8 Best Macrame Swing Chair to buy in India JANUARY 2023

Macrame Swing Chair

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Macrame Swings have been trending in recent times, Have you been looking for the Best Macrame Swing Chair? We at BabySwingStore heard you and here we are presenting you the 8 Best Macrame Swing Chairs that you can find online on Amazon. Let’s share a very uncommon fact, a lot of people just search for macrame swings online thinking it’s some type of Swing Chair. 

But macrame is a knitting style where you knit strings in such a pattern that it looks very appealing and never looks like normal strings to you. Macrame Swings online are easily available, as they are lightweight, durable, and are available at an affordable cost too. 

You will love reading this article of ours on 8 Best Buy Macrame Swing Chairs as we have listed the best available options that are available online. All our recommendations are on Amazon with thousands of positive ratings from users. At the last, you can even find a Buying Guide that can help you with How to Buy the Right Macrame Swing Chair.


Here are the 8 Best Buy Macrame Swing Chair in India:


1. Swingzy Leather Velvet Macrame Swing Chair Online India | Macrame Swing Bed 

Macrame Swing Chair

  • Swingzy is a very famous brand that manufactures attractive swings and sells them online on Amazon. They have a wide range of products that are loved by many consumers online. 

  • Here we are featuring a macrame swing chair that is made with durable and natural strings, this one is a little premium as it’s made with leather and offers comfortable seating. 

  • A major highlight of this Swingzy swing chair is that it comes with leather comfort and a swing bed that is made with memory foam. It will always provide a mattress-like comfort to you. 

  • It comes in different colors, suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. Whether you have a balcony or some backyard space you can install this anywhere without any problem. The installation for this product is also very easy and the hanging accessories are already bundled with the product. 

  • We strongly recommend this premium macrame swing as it comes with comfort, durability, looks, and has a massive carrying capacity of 200 Kgs. At a budget price, the shape you are getting is a complete package. 


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2. Patiofy Large Size Single Seater Macrame Swing Chair 

Macrame Swing Chair


  • Patiofy is another very famous brand that manufactures cotton and rope swings online. They have the best catalog that you will find on Amazon. 

  • Consumers have just loved their products and they have massive crazy numbers of positive responses. We are recommending their products because of the variety, looks, and high-quality material that they use in their swing chairs.

  • Here we are featuring a macrame swing that is made using natural strings and comes with a massive seating capacity of 100 Kgs. This swing chair is under Rs. 1000 and thus its complete value of money. 

  • It can be used indoors and outdoors as well. You can easily hang this swing on your balcony or use it in gardens. This is the best piece of furniture that you can buy online. Once you buy this you can easily hang this, as it follows DIY installation only. 

  • Whether it’s kids or adults anybody can easily enjoy swinging on this macrame swing chair with a stand. And, this single-seater garden swing seat is one of the best lightweight yet durable products online. 


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3. Patiofy C-Shape Premium Single Seater Macrame Swing Chair for Indoor/Outdoor 

Macrame Swing Chair


  • Once again we have another amazing premium product from Patiofy. This swing chair is a lot different than the previous one, as it is more premium in terms of looks, quality, and even carrying capacity. 

  • This swing is C-Shaped, when you see it’s the most unique and attractive design that you can find online. The material used is the same, but here it has become very attractive and eye-catching. 

  • You can install this just like you perform some DIY activity, it comes along with free hanging accessories. Whether Indoor/Outdoor this macrame swing chair can handle everything. 

  • Another comfy thing bundled with the product is the Cushion, which comes with memory foam. This swing will become the new corner in your ambiance where you can go and relax. It is made for both adults and kids, this comes with a carrying capacity of 200 Kgs. 

  • If looking for attractive seating for your house then, Patiofy Swing Chairs are highly recommended. 


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4. Halder Jute Single Seater Macrame Swing Chair 

Macrame Swing Chair


  • Halder Swings are manufactured using Jute that we all know is a natural fiber that is easily available. This swing is knitted in a very designer and modern style. 

