patiofy Premium Square Swing Chair | Hanging Jhula for Balcony

Hanging Jhula for Balcony

This is a large size Premium Square size Hanging Jhula for Balcony that gives you the best back support and thus it is strongly recommended. Unlike those round-shaped macrame swings or even those wooden ones, we can guarantee that this will be more comfortable. It’s an L shape design that primarily focuses on the very good back support, so you feel more comfortable as if you are sitting on your bed.

The dimensions of this one are 30 X 35 X 50 cms, so you will never have to worry much about the installation problem. And even this one would not eat too much space for you. Since it is built to be perfect in all senses. So yes, it has a less space-taking design and also one that is DIY installed.

It is a single-seater Hanging Jhula for Balcony that has a massive carrying capacity of 200 Kgs, it comes in 3 different colors, and a cushion 34 X 16 cm (Length X Breadth) red-colored is bundled with the product. You can use it indoors and outdoors as well. Guess you have so many reasons to buy this particular product. And yes it’s priced affordably so you can actually buy it without any second thoughts.

By getting this wooden swing for home indoor you can get a new corner at your place where you can hang out with your family, kids can enjoy swinging because now you have one at your home itself and do so much while sitting on this relaxing cotton swing chair.

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2. Zilver Bamboo/Cane Hanging Jhula for Balcony | Hanging Jhula for Adults

Hanging Jhula for Balcony

Zilver is a very famous and recommended brand if you are looking for a Hanging Jhula for Balcony. These swings are highly convenient for adverse temperatures or outdoor conditions even. Basically, you can install them anywhere and use them as you like.

Zilver manufactures a cane swing chair that is made using a superior quality cane or bamboo material. We all know that bamboo can naturally survive all kinds of conditions and thus it is a very popular choice when it comes to swing chairs. The size and dimensions of the swing are very compact, the dimensions are 65 X 65 X 125 cm.

So in terms of dimensions, this swing chair is very comfortable, easy to use, and even installed. The hanging accessories are bundled with the product and are very easy to use. You simply need to use the given hinges and hooks. The product itself weighs only 8.6 Kgs but has a massive carrying capacity of 120 Kgs.

The looks and comfort are very modern, once you install it you are gonna get a lot of compliments for your choice. So, if you are looking for a wooden or cane swing chair online then this one is strongly recommended.

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3.Swingzy Hanging Jhula for Balcony India | Hanging Jhula for Home 

Hanging Jhula for Balcony

Swingzy is another very famous brand that you can’t miss while shortlisting the right swing chair for you. Here is a brand that has been manufacturing and selling these swings for years. See the main things while buying swing chairs have already been discussed. 

So here is another rope hanging jhula for balcony India that is very compact to install and very comfortable also. This product has 500+ ratings and all the customers are highly satisfied with its quality. 

It is made using polyester material that usually would last longer for years, and for better support, you always have an iron rod in the center. The dimensions are 20 X 10 X 30 cms, they are meant to be installed at any space that only has this required space. Whether you are planning to install it indoors or outdoors, anyway this will work the best for you. 

This C-Shape hanging jhula for balcony India is very sturdy and safe for daily usage. And has a massive carrying capacity of 200 Kgs. It is a handcrafted product that requires very easy installation. Within 20 mins you can have a DIY installation of this product. And the hanging accessories are already included in the product. So if you are looking for a hanging jhula for home then a swingzy C-Shape cotton rope swing can be an ideal choice.

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4. CITE EGG Jhula for Home | Hanging Jhula for Balcony

Hanging Jhula for Balcony

Looking for a suitable Hanging Jhula for Balcony, we have the ideal swing that can be used indoors or outdoors, requires no complex installation, and also fits in your pocket. This swing requires a very minimalistic setup, it comes with a stand and all the accessories are also bundled with the single seater swing.

Whether you are planning to have one on your balcony or some outdoor garden area. These swings will be really a place that you will start loving, it’s like buying a new piece of furniture. With this single seater garden swing chair, it’s very convenient to enjoy the natural beauty and spend more time closer to fresh environments.

