7 Best Wooden Temple for Home India JUNE 2022

Wooden Temple for Home


Are you looking for Wooden Temple for Home? We are recommending you some of the best options that you can consider for your home. A temple is the most peaceful corner of your house that requires, proper space, and thus we strongly that you should have a dedicated space for god at your house. Here we are going to recommend you wooden temple for home. 

These temples are made from pure and authentic wood thus they will give you that required and most necessary spiritual feel that you need at your home. Here we are going to recommend you all the options that are available online on Amazon. A temple has a standard size when it comes to online options. 

Here you can get them for multiple sizes and also in different modifications. So thus we strongly recommend that you should just see your requirements and thus finalize a wooden temple for office. 

Let us also understand how you can buy the ideal wooden temple for home online on Amazon. 

How to Buy a Wooden temple for Home Online?

You might feel that there can be a standard guide for the procedure to buy a wooden temple for home, but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while buying a swing chair online on Amazon. 

A very basic and foremost thing that comes to these temples is their dimensions, so if they are right then you have actually won quite a lot of hassle. First, you need to figure out the dimension of the place where you want to keep this temple. So as per those dimensions, you have to choose the dimension for the wooden temple for home online. 

The next comes to the material of the wood, so if you want some specific kind of wood then it is different otherwise the ones that we are recommending are suitable for all homes and have durability. So with wood, you have multiple options, the ones that are budget-friendly are made using MDF board or some other very basic wood. But the ones that are made using wood like saagwan or some other are meant to be costly. 

So by looking at these 2 basic things you can decide upon buying or not buying a wooden temple for home with door. Here we are recommending you 7 Best Wooden temple for Home that you can blindly buy for your home. 

Here are the 7 Best Wooden Temples for Home India:


1. Hydroshell Wooden Temple for Home | Mandir for Pooja Home Decoration 

Wooden Temple for Home


Hydroshell is a very good company that is offering amazing and beautiful temples for home. They are made using plywood and are exclusively meant for peaceful and very relaxing prayers to god. This a small temple and thus it’s very affordable too. 

The dimensions of this wooden temple are 52 X 42 X 26 cm. And the total weight of this temple is 500 gms. So that makes it very easy and handy as well to hang or just keep at a place. It is in the usual brown color and thus it’s a very adaptive piece of furniture you can have it in your home and it will eventually vibe with your house interior as well. 

The wood has got a shine that makes it really a very good and apt choice for your house. You can easily place your god idols without any problem here. Just match the dimensions with the required space that you have and then you will be sorted completely. 

For a small space, this hydro shell temple is very ideal and it will give you an immense, the wood used is plywood and the dimensions are also very adequate so if you are actually looking for ideal options then you can choose this one. 


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2. Kamdhenu Art and Craft Wooden Temple For Home Online | Pooja Mandir Online 

Wooden Temple for Home

A very classic and authentic traditional-looking temple that gives you the best looks and a vibe that will give you a feeling of soothing prayers. This temple is colorful and comes with very traditional colors and aesthetics. 

The temple is handcrafted and is made using plywood and normal wood. So it can give you a very good feel and also be very durable so at once you can have both of them. The dimensions of this temple are 15 X 8 X 18 inches. It is easy to hang or place this anywhere. Be it a wall mount or anything you can easily do it. The item weight would be somewhere around 1 kg. 

For a very long term usage also you can choose to have this at your home. So if you are looking for a colorful temple that’s not just some temple in wooden color then you can try this wooden temple for home online. 

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3. Homecrafts Handpainted Wooden Temple for Home | Wooden Temple for Home with Door 

Wooden Temple for Home

Homecrafts is a very famous brand that gives you amazing and good quality temples that you can keep at your house. This is purely made using MDF wood and plyboard. It is an ideal small-sized wooden temple for a home that is hand-made and built keeping in mind all the basic aesthetics of an ideal temple. 

It comes with various drawers that you can use to keep accessories and a tray also that helps you balance all the quick and handy things. Be it your daily pooja rituals or anything you can easily place on top of it. 

The dimensions of this temple are 27.9 X 50.8 X 61 cm. The item weight is 7.5 Kgs and thus it gives it portability that we can either hang this temple or we can even wall-mount it. So it serves both the purposes of being a wall mount temple or one that you can keep at someplace. 

Before buying any wooden temple for home just keep this in mind you have to measure your own space first and then you need to buy a particular sized wooden temple. 

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4. SSIS Handmade Wooden Temple for Home Big Size | Wooden Temple for Office 

Wooden Temple for Home

SSIS wooden temple is a very compact and small-sized temple that you can install at your house using both methods whether are being a wall mount or it can even be an easy to hang temple. 

It is made of MDF plyboard that is easily available and it can be used to decorate your house as well. It is a DIY-based temple so you can easily install and assemble this temple here. With just a few technicalities like tower bolts and Allen key, you can get this installed at your house. 

This mandir cannot have a lot of god idols coz it is not that big, the dimensions of this temple are 30.5 X 19 X 25.5 cms. And the weight of the product is 500 grams. It has an ideal size that can be used to hang at home and office as well. 

This product is made using a very basic design and looks if you are looking for ultra-modern or any other temple then you can prefer this one. With just basic DIY installation your wooden temple for home is ready. 


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5. Mandiram SSI Fully Handmade Wooden Temple for Home | Temple for Home 

Wooden Temple for Home

Mandiram is another very famous and hot selling product on Amazon. They have a lot of sales and the looks of the product are also very modern. In this temple, you are getting a beautiful MDF board design that is well cut and made aesthetic.

Here you are getting proper shelf space for both the 2 partitions and thus we are making a strong effort here to recommend you the best options out of so many available ones. The dimensions of this wooden temple for office are 23 X 27 X 34 cms, and thus it makes it a very ideal sized temple for use. 

This is both wall-mount and the one that can be hanged easily. So here you can do both the things in one single temple. Like you are getting proper space to pray and you are getting required space for storage as well. 

So if you are looking for an ideal wooden temple for home then we strongly recommend you this one. 


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