10 Best Kids wardrobe/ Cupboard /Almirah to buy in India (OCTOBER 2022)

kids wardrobe

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Kids wardrobe :

It is a very happy moment when you get a new baby in the house. There are lots of toys and other accessories but the space for them is not enough.

It can be difficult to find space in already narrow cabinets. So it’s best to buy another portable Almirah.

It is very useful for you as you can easily arrange and maintain the stuff in the baby wardrobe. So, here are some options available for you.

For those who don’t know what a baby wardrobe is, then I am gonna give you some detail.

The kids wardrobe is made of plastic and fabric and has some pockets or shelves in it. The baby wardrobes can help you organize toys or even store clothes of your babies.

There is enough space and shelves in the wardrobe. Another good thing about them is that they are foldable and portable.

You can easily move them as there are wheels present under them. Well, you can definitely say that these wardrobes offer great utility for both parents and children.

To help you select one of these wardrobes, we have listed the 10 best kids wardrobes available in India. Take a look and you will also find something for your home.

1. Flipzon Multipurpose 6 Shelve Kids Wardrobe


The first one on our list is the baby wardrobe from Flipzon. This wardrobe has 6 shelves in it which helps you to store lots of stuff. It is made up of plastic.

That is why it is lightweight as well. You can easily move the baby wardrobe because of the wheels.

You can store baby toys, clothes, and other accessories in the wardrobe. The side pockets help a lot because they can help you do something you often need.

The weight capacity of the wardrobe is less due to its plastic structure, but you won’t face any such problem.


ColorBlue and Red
Dimensions46 x 30 x 149 cm
Weight2.3 kg
Maximum load capacity60Kg
Mount typeFloor Standing


A good amount of space.

Has wheels and removable zippered liner which is also washable.

Robust design with total hassle-free assembly. 


Some people don’t like quality.

2. Little One’s | 6 Shelves Foldable Kids Wardrobe/Toy Box

The next one is from Little Ones. This is also a foldable wardrobe and is made up of plastic. There are 6 shelves in it.

The price of kids wardrobe is a bit high, but the quality of this baby wardrobe is premium.

It can easily take up a load of 60kg. This means that each shelf can support a weight of 10kg.

It is enough to store toys, clothes, and other accessories. There is a zipper that helps you to keep your things safe.


ColorAquatic and Jungle Blue, Blue, Aquatic Red, and Red
BrandLittle one’s
Dimensions55.88 x 30.48 x 114.3 cm
Weight3.4 kg
Maximum load capacity60Kg
Mount typeFloor Standing


The Fabric is of good quality material.

Has wheels and zipper.

It has a strong and stable structure.  


Single design.  

3. Folddon Foldable Kids Wardrobe

The stylish beige and brown combination foldable wardrobe gives your bedroom a modern look.

It has 6 racks for hanging clothes, storing other daily bedding items such as pillows, sheets, etc.

The baby wardrobe has a double door that offers ample space. Small pockets available on the side for your kid’s toys and other accessories.


MaterialCarbon Steel
Weight5 kg
Maximum load capacity70Kg
Warranty2 years
Mount typeFloor Standing


Easy to remove and wash.

Portable and inexpensive.

Synthetic fabric sewn at the ends.

Good quality material: rods and fabric.

Enough space for storing clothes and accessories, including side pockets for storing small items. 


Wheels not included Due to the bottom space, rats can easily enter.  

4.  CbeeSo Collapsible Kids Wardrobe

The CbeeSo collapsible metal frame wardrobe is a lightweight 8-shelf folding wardrobe.

The overall structure of this baby wardrobe is made of high-quality fabric with a matte finish, powder-coated steel rods.

It is durable and supports a maximum load of 80 kg. It is fitted with a high-quality zippered design that enhances its appearance.


MaterialFabric & Metal Frame
Weight4.5 kg
Maximum load capacity80 kg
Warranty2 years
Dimensions45 x 98 x 165 cm


Metal structure.

High resistance coated steel frame.

Very large and light.

Made of high-quality UV resistant PP.

Powder-coated mild steel tube with heavy-gauge coated shapes.

Includes dustproof, easy maintenance.  


Weak stitching Wheels not included.  

5. Kurtzy 8 Door Plastic Sheet Kids Wardrobe Storage Rack Closest Organizer for Clothes Kids Living Room Bedroom Small Accessories

The Kurtzy kids wardrobe is very different from other baby wardrobes as the structure of this wardrobe is unique and amazing.

There are cubes type storage in it. Each cube can use separately for storing kids’ accessories. They are made of plastic sheets and ABS connectors.

Each one can supports up to 5kgs. The panels are dirt-resistant and waterproof and also easily washable. You can wash it with a wet cloth.


ColorBlack, Purple, Red
MaterialFabric and Plastics
Weight6.45 kg
Maximum load capacityEach cube supports up to 5 kg
Warranty2 years
Dimensions42.6 x 42.3 x 12.6 cm


Easy to assemble without using any tool.

Have magnetic doors.

Easy to clean.  


Plates are not of very good quality. 


6. Keshav International Kids Wardrobe Cabinet 4 Door Storage Organizer Almirah Rack Shelf for Clothes Living Room Bedroom

The Keshav international kids wardrobe is a similar wardrobe like kurtzy as it also has a cube structure.

It has 4 large cubes that can easily support up to 10 kg each. You can use the cubes separately to keep your baby toys and clothes separate.

It is made of plastic sheets which are supported by steel frames and ABS connectors.

The wardrobe panels are dirt-resistant and waterproof and also easily washable. You can wipe it with a wet cloth. You can easily assemble or disassemble this baby wardrobe.