CITE Hanging Jhula for Balcony is highly recommended because it offers both indoor and outdoor usage, has a massive carrying capacity of 150 Kgs. This swing has the most durable material that is poly-nylon with an iron frame that makes it protected against the weather and gives it a tactile built. CITE also provides you with a cushion that fits in properly for the right comfort.

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5. Patiofy C-Shape Hanging Jhula for Balcony | Hanging Jhula for Home

Hanging Jhula for Balcony

Patiofy is another very famous brand that we personally like at BabySwingStore. The quality, design, and packaging would tell you that this is some international brand that you have ordered. Patiofy is the most trusted and reputed brand on Amazon, they are a leader in the swing chair industry.

Here we are featuring a swing chair made using cotton material, the swing chair comes with a very good build and a solid one we have to say. The carrying capacity of this swing chair is up to 200 Kgs, that’s the highest among all of them that we have listed here. The money that you are paying and the product are worth every penny.

The dimensions make this swing the easiest to install a swing chair on our list. The dimensions are 33 X 33 X 63 inches ( LXBXH), and you get multiple color options which make it even better. As per your color options or house interior you can make up your choices too. See, customizations are available because they have a diversified catalog.

Even if you want to place this modern jhoola for living room outdoors, that also you can easily manage with this one. As it is made using strong and durable material, it can withstand any harsh weather conditions.

If you are looking for a cotton swing chair then this one is strongly recommended.

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6. Airwing Swing Chair Metal Egg-Chair Hanging Jhula for Balcony India | Iron Hanging Egg Swing 

Hanging Jhula for Balcony India

Here is another type of swing chair that is very different from a normal swing chair and unlike those simple swings you are getting a hanging jhula for home that comes in egg shape and is made of metal material. 

This swing chair comes with a unique design that is egg-shaped and gives you amazing looks. Whether it is your house or any other space you will get great looks and a design to flaunt. The swing chair is made of pure iron that also comes with an anti-corrosion coating. So whether it’s water or heat even, nothing would cause any damages to this swing chair. 

With such amazing quality of swing you can hang it anywhere like indoors or outdoors even. Ideally, it can be installed on the balcony, deck, or any place indoors. The dimensions of the swing are 80 X 60 X 70 cm. Under these dimensions also a very space-saving and compact swing to buy. It is a single seater swing that can be used for adults and kids as well. So yes, you can let them enjoy swinging without any interruption. 

The carrying capacity is massive and it can go up to 150 Kgs, so it is actually worth it when it comes to a hanging jhula for balcony India. On all the 3 sides you are getting a cushion so you can comfortably enjoy sitting on this. And also you get it under so many different colors to match as per your interior. 

So, if you are looking for a metal Egg Chair swing then this one is strongly recommended. 

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7. Patiofy Double Seater Hanging Jhula for Balcony | Hanging Jhula for Adults

Hanging Jhula for Balcony


We have already featured quite a lot of products from patiofy, here is another very affordable and useful product. Till now you have been only reading about the single-seater swings but now here we are presenting you with a double-seater swing chair. This hammock chair swing is made with cotton but has a tremendous carrying capacity of 2 people at a time. 

This swing is suitable for 2 adults or 1 adult and a kid at a time. It comes with a carrying capacity of 200Kgs and is also bundled with a cushion. It is not that bulky at all, you are getting 21 X 38 X 68 inches of dimensions, which are not very much. 

This swing comes in 2 different color options with White-Black and Brown-White. The complete swing is made up of cotton and the ropes that take up all the weight are made with solid nylon ropes. 

Whether it’s outdoor or indoors these hanging hammocks are compatible with everything. And, you can use them with adults and kids too. 

Swing comes with a carrying capacity of 200 Kgs and itself weighs only 450 grams. You can easily hang this swing as it has a DIY installation associated with it. All the accessories for installation like hooks and hinges are already provided with the product. 

With the swing, you are getting a free cushion and 2 S-shaped hooks, 1 hanging ring, and a rod. If you have been looking for a 2 seater hammock chair then this Patiofy Double Seater Swing is highly recommended.

