Top 8 Best Smart Speakers in India (NOVEMBER 2022)

Best Smart Speakers in India

Looking to buy best smart speakers in India? Smart speakers have great features and various functionalities. They have the ability to provide you entertainment, news, weather updates, and more. But it’s not all that they do. They can be used as your personal assistant. They can even be controlled with voice command.

So if you’re looking forward to owning one of these speakers, this is the place you should start. We have put together a list of 8 best smart speakers in India and made sure they are well priced. Read this Top 8 list, compare and make your choice on which smart speaker is best-suited for you.


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Top 8 Best Smart Speakers in India are listed below

  1. Bose Home Speaker 500

best smart speakers in India

The 1st in our list of best smart speakers in India is Bose Home Speaker 500. From a single speaker, hear stereo sound from wall to wall. You can access songs, playlists, and more with built-in voice control from Alexa. Additionally, you are able to choose how you want to control the music: with your voice, a tap on the top controls, or by using the Bose Music app.

Use the Bose Music app to take control of your listening experience. You may easily switch between stations, playlists, and services while browsing all of your music in one location.

Additionally, it’s yet another easy method of managing the Bose Home Speaker 500. Your six presets are simple to set up, and many users can customise the content and experience.

A new line of smart speakers and soundbars includes the Bose Home Speaker 500. You can access millions of music with the built-in Alexa voice control. Alternately, control everything using the Bose Music app. Bring all of your enjoyment to life in whatever room you want, including music, movies, and television.

  • Wall-to-wall stereo sound from a single speaker.

  • Alexa voice control built-in.

  • Some compression at max volume.

  • Bass suffers from massive distortions at loud and maximum volumes.


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  1. Marshall Uxbridge

best smart speakers in India

The next best smart speaker is Marshall Uxbridge. The legendary Marshall design produces powerful sound, and the chic packaging will make you want to show it off to every visitor you have. You can listen to all of your favourite tunes on this speaker. By using your voice, you can simply control smart devices around your house and play music, get answers, manage daily tasks, and more.

The Marshall Uxbridge Voice Bluetooth Speaker blends the famed Marshall sound with Amazon Alexa’s helpfulness to create a speaker that is outstanding in addition to being smart. This speaker provides a clear and accurate audio experience while being compact in size and large in volume. With Alexa, you can multitask while not using your hands.

Consider this speaker as your access to all songs on the earth. The ability to listen to music from the most well-known streaming services is now more accessible than ever before. Just ask Alexa to start playing some music, and you’re ready to go. For the woofer and tweeter, a 30 Watt Class D amplifier.

Due to its ability to cover any size room with high-quality sound, this speaker is the most adaptable in the Marshall lineup. It is a firm favourite among music enthusiasts due to the purity and precision of the sound. Loud recently shrunk. With its small frame, it is designed to make a loud noise.

A smart configuration with premium parts comes together to create a sound that only Marshall can give. For far field voice contact, it uses a two microphone array with acoustic noise cancellation.

  • 30 Watt Class D amplifier.

  • Compact in size and large in volume.

  • Mute/Unmute Mic and Push to Talk Button.

  • Some streaming services do not work.

  • Bluetooth is version 4.2, and there are no high-quality codecs.


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  1. Echo Dot 4th Gen

best smart speakers in India

Echo Dot 4th Gen holds third position in our list. The Echo Dot’s artificial intelligence, Alexa, was created in the cloud and is constantly learning new things. Alexa adjusts to your speaking patterns and vocabulary the more you use Dot. Asking a query and receiving an immediate answer from Alexa is how to use her.

Ask Echo Dot to play your favourite song or artist, or to play music from a certain genre or mood. It can also stream music from Spotify, JioSaavn, Gaana, Hungama Music, and Amazon Prime Music.

You can listen to music in several languages, including English, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, and Kannada. You may also make and manage your own playlists with Spotify and Amazon Prime Music.

