10 Best Plastic Slide for Kids India (JANUARY 2023)

Slide for Kids

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Are you looking for Slide for Kids? Well, now your search is over as we have come up with the best plastic slides for kids. These slides are really fun to play for kids and they enjoy them a lot. 

We are featuring around 10 slides that are available online and offer complete value for money. While choosing the right slide checking for the plastic quality and ease of usage is a must. All our recommendations have great user reviews and are loved by customers. *

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All our recommendations are completely unbiased, we have featured products based on user reviews and ratings. 

Best 10 Plastic Slides for Kids in India 2021  :


1. Baybee Foldable Slide for Kids | Plastic Slides for Kids

Foldable slide for kids

Babybee is a trusted name when it comes to toys or playable for kids. They manufacture quality products that are made with child-safe plastic and very durable. 

We are featuring a Foldable Garden slide for kids, it can be used indoors/outdoors. It a beginner slide, it is meant for preschool kids from age group 1 to 5 years. If you are planning to gift your kids moments of happiness then this is an ideal gift as it will promote coordination and tactile abilities in them. 

This kids slide comes with dimensions, 106 X 55 X 72 cm. Such compact dimensions are very easy to store and carry. 

Materials uses are non-toxic which makes them extremely safe to use. It can hold up to 20 Kgs of weight. The slope is very smooth and this kid’s garden slide has no sharp edges. Strongly recommended as it has amazing quality and it will help in kid’s sensory development. 



2. Webby Foldable Slide for Kids | Slides for Kids in India 

slides for kids

A beginners slide for younger kids. Suitable for kids of age 1 to 5 years. Very helpful in the sensory and tactile development of kids. Get kids slide as it’s helpful in improving balance for kids. 

Talking about the build quality it’s made with extremely safe material that is specially made with tough plastic that is safe for kids. The slope is gentle and smooth with no sharp edges to avoid accidents. 

The design is colorful with bright blue and red colors. It’s a foldable playground slide for kids. Comes with a carrying capacity of 20 Kgs and can accompany kids till further growth stages. 

Webby plastic slides are extremely durable and play-friendly for kids. You can use these outdoor slides for kids and encourage your kids to play. 



3. Webby Foldable Garden Slide Toys | Garden Slides for Kids 

garden slides for kids

Here we have another amazing product from the same manufacturer Webby. They have been market leaders in producing plastic slides for kids. 

They are made with non-toxic material that is extremely safe for kids and the design is also very safe as it has no sharp edges to avoid all kinds of accidents. It is suitable for kids within age 1 to 5 years and can carry up to 20 kgs of weight. Majorly this swing is for preschool kids that need basic balancing and tactile abilities. 

This is a foldable plastic slide for kids that is easily foldable and has compact dimensions 130 X 50 X 70. You can easily install this and even put it aside when not using this. 



4. GoodLuck Baybee Giraffe Slide for Kids | Garden Slide for Kids 

slide for kids

Attractive mini slide specially made for toddlers and preschool kids. This is suitable for kids of age group 1 to 3 years. 

Babies or kids love to play on swings. These kids slides will promote coordination and balancing. Baby slides that we have shortlisted are extremely safe for use, as they are made with non-toxic material. 

It comes in multiple colors, making it very attractive for use. It can hold up to 20 Kgs. 

The slide is very smooth and your kid will love this. Also, it’s a foldable slide for kids. The biggest advantage is you can easily place it anywhere, just fold and take it anywhere like Indoors or Outdoors. 

We highly recommend you getting swings for your kids as they will be highly beneficial and playful for your kids. 



5. Kiddly Garden Toy Slides for Kids | Home Slides for Kids India 

home slides for kids

Kiddly is a best-selling brand in Kids slides on Amazon. This plastic slide is made with heavy and durable plastic. It is completely non-toxic and keeps your kids safe from harmful plastic. 

It has dimensions 105 X 55 X 72 cm, very compact, and easy to carry. One can place this indoors as well as outdoors. And it’s foldable too, so using this extremely easy. 

Nothing different than those big garden slides, you are gifting your baby his own slide that he can thoroughly enjoy. It is extremely smooth and has no rough edges. 

This kids foldable slide comes with self-balancing features that allow easy installation, even your toddler can do it very easily. 

Getting this slide for kids will be the best gift for your baby as they will love this and enjoy sliding. Also, it will help them develop tactile and development abilities. 



6. Baybee Jumbo Mushroom Playgro Slide for Kids | Slide Toy for Kids 

slide toy for kids

Babybee is a well-known brand for kids toys and the swings are loved by babies and parents also. 