ColorTransparent Pink
BrandKeshav International
MaterialFabric and Plastics
Weight2.5 kg
Sheet dimension35*35 cm
Maximum load capacityEach cube supports up to 10 kg
Warranty2 years
Dimensions37 x 37 x 140 cm


Easy to assemble and disassemble.


Water-resistant and dustproof.  


Not durable Not much space.  

7. CbeeSo Portable Kids Wardrobe

The CbeeSo portable kids wardrobe is a strong wardrobe that is made of a good metal frame and good quality fabric.

It is a perfect space-saving product for your extra storage. Due to its convenient design, it is easily accessible to kids also.

The good quality coated steel tubes and unbreakable connectors make this baby wardrobe durable as the connectors are made of high-quality UV resistant material.

It also has a zipper in it that helps you to keep your items safe from dust. The maximum storage it can hold is 10kg per rack.


MaterialFabric and Plastics
Weight4.5 kg
Installation TypeFree Standing
Maximum load capacityEach rack supports up to 10 kg
Warranty2 years
Dimensions99.1 x 45.7 x 165.1 cm


Easy to assemble and disassemble without any tool.

Lightweight and portable.

Water-resistant and dustproof.

Heavy-duty, coated steel frame.

Includes zipper.

Lots of storage space.  


Due to the bottom space, rats can easily enter.  

8 Barbie FC5ST1 Fun Closet 5 Shelf Folding Kids Wardrobe 

The barbie fun baby wardrobe is a colorful design wardrobe that has Tom & Jerry on it. You shouldn’t compromise buying a baby wardrobe.

As the baby grows, he or she will be attached to their wardrobe and that is very important for them also.

The wardrobe has 5 shelves and side pockets for baby toys and other useful accessories. This wardrobe provides you the highest storage capacity.

It is lightweight and has wheels so that you can take it anywhere in the house. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble.

It is made of good quality material and has fully smart pockets. It has 2 extended tray pockets on the side that are used to put water bottles, diapers, and other stuff.  


Weight3.85 kg
Manufacturer recommended age6 months to 5 years
Best useClothes, toys and other babies stuff
Warranty2 years
Dimensions50.8 x 34.3 x 147.3 cm


Lots of space

Takes only 10 minutes to dismantle

Lots of side pockets

Has Zippers  


Can’t handle much weight  

9. Playhood Kids Almirah – Multipurpose – 5 Shelves Storage |

Kids Wardrobe

The playhood kids Almirah is a lightweight almirah that comes with 5 shelves. It helps you to store and organize toys, clothes, and other stuff as well.

It has 4 wheels attached to it. So, that you can take it anywhere in the house without having any problem.

This baby almirah is a foldable almirah that is perfect for your needs. Apart from that, you can easily clean it by removing its cloth. It has 5 shelves and 4 side pockets.


Weight4.75 kg
Assembly TypeEasy to assemble. All the required pipes, joints, and trays are given.
Best useClothes, toys and other babies stuff
Warranty2 years
Dimensions60 x 30 x 134 Centimeters




Easy to assemble and reassemble.

Easy washable.



Not Durable.

Fabric quality is not good.  

10. Cello Novelty Big Fairy Cupboard | Kids Wardrobe

The Cello kids wardrobe provides a strong, compact, and durable wardrobe. The quality material is good.

The kids wardrobe is made up of durable plastic that gives enough support to your baby stuff. The overall dimension of the kid’s cupboard is 122 x 61 x 38 cm.

There are multiple adjustable storage racks. It looks elegant and has given a great finish.

It has a locking system that helps to protect your stuff from an unknown person. The weight of this wardrobe is 11.8kg.

It is available in two colors i.e. Pink and Blue for both boys and girls.


ColorBlue and Pink
Installation typeFree Standing
Weight11.8 kg
Assembly TypeEasy to assemble with an instruction manual
Best useClothes, toys and other babies stuff
Warranty1 year
Dimensions61 x 38 x 122 cm


Adjustable Shelves

Locking System

Easy to assemble

Compact and Durable  


Sometimes the lock system will disturb you.  

Kids wardrobe is an essential as well as a learning for a kid in initial days. When you get your kid a wardrobe they get to learn a lot of things like they become more responsible because they have to keep their belonging at a place and also learn how to keep them neat. Always buy a robust quality kids wardrobe because they tend to play and scribble on everything so it’s always advisable to buy wardrobes made with good quality plastic or steel material. 

An easy-to-manage kid’s wardrobe must-have proper racks that are easily accessible and have enough storage to hold their belongings. We have recommended 10 Best Kids wardrobe options that are available online. You can easily choose one among so many options and let your kids learn the lesson of organizing belongings in life. 


If you are looking for a best baby wardrobe then this article will be helpful for you. Here are the 10 best baby wardrobes available for you.

The top 3 are our first priority. You should always take the best for your babies. Do not compromise with the quality material of kids wardrobe. 

These wardrobes are very useful for your babies as they provide you enough space for your baby toys and clothes.

There are so many wardrobes available but we give you a choice from them. So, read the article carefully and choose the best one for your baby.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the material used for the wardrobe of good quality?

Yes, the material used is fibre or plastic. It does not harm any baby stuff. Due to this, they are lightweight also

Why is it important to us?

It is important to use a baby wardrobe as it helps you provide extra space for your baby stuff. You can organize their items like toys, clothes, and other accessories.

Are they durable?

Yes, they are made up of good quality material including fibre, plastic, or metal. The lifespan of these wardrobes is good but it depends on the usage. If you use it properly then it will survive for years.

What is the warranty period?

Most of them get a warranty of 2 years but some get for 1 year. You will get a replacement facility if you find any problem.



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