The time, outdoor temperature, and timers are displayed on the LED display. In order to view the time day or night, the LED display also contains a light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness.

Completely hands-free, use Echo Dot to turn on the AC from your bed or dim the lights from the couch. Alternately, create routines to turn off insect repellent at dawn or to start the geyser every morning at 7 AM. Simply ask Alexa to search for comedic movies on Fire TV using the Echo Dot to control Fire TV.

Make your home life simpler. Create timers, questions, lists, events, and reminders for your calendar. Additionally, Alexa allows you to pay your utility bills, including those for your phone, gas, internet, and other services. Simply ask Alexa to pay your bills.

Devices using Alexa and Echo have numerous layers of privacy protection. A microphone off button on Echo smart speakers electronically disconnects the microphones. Additionally, you are in charge of your voice recordings and can listen to, examine, or delete them whenever you choose.

You can shop on Amazon with ease and convenience thanks to Alexa. Create a shopping list with Alexa, find out about products, pricing, and promotions, browse the newest offers, and more. For your shopping requirements, Alexa is always prepared to help you save time and money.

  • Voice control, voice search, etc. are all possible with a virtual assistant.

  • Powerful bass for clean audio and deep bass.

  • Compact size fits into every nook in the house.

  • Minor changes from last version.


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  1. ZEB-Jukebar 3820A PRO

best smart speakers in India

The next in our list of best smart speakers in India is ZEB-Jukebar 3820A PRO. With the Soundbar, take your listening experience to the next level. Set timers, ask questions, add items to lists, create calendar events and reminders, and set timers. Two 69mm sub-woofer drivers provide you a more immersive audio experience in a compact design. Feel the thud.

The thrills and chills of the theatre are provided by an immersive sound stage with 80 Watts RMS Audio output. Simply ask Amazon Prime Music, JioSaavn, Gaana, Hungama Music, or Spotify for your favourite musician or song, or specify a certain mood or genre. There are other songs available in English, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Kannada, and other languages.

When compared to the sound quality, the Zebronics 2.0 Channel 80 Watts Dual Sub-woofer Technology Sound Bar’s price is reasonable. This is Bluetooth-capable, so you can quickly pair it with a TV that supports Bluetooth to enjoy your favourite tunes, programmes, and films.

Zebronics 2.0 Channel 80 Watts Dual Sub-woofer Technology Sound Bar, which provides exceptional sound quality, is available for purchase. Turn on the TV and the air conditioner completely hands-free using the Soundbar.

In order to operate the Smart Soundbar, you can do it in either English or Hindi. The Smart Soundbar is a metal grill design with a minimalist aesthetic and wall-mount functionality that fits in nicely with the dcor of any space, including the living or bedroom.

With HDMI Arc, AUX, and Optical Inputs, your connection to your TV can be made more easily. allows smartphones to play audio using Bluetooth 5.0 and USB Pendrive. An easy-to-use remote control with a Mic Awake button is available for couch potatoes.

Using the Zeb-Smart Juke Bar companion app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, you can switch input modes, choose streaming services, and manage media.

  • 80 Watts Sound Output for maximum immersion.

  • Build-in Dual Sub-woofer.

  • Wall mountable easy to fit.

  • Remote does not has dedicated button for bluetooth and HD mode.

  • Might face delay while playing contents via HDMI.


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  1. Echo Dot 3rd Gen

best smart speakers in India

A smart speaker with Alexa that can be voice-controlled and used in every room is the Echo Dot. Just ask to manage compatible smart home devices, get music, news, information, and more. Use the clear and powerful built-in speaker or pair the Echo Dot with any speakers you already possess using Bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio wire.

The Echo Dot’s artificial intelligence, Alexa, was created in the cloud and is constantly learning new things. Alexa adjusts to your speaking patterns and vocabulary the more you use Dot.