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8. Swingzy Leather Hanging Jhula for Balcony India | Hanging Jhula for Living Room 

Hanging Jhula for Balcony India

We have already mentioned a swing chair by Swingzy so here is another recommendation that will be of a different design and quality. The previous recommendation was a normal and basic macrame cotton rope swing. But here we have another recommendation that is a leather swing chair. 

Here is a leather swing chair with 1200+ ratings from customers. They have loved this product and thus this is a strong recommendation if you are looking for premium swing chairs for your house. Under Rs.2000 you are getting a leather-made swing in different color options, the dimensions of the swing are 25 X 25 X 5 cm. 

The design is very durable and sturdy, it only requires a basic installation that takes only 20 mins. You only need hinges and hooks installed, so you can actually use the swing indoors and outdoors as well. The product itself only weighs 400 grams, but the carrying capacity of the swing is 200 Kgs. 

It is a premium leather hanging jhula for balcony India that comes in a lot of color options, so as per your house interior you can get these swing chairs. See, with all these color options you can easily pair them with your space interior. Of all our recommended swing chairs this particular leather swing is strong if you are looking for hanging jhula for balcony India. 

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Conclusion: 8 Best Hanging Jhula for Balcony India 

We really hope that you would have chosen the right product for you by now, but if you are still confused or for some reason you want to read the whole article in a summarised form that you are in the right space. Here we will be concluding our thoughts about the swing chairs that we have mentioned in our article. 

We have recommended swing chairs made with different materials, quality, and even of different hanging types. So now you are very well aware of so many options that you have. But here let us discuss some swing chairs that you can pick from the 8 if you have certain requirements. 

So if you are looking for a metal swing then you should choose the egg-shaped metal swing chair, it has the right looks and comfort for you. And, if you are looking for a cotton rope or macrame hanging jhula for balcony India then you choose to have Patiofy or Swingzy as ideal brands. All these different kinds of swings will satisfy all your needs. 

Buying a hanging jhula for home is beneficial in a lot of ways, it will enhance the interior, give you a new peaceful corner to sit in your space and swings are so comfortable that you would not feel like giving up on them. 

This was our article on 8 Best Hanging Jhula for Balcony India, we at BabySwingStore really hope that you liked our recommendations. Happy Shopping!

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Hanging Jhula for Balcony Online?

A buying guide will be helpful in making good choices about the swing chairs that you would like to have at your place. Here are a few things that you must consider before buying a swing chair for you. 

Durability: It is the most important factor of a product, before buying any product the first thing to consider is how long will it survive and serve you. So we also have looked into this before recommending Hanging Jhula for Balcony. All our recommended products are coming with quality assurance from other users. The material used is top-quality and thus you will not have any issues in using them for coming years. 

Material Used: The material used matters a lot, see the material decides how long can use a particular product. The products that we are recommending you will have different materials used like cotton rope swings, wooden bamboo, and even some are made with metal. But what’s common in all of them is they are very durable and can be used indoors/outdoors. So if you are looking for hanging jhula for balcony that can also be installed indoors then you have plenty of suggestions here. 

Place of Installation: The place for installation also matters a lot for the product, let us assume you have a flat so you cant have big swing chairs that require you to have too much space. And thus what we recommend is getting a hanging jhula for balcony, a flat will always have a balcony, and like that you can save space. Whereas if you have an independent house then you can also go with bigger swing chairs. 

How to Install: How to install can be a problem for some people but believe us we at BabySwingStore will solve all of your problems. See, a basic hanging jhula for home would require you to have a basic hook or hinge attached to your ceiling. And with our product recommendations, you will get all the hanging accessories inside the package. You only need a one-time installation of those hooks and then you are sorted. And if you have any other issues in getting them installed other than hanging then you can even choose to have a swing chair with stand. In that case, you will not need a hefty installation and it will be very easy for you. 

This was all about our buying guide that will help you find the right hanging jhula for balcony. Even if you don’t personally follow this buying guide, then we have followed the exact same and then only we are recommending you all these swing chairs. You can choose any of the 8 Best-Selling hanging jhula for home. 

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