  • For weight carrying and holding capacity, they have paired it with nylon ropes that are tough to carry maximum weights of 120 Kgs. It comes with very compact dimensions, 150 X 65 X 150 cm. 

  • A major advantage of using these swing chairs is that you can enjoy swinging even outdoors & indoors too. Since jute is a natural material it is compatible with water or dust. Just some splashes of water and cleaning are done for these swings. 

  • This is a single-seater swing but once you get this, at your home it will become the new corner to relax for you. And, for kids, the swing is the right place to play and enjoy. 

  • If you have been looking for a macrame swing for your baby then Halder Jute swing is recommended. You can easily install them with hooks and chains bundled with the product. 


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5. Patiofy Square Shape Macrame Swing Chair Bed 

Macrame Swing Chair

  • The square shape swing chair is just like you are swinging on a bed. It is very comfortable and the best product by Patiofy. 

  • We have recommended a lot of products from Patiofy but here this one has no replacement and the comfort this one can give no other swing will give you. 

  • Patiofy Square Shape Macrame Swing is made with cotton, macrame, and nylon ropes. Here cotton is the strong material that holds your weight and support. Nylon ropes are very durable so they handle your body weight. 

  • This swing chair is shaped like a bed only, so you can rest your back while sitting on it. Being this very comfortable, you can place a cushion under your back just like a mattress over the bed. 

  • The dimensions of this macrame swing chair are 30 X 35 X 50 cm, so it’s very compact to be installed at places like the balcony, backyard, and even indoors too. It is suitable for adults and kids as well, with a carrying capacity of 150 Kgs. 

  • With every swing chair from Patiofy, you get 100% quality assurance, a flexible return policy, and a free set of hanging accessories bundled with the swing chair. 

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6. Kkriya Home Decor Macrame Swing Chair | Jhula for Balcony 

Macrame Swing Chair


  • Kkriya offers a jumbo-sized swing chair that has an appealing design, the design offered is very unique and cozy. They are offering a square-shaped swing chair with a cushioned back seat. 

  • Kkriya has 800+ ratings and reviews on this macrame swing chair. It is a hot selling product, with a massive carrying capacity of 150 kgs and compact product dimensions of 40 X 40 X 40 cm. This swing chair has one of the biggest dimensions among all the recommended swings. 

  • The item weight itself is only 8 Kgs, with the product you get a hanging chainset that is very helpful in hanging this swing whether indoors or outdoors. 

  • It is made with nylon ropes, cushioned seat, a wooden rod for extra balance, overall it’s very lightweight and can be installed with a simple DIY process. It is a preassembled Macrame swing chair so it only requires installation. 

  • If you are looking for a swing chair with bed-like comfort then Kkriya swings are perfect. You get them under Rs. 2500, free delivery, and easy returns. 


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7. Patiofy Double Seater Macrame Swing Chair | 2 Seater Jhula for Indoor/Outdoor 

Macrame Swing Chair


  • Till now in this article we have been featuring Single Seater macrame swings only, but here is our first double seater swing chair from Patiofy. 

  • Patiofy has a broad range of products and we had already shared this with you. Here is a two-seater swing that is very cozy, comfy, easy to install with a massive carrying capacity of 200 Kgs. 

  • At a time it can accommodate two adults or 1 adult & a kid. In total even being a double seater it occupies minimum space, comes with dimensions 21 X 38 X 68 cm and is available in two colors. 

  • The complete swing is made up of cotton and the ropes that take up all the weight are made with solid nylon ropes. Whether it’s outdoor or indoors these hanging hammocks are compatible with everything.

  • You can easily hang this swing as it has a DIY installation associated with it. All the accessories for installation like hooks and hinges are already provided with the product. 


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8. Blue Toads D-Shaped Hanging Macrame Swing Chair 

Macrame Swing Chair


  • Blue Toads is another very popular and fancy brand that manufactures the best high-quality swing chairs. Macrame material is a hot-selling concept in the furniture industry. 