Ask Echo Dot to play your favourite song or artist, or to play music from a certain genre or mood. It can also stream music from Spotify, JioSaavn, Gaana, Hungama Music, and Amazon Prime Music. By album, decade, or by letting Alexa choose for you, you can search for music. Alternately, set a musical alarm and wake up to your favourite tunes.

You may make and manage your own playlists using Amazon Prime Music. Without moving a finger or even raising your voice, use Echo Dot to turn on the geyser before getting out of bed or lower the lights from the couch to watch a movie. The Echo Dot is compatible with smart home gadgets that are WiFi-based or come with their own hub.

Using “Routines,” you can use a single voice command to activate the AC and turn off the lights every night, or schedule numerous devices to turn on and off at specific times.

The Echo Dot is a practical addition to any room in the house thanks to its sleek and small design. Dot may be placed in the bedroom and used to turn out the lights, play music, and set alarms. To monitor the news, sports results, calendar, and movie showtimes, place it in the living room. You could even use it in the kitchen to set timers, make lists, and use your voice to search through millions of things on Amazon.

  • Ability to view and delete your voice recordings.

  • Alexa can speak both English & Hindi.

  • Microphone off button.

  • Alexa isn’t up to Google Assistant’s level at answering broad information queries.


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  1. Sony SRS-RA3000

best smart speakers in India

Sony SRS-RA3000 holds 6th position in our list. The ambient room-filling sound provided by the Sony SRS-RA3000 combines a number of technologies to create music that surrounds you from floor to ceiling in sound. Similar to the background music in your favourite cafe, it is soothing and unobtrusive, with sound diffusing both horizontally and vertically to create the ideal ambiance everywhere in your home.

It includes built-in Chrome-cast. Your smartphone, tablet, or laptop can be used to stream music, internet radio, and podcasts to an audio device. To cast, simply tap the button.

Have a speaker with Alexa or Google Assistant built in? If so, you can utilize it to speak commands to your speaker. You only need to utter the word to start playing music, adjust the volume, or perform a variety of other actions when you add the RA3000 to your speaker group using the Google Home or Amazon Alexa apps.

It has a 20 watt maximum power output. The sound-waves produced by the beam tweeter combine to create an upward-facing wavefront. This ensures that the SRS-RA3000 hits the sweet spot, wherever you are in the room, by filling the space with ambient room-filling sound.

360-degree reality audio is provided. It integrates into your life as easily as it integrates into your house since it is simple to set up and use. Wall-to-wall audio is created with a diffuser that horizontally disperses sound throughout the space, and deep bass is produced by two passive radiators. Using Bluetooth, connect your speaker to your smartphone or tablet to begin wirelessly streaming your music library.

Utilize WiFi to access your preferred online streaming services through your speaker while managing the playlist on your phone. For complete control, use the Spotify Connect app on your device to stream Spotify directly through your speaker.

By evaluating the tracks and automatically playing them at a constant volume, volume adjustment also helps. Due of its resistance to humidity, you can use it in potentially humid spaces like the kitchen or even the bathroom.

  • The 20 Watt power output produces incredible sound quality.

  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity ensures simple connectivity.

  • Smart usage is provided by Google Assistant and Alexa Support.

  • Sometimes Treble lags while listening music.


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  1. Echo Show 8

best smart speakers in India

The Echo Show 8 connects to Alexa to provide you with powerful stereo sound and beautiful images on an 8″ HD screen in a design that fits in any part of your house. Simply ask Alexa to play your favourite music with lyrics, watch your favourite movies, show you the latest weather information, watch newscasts, or manage your smart home.

Ask Alexa to make video calls to loved ones who have Skype, Echo devices with screens, or the Alexa app using its built-in 1 MP camera. To quickly announce anything or check on the kids, you may also make voice calls, send messages, or instantaneously link to other Echo devices in your home.

