Perfect 4 Steps Buying Guide for Washing Machine NOVEMBER 2022

Buying Guide for Washing Machine


Washing machines can be confusing. There are so many models and options it can be difficult for a consumer to decide which one is right for them. After all, you want a washing machine that will last for years, not just one that works well for now. This buying guide for washing machine shares what to look for when buying your next washing machine, including buying tips and capacity, features & much more.

4 Steps Buying Guide for Washing Machine

Follow this 4 Steps Buying Guide for Washing Machine and learn to find the best washing machine for your clothes.

  1. Choose the best washing machine’s capacity.

The first step in this buying guide for washing machine is selecting the perfect washing machine for you is to determine how much capacity do you need? the number of persons in your family will determine the washing machine capacity. The weight of the clothing you intend to wash directly affects the washing machine’s capacity, which is measured in kilograms.

While blankets and other lightweight clothing take up a lot of room, jeans and other heavier clothing fold up very little. It is advised to only fill the drum to the third level so that the clothing can move freely and produce better wash results.

If your home is packed with people and you wash the clothes once or twice a week, use the large capacity washing machine. For instance, if there are more than 6 people in your family, you should choose a capacity of 9kg or more.

Choose a medium-sized washing machine if you often wash clothes once every day or twice a week. It’s not a huge issue, though, if you select a modest size washing machine. Multiple wash cycles must be used to split the laundry. The only issue is that washing all of the clothes takes a while.

  1. Choose the washing machine type.

In this step of buying guide for washing machine you will choose the washing machine type that best matches your needs. I’ve included a list of 2 different washing machine types for you to pick from:

  • Semi-Automatic

Two drums are included in semi-automatic washing machines; the first drum is used for washing, while the second drum is used for drying. Although a semi-automatic washing machine can complete some basic chores on its own, it also needs manual labour.

A semi-automatic washer always loads from the top, uses less energy, and is simple to use. You don’t need to keep running the water through the tub after you fill it with water. There are predetermined settings that cause the washing drum to pause occasionally so that it can soak before restarting. These are also far less expensive than their automatic version, despite the fact that they use energy more slowly.

  • Fully-Automatic

A truly automatic washing machine is one that is fully automated. All you need to do is load the machine with all of your clothing and take it out after the washing cycle is over. The machine handles everything, including pouring water, washing, and drying.

It includes a single tub that serves as both the drying and washing chamber. It’s interesting because after each cycle, it produces good results and is simple to operate. Top-load and front-load washing machines are the two types of fully automatic washing machines that are available.

  1. Features to consider

In this step of buying guide for washing machine, you can choose what features do you need. Whether choosing a semi-automatic or fully automatic type, every washing machine manufacturer includes various features with the appliances. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features you might search for based on your requirements.

  • Washing modes

Some of the washing machines on the market have wash modes like gentle wash for delicate clothing and water level options. You can configure and store specific settings with any of these washing machines. These settings can be changed using a touch screen, touchpad, or rotary controls.

  • Time Delay

You can extend the time of the wash cycle using a time delay option so that it is finished when you are ready to remove the clothes.

  • Fuzzy Logic

It applies to fully automated washers and automatically chooses the wash mode depending on the load as well as the water and soap needed for washing.

  • Temperature regulation

If the washing machine has an inbuilt heater, this function will allow you to control the water’s temperature. In the winter, temperature control is particularly helpful.

In addition, hot water will clean your garments more effectively than cold. Numerous machines also include steam settings, which aid in removing stains and dust.

  • RPM Option

An automated washing machine option that enables customers to modify the drum’s revolutions per minute (RPM).

  • Dry spin

By quickly spinning the cloth in the drum, spin dry offers superior drying results.

  1. Budget

In the last step of buying guide for washing machine is budget. Budget is the main deciding factor before buying anything. Depending on the capacity, type, and features it includes, various washing machines manufacturers may charge varying costs for their washing machine models.

Bosch, IFB, Samsung, Siemens, Haier, and Samsung are a few of the well-known washing machine manufacturers that need loading out. You may also compare prices between online and offline sources to obtain the greatest offers.

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With the right washing machine, you can clean your clothes in no time. This buying guide for washing machine comes to an end and till now we have covered all the necessary aspects that one should think about before buying washing machine.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is top load or front load better?

Less water and less damage to your materials are required for excellent cleaning with front load washers. It could come down to price because top load washers are more ergonomic and clean more quickly.

How much clothes can you put in a 7kg washing machine?

5 shirts, 5 pairs of pants, 1 set of bedsheets, 1 towel, and 1 pillowcase may all be washed at once in a 7 kg washing machine.

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