  • These swings are manufactured by skilled laborers and it is a completely hand-made process. The swing chairs are well-knitted using cotton and the weight is being carried by nylon ropes. 

  • Blue Toads has 100+ ratings on their product, people have liked their quality and comfort of swings. These swings have a carrying capacity of 160 Kgs and themselves weigh only 3 Kgs. 

  • You can use them indoors & outdoors as well, they come with easy installation. We strongly recommend the Blue Toads macrame swing chair for attractive looks and comfy seating. 


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This was our article on 8 Best Macrame Swing Chairs that are available online. You can always choose the best as per your requirement. But here we have already shortlisted the best ones. 

Even if you want to use these swings outdoors or indoors, whether kids or adults they can handle any situation. Our team of reviewers has worked hard on finding such amazing products online. Let us narrow down and see what are the best picks out of the 8 macrame swing chairs. 

If you want a double-seaters r premium single-seater swing then straight choose Patiofy swings, as they are best and offer both single/double seater options. We hope you enjoy swinging wherever you want at your place. Happy Shopping! 


Why Should you Choose Macrame Swing Chairs in India?


No, what you read was not some sales tactic, I have some very practical reasons to tell you why you should choose macrame swings over some other swing chairs. Lets me give you a few valid reasons:

  • Macrame: Macrame is a natural material, it’s just cotton or fiber strings that are knitted in an attractive-looking pattern. You are helping nature by using something that’s more sustainable. It is not like some bulky material like steel or metal. Macrame is encouraged because of its natural and appealing looks. 

  • Build & Weight: As we continue from our discussion, it is based on threads or ropes so it is very lightweight. Unlike those metal swings, Macrame Swing Chair Outdoors is more compact, light, and very easy to install even. You are buying a swing to install it inside your place, it has to be somewhat compact to fit inside your house. 

  • Utility & Looks: Even in looks and utility Macrame Swings Online in India is leading the way. Since we are knitting strings we have infinite design patterns, we can modify them to any limit. These swing chairs are usually handcrafted only by skilled laborers. You have many options and ways in which you can use a Macrame Swing Chair. 

These were some very clear points why we believe that Buying Macrame Swing Chair Online in India is more worthy than buying any bulky metal or stainless steel swing. Until and unless you don’t want to buy one, you should never settle down with one metal swing chair with a stand. 


Buying Guide: How to Buy the right Macrame Swing Chair?


Buying swings is the easiest and exciting task. It’s just like how you buy the right furniture for your house. But the catch here is that you will end up buying a very luxurious swing chair as we have listed out some of the very best macrame swing chairs that are specially designed for durable usage. 

These swings are made with macrame material that offers the right balance, looks, and a perfect addictive place to spend time. Here we have quite a lot of options that you would have read about and we strongly agree that you would want to buy them. Let us come to this how we decided which one is the best Macrame Swing Chair online in India. 

Here are a few deciding factors to look at before buying a Macrame Swing Chair:

  • Material: The material is self-explanatory in that it will be macrame only. But what matters is how the manufacturer has decided to pair it with. Like some use a frame made out of cane and then put macrame knitted swing over it. And, some use different materials. Before buying, do read which material is used for the Macrame Swing Chair with Stand. The ones that we have featured have been used as a frame material, as it makes the swing resistant to all weather conditions. 

  • Hanging/Installation: As a consumer when you are planning on buying a macrame swing chair in India then you have already made a very smart decision of choosing a lightweight and durable swing chair. A macrame Swing Chair is one of the best swings as it’s very lightweight and easy to install. You simply need to use DIY installation and the shape of the hinges or hooks are already provided with the product. 

  • Seating: Every swing that we are recommending here is majorly single-seater or double-seater swings only. These swing chairs offer a complete value for money and need very little maintenance. Even a double seater macrame swing chair is so compact that it can be easily kept on a balcony or any place indoors. 

These were a few points that we had considered before recommending you the 8 Best Macrame Swing Chair in India. We hope it helps you choose the right swing chair for you. 


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