It has passive bass radiators and neodymium speakers, which produce flawless sound. The price of the Amazon Echo Show 8 Alexa 8 Inches HD Smart Display is more than reasonable considering all of its capabilities. You can ask Alexa to stream music videos from Hungama Music or to play your favourite TV episodes and movies from Amazon Prime Video.

Discover and take pleasure in music and videos as you stream them straight from services like Netflix, Apple Music, JioSaavn, Gaana, and Amazon Prime Music. Use resources like Chu Chu TV, Chhota Bheem, and others to keep your youngsters amused.

Compatible devices can be managed by voice control or a straightforward interactive display. Ask Alexa to turn on the geyser or air conditioner, turn on the lights, or display security cameras. Make your home life simpler.

Set timers, add items to lists, make calendar events, and create reminders all with the use of your voice while following step-by-step recipes. Also available are news, weather, and traffic updates. Inquire about information, movie times, restaurant hours, or sports results. This has several layers of privacy protection built into it.

You have transparency and control over your Alexa experience, from the microphone/camera off button and built-in shutter to the option to delete your voice recordings. Shopping on Amazon is made simple and convenient for you by Alexa.

With Alexa, you can create a shopping list, get product details and pricing, look for the newest discounts, reorder previous purchases, add products to your cart, track the progress of your orders, receive delivery notifications, and more. It boasts smooth performance and has a MediaTek MT 8163 CPU with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.

  • Neodymium passive bass radiator speakers.

  • Perfect clarity is ensured by an 8″ HD screen.

  • Processor MediaTek MT 8163 for fast performance.

  • You need constant power to run this device.


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  1. Bose Portable Home Speaker

best smart speakers in India

The last in our list of best smart speakers in India is Bose Portable Home Speaker. A wireless home speaker is the Bose Portable Home Speaker. Additionally, it is a voice-activated speaker. In actuality, it contains each of these speakers. You may move it from room to room throughout the house, and you can take it with you when you leave. And you’ll hear it all in 360 degrees of breathtaking Bose sound, regardless of what or where you’re listening.

The Portable Home Speaker is made to spread clean sound simultaneously in all directions, just like our SoundLink Revolve and Revolve+ speakers, but it’s also designed to deliver a greater punch, with deeper bass and more power.

The Portable Home Speaker can be used as a smart speaker everywhere there is WiFi. Simply utter the word to stream all of your favourite music, get the weather, send messages, set timers, and add to-do items with voice assistants integrated in.

Use your portable smart speaker anywhere there is WiFi to listen to music from well-known music services like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Pandora. Wherever Bluetooth is available, you can use it to listen to any music that your smartphone or tablet can play. AirPlay 2 allows Apple users to play audio from their devices as well.

For a step-by-step setup guide for your speaker, download the free Bose Music app. Use the app to seamlessly switch between stations, playlists, and services, browse all of your music in one location, and keep the software on your speaker up to date.

For a consistent music experience across your home, you can group your portable home speaker with any other Bose smart speakers or soundbars you own using the Bose Music app.

  • 360 degrees of deep, clear, lifelike sound and powerful bass.

  • Control the speaker with voice commands.

  • Very Expensive.

  • Buttons work erratically sometimes.


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Smart speakers have become a necessity in our daily lives. From listening to music, to controlling your home appliances, and even acts as an assistant for running tasks in the background. However, not all smart speakers are created equal.

We really hope that our selection of these best smart speakers in India has helped you to make a decision. Based on in-depth research, a product analysis, and user ratings, we have determined which smart speakers are the best in India. Using the links provided in the article, you can buy these smart speakers on Amazon.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can any smart device work with your smart speaker?

Your chosen smart speaker may not be compatible with all smart devices. This might be due to a variety of factors, such as the protocol it employs or whether the speaker maker is the rightful owner of that specific device. On the other hand, a smart hub can be connected to practically any smart device.

What is inside a smart speaker?

Similar to a regular speaker, a smart speaker additionally has a microphone and a tiny computer. You can use the computer to use the features of Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, or Microsoft's Cortana.


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