The swings are made with non-toxic plastic that is safe for kids, these swings are perfect for home and outdoor also if you want to use this in a garden or balcony. 

Here this jumbo swing is a little special as this also has a dedicated basketball net that makes it even more exciting to play with this kids slide. 

A major highlight of this swing that it is an excellent and market leader in terms of safety. It comes with European Standard EN 71 making it extremely safe for usage among kids. 

Comes in handy dimensions  107 X 60 X 140 cm, it’s ideal for preschool toddlers and for juniors also. 

Another feature of this outdoor slide for kids is that it’s very easy to use and makes sliding extremely easy. If you are also looking for a perfect gift for your kid then you can buy this slide for kids. 



7. Baybee Foldable Garden Slide for Kids | Outdoor Plastic Slides for Toddlers 

plastic slides for toddlers

Baybee has a variety of products that offer complete value for money and are fun to play for kids. These slides are suitable for toddlers aged between 1 to 5 years. 

The material used to make the slides is non-toxic PE which is not at all harmful for kids, and it even has no sharp edges to avoid any kinds of accidents. 

There are plenty of toys or playable available in the market but why are we insisting on a slide is because it helps in the sensory development of your kid. Your toddler learns to balance and also improves his tactile skills. 

Baybee is a famous brand in outdoor slides for kids and comes with innovative products. 

This particular model of the slide for kids comes in various variants one with a Swing N Slide ( here you get a swing attached with a slide), Mini Slide, and Slipping slides. All the models worth every penny so you can choose any of them. 

This indoor slide for toddlers is extremely durable, foldable in design, and smooth sliding. Big thumbs up to the product from Baybee. 



8. Baybee Jumbo Mushroom Playgro Slide for Kids | Garden Slides for Kids 

slide for kids

Multicolored swing with a specially attached basketball net that encourages kids to even play and enjoy much more with a normal slide. Maybe your kids even invent a new game that is much more exciting than just normal sliding. 

This slide for kids comes with European Standard certification and ensures the safety of children. The swing has a smooth slide and has no sharp edges that prevent all sorts of accidents. 

The age group suitable for this swing is 1 to 5 years. And, this outdoor slide for kids guarantees that your kid will be safe in this slide. 

Baybee is a very famous and well-known company that always delivers durable products. This indoor slide also is extremely easy to use and has an attractive foldable design. 



9. Baybee 3 in 1 Foldable Slide For Kids | Buy Slide for Kids Online 

slide for kids online

Uniquely designed 3 in 1 baby slide for home, it is a climber slide that comes with a climber rope attached to one side. It can be used both indoors and outdoors as well. 

Primarily it is suitable for toddlers or kids that are of age 1 to 5 years. The material used is very sturdy and bright in colors that become the biggest attraction. 

The slides are extremely smooth and playful. With this model you even a playful climber that will be more entertaining for kids. Slides for kids play an important role in the development stages of Kids. 

The swing is easy to fold, priced affordably, and extremely safe for riding. It has 3 in 1 functionality and offers many other models too. 



10. Baybee Foldable Baby Garden Slide for Kids | Plastic Slide for Kids 

plastic slide for kids

Here is our last but the best product recommendation for you. In our list of Best Slides for Kids, this slide is remarkable as this has a wooden texture and design. 

This slide is perfect for both indoor and outdoor as well. It is suitable for kids aged between 1 to 5 years. 

Baybee is a well-known brand and then slides are European standard certified, other than this they are also made with non-toxic plastic material making it extremely safe for use. 

The design is extremely attractive and gives a playful vibe. If you are also looking for the best swing to gift to your kid then this will be the ideal choice. 




Among the Top 10 Kids Indoor and Outdoor slides, you can choose any of them as per your use and requirement. In terms of quality and material, these slides are extremely durable. Kids love slides and thus we are offering the most tactile and attractive plastic slides. You can blindly purchase any of the Top 10 Swing for Kids. Our reviews are completely unbiased and made to help you purchase the best products online. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. At what age can a child go down a Kids Slide?

Kids are compatible with slides when they turn above 2 or more. We can even say that when they learn how to balance then they should be left alone to try out bigger or small plastic slides at home.

2. How does Slide for Kids help a Child’s Development?

Sliding helps them develop a sense of balance and also a sense of touch. While sliding they are doing physical exercises that strengthen their muscles and joints. Also, sliding is a play that’s very pleasurable and enjoyable for kids. So, it’s a complete development toy for kids.

3. How to buy plastic slides for Kids?

Buying Plastic slides for kids is an extremely easy and fun task. Kids love colorful toys and they are attracted to them only. The easiest way to select the best slide for kids is choosing one among the Top 10 Plastic slides that are listed in our article.

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