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Wooden Toys :


Are you looking for Wooden Toys for Kids? Well, the wait is over now we have listed the Top 10 wooden toys that are available on Amazon India.  

Wooden toys are far better than plastic toys as they are made with natural wood which makes them 100% safe for your kid’s health.

Other than this they are more durable and tactile.   While buying a wooden toy always look that the toy must be made with natural wood only and it should have non-toxic colors.

Wooden toys are ideally considered quite an old school and nowadays you will barely see any parents buying them for their kids. But still, we highly recommend buying wooden toys, not all the toys in your baby’s collection can be wooden. But at least some toys should be wooden toys. 

We have listed the Top 10 Wooden toys for kids which are very best-sellers on Amazon and have positive feedback from many parents.  

Here are the Top 10 Wooden Toys for Kids:

1. AdiChai Tool Chair Set for Kids – Eco-friendly Wooden Toys for Kids

AdiChai is a premium best-selling brand in Educational and Child Development toys on Amazon. These toys are dedicated to your kid’s brain development.  

These wooden building blocks are suitable for a toddler with a minimum of 3 years of age and unlike any other plastic toys; they are very safe and eco-friendly to play with.  

It includes a wooden multifunctional chair which can be easily assembled and disassembled using nuts and screws.

This wooden baby toy gives a realistic look and feel.   This toy will help your toddler develop a sense of logical arrangements, develop visual skills, and also boost creativity among them.  

2. Melissa & Doug Abacus Classic Wooden Block Puzzle Toy (Development Toy)

Melissa presents the Classic Abacus Learning Toy which is made with wood and has 100 colorful beads which help to carry out the mathematical calculations.

Abacus is a traditional early learning activity that helps your kids learn the mathematical operation in a very fun way.

With these single wooden toys for kids, your toddler can learn basic math and also enjoy 8 extensive exercises.  

This wooden block puzzle has a premium wooden frame with very colorful beads which help in understanding mathematical concepts and also helps in brain development.  

It is best suited for toddlers aged 3 to 5 years. You can let your children learn this abacus themselves or even let them join some classes.  

If you are looking for the best wooden blocks for kids then this Abacus set is the one to own and to gift to some toddler.  

3. WHISKEY 3D Wooden Capital & Small Wooden Alphabet Blocks

WHISKEY presents a 3D designed wooden board that offers a playful and also serves as an educational toy for primary education.  

Within the package, you get 3 different boards – 1 small letters board, 1 capital letters board, and 1 board with numbers.  

This wooden alphabet block is very attractive and has a modern design. Now, your kid will never say no to learning as this wooden toy has eye-catching looks.

Now, learning can happen while playtime only. It has primary education learning for preschool toddlers.  

It even offers pictures symbolic of each alphabet which makes learning joyous and interesting. You can choose this for your kid or even gift it.  

4. WIGANO 6-in-1 Wooden Toys Puzzle Game Set

WIGANO offers a very premium wooden block puzzle game set made with quality wood. The major highlight of this toy is its appearance and finishing, it is sanded with Rosewood for a very smooth finish.

It has a very shiny look and it is free of sharp edges.   This game is well suited for Adults as well as Kids.

Perfect puzzle games that will distract your kids from smartphones and help them sharpen their minds.  

It will help your children improve decision making, critical thinking skills, motor strength, and hand-eye coordination.  

You must purchase this 3D wooden puzzle to enjoy those joyous and exciting evenings with your toddler.  

5. Shumee 5-in-1 Wooden Activity Triangle For Kids

Shumee is offering a very unique and amazing product that has 5-in-1 features.

This single product is a learning toy with alphabets and pictures, a clock with movable hands, an Abacus, a chalkboard, and moving gears.  

It’s actually an activity triangle which offers a lot of productivity and playtime to your kids.

Help your toddler learn and develop an understanding of the English alphabets and an abacus to learn early mathematics.  

This toy is perfect for kids of age 2 years+, it is made with non-toxic plastic and quality wood.  

This wooden wagon will help your toddler develop qualities like creativity, motor skills, and also pre-school education.

You simply need to spend quality time with your kid and teach him these creative activities.  

6. Shumee Wooden Number & Shape Sorting House Wooden toys for Toddlers

Another amazing product from Shumee, this time it’s a shape sorting wooden house which lets your kid creatively fit these shapes into blank space.  

A great fun activity with lots of learning and mental development. It is suitable for kids aged 2 years+.  

This fun wooden box is made with good quality wood and is completely child safe. All six sides have a variety of fun activities.  

With this educational wooden block puzzle, you can teach your toddler all the preschool concepts like addition, subtraction, and time.

This single wooden toy offers mathematical and English concepts for toddlers.  

7. Shumee Wooden 3D Shape & Number Sorting Wooden Toys Clock Puzzle

Shumee Wooden toys Online is a best-seller on Amazon India. They offer the finest toys for kids.

So, is this 3D Shape & Number Sorting Clock Puzzle which lets your toddler learn maths, shapes, and watching time too.  

It’s a 3-in-1 wooden toy with a clock puzzle and removable pieces of different shapes.

The product has a very tactile appearance and all the parts are made with 100% quality wood and non-toxic material.  

With these wooden building blocks, your toddler will learn these preschool skills like shapes and time-telling.  

It will help your kid develop mental thinking, motor skills, and creativity. Your kid must be 3 years+ for this wooden block puzzle.  

8. FunBlast Wooden Magnetic Alphabet Colorful Train Wooden toys India

Looking for a wooden train toy for kids, well here is one from FunBlast. It is a magnetic train that has shapes of Alphabets.  

This wooden baby toy is made with quality wood and is 100% non-toxic for kids. It is very colorful and attracts kids for playing.  

With this alphabetical shaped toy train, your toddler will learn the English alphabets and also have blast playing with this wooden train.  

This wooden toy is suitable for kids aged 2 years+. With this train, your kid will have motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and critical thinking.  

9. Mayatra’s Educational Wooden Baby toy Online

Mayatra offers a wooden dollhouse for your little one to play with. This wooden toy is made with quality wood and is 100% non-toxic.  

With this wooden dollhouse, your toddler can learn matching and sorting skills.

Talking about mental development it will develop fine motor skills and creativity.  

This toy is suitable for kids aged 12 months and above. The colorful building blocks are very attractive and very joyous to play with.  

You can get your kids these wooden building blocks to bring out their creativity and also to distract them from gadgets.  

10. Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Mini Wooden Dollhouse for Kids

Melissa & Doug Fold offer a very premium and attractive dollhouse which no kid can resist playing.

This dollhouse is no less than a real princess house, it has an amazing design and is made with quality wood.

It has 14 pieces of portable parts of a wooden dollhouse which includes working doors, furniture, and play figures.  

It is suitable for kids aged 3 years+ and offers great playtime. With this toy, your kids can learn creativity, motor skills, and fine motor skills.

You can sit and spend time with your little one playing as a guest in their dollhouse.  

If you are looking for the best wooden building blocks game for your little one, then this is our finest recommendation.  

  Final Words:

Toys are your kid’s basic needs which help them spend time with joy and happiness.

We have listed out some of the finest wooden toys for kids in India, where all these 10 toys are best-sellers on Amazon.  

The major advantage of these wooden toys over plastic toys is that they are very safe and non-toxic for kids. And also they are more durable as compared to cheap plastic toys.  

Our most recommended product among these top 10 wooden toys is Shumee 5-in-1 Wooden Activity Triangle For Kids, this wooden toy has 5 varieties of activities in a single toy.

It has an abacus, an alphabetical board, a chalkboard, and many more such fun activities.  

Under, such an affordable price you are getting complete value for money.    

Usually, you will find some educational types of toys that are only available in wooden material. See plastic toys have better concepts and are more fun to play with we totally agree with it, but wooden toys have a more premium feel with more durability. There are multiple reasons why you should use, wooden toys. But let’s understand that the ones that we are recommending have a learning curve and will help in the cognitive development of your baby. 

Here are some reasons why you Should choose Wooden Toys?

  • Durability: Plastic has very little durability, those toys are only meant for a week or few days actually. So, wooden toys have been used for ages now and they are best for kids, as they are more durable. Any wooden toy can last for ages if kept properly. 

  • Safety: Kids have a tendency of taking things in mouth, these habits are dangerous with plastic toys. Even plastic toys have sharp edges, whereas wooden toys are safer, they have no sharp edges and can be used without any damage. 

  • More Creative: Wooden toys are more creative, they let your kid think and make something very creative out of wooden toys. We have featured wooden jigsaw puzzles that are really fun to play. They keep your children motivated and curious. 

  • Cognitive Development: This development is termed mental development in form of thinking ability, reasoning power, logical and analytical thinking skills. Wooden toys are made with an educational point as well as a fun element is always present in them. We don’t see kids playing with them every time, but still, whenever they will play with wooden toys they will learn & play together. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



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Why do kids use wooden toys?

Wooden toys are very safe for kids when compared to other plastic toys which are made with natural wood which is very safe. Also, these wooden toys are more durable when compared to other toys.

Why are Wooden toys better?

Wooden toys are better as they are very durable and serve longer than cheap plastic toys. Also, when a kid’s health is concerned these wooden toys are very safe and 100% non-toxic.

Are Wooden toys good for babies?

Wooden toys are good for babies as they tend to put everything in their mouths. These wooden toys are very safe so they will cause no bacterial infection to kids.

Which are the best wooden toys in India?

The best wooden toys in India are the ones that are made with natural wood and offer great value addition to your kid’s life. Always look for toys that other than just play also help kids learn, develop critical thinking, and also motor skills.

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