8 Best Hanging Jhula For Home Online India AUGUST 2022

Hanging Jhula for Home


Are you Looking for a Hanging Jhula for Home? Are you tired of seating at those normal sofas or chairs and now you need something different? We at BabySwingStore have heard you and here we are with 8 Best Hanging Jhula Online. Our recommendation includes modern and stylish swings that will embrace the looks of your house and give you a comfortable seating space.

While reading this you should know that for a better and easy shopping experience we have individually used every product, so that our review is genuine and based on real user experience. All the products recommended are best-sellers on Amazon. We have also added a short conclusion, in the end, that would help you buy the right product. 

And, a basic buying guide that we have followed is to keep a check over the durability, material used, space occupied by the hanging jhula, and installation. All these are the major deciding factors while recommending you these swings.

Here are the 8 Best-Selling Hanging Jhula for Home Online in India:


1. Patiofy Round Hanging Jhula for Home | Hanging Jhula Online 

Hanging Jhula for Home

Patiofy is a very famous brand that manufactures the best swing chairs. There is no comparison of the quality that is offered by Patiofy, in cotton rope swings they are a leader and most rated on Amazon. We strongly recommend this brand for the quality of raw materials they use in manufacturing and the comfort. 

Here we are featuring a multi-colored hanging jhula that is made using cotton rope and macrame material. All the swings are handmade, every minute detail is checked before selling the final product to consumers. To tell you more about the quality and durability, it has a massive carrying capacity of 120 Kgs. 

The product comes with dimensions 28 X 28 X 58 inches, Length X Breadth X Full Height. You can calculate the dimensions as per the available installation space at your house. And since the size is so compact that it can fit into all the houses. 

Talking about the place of installation, you can install it indoors and outdoors as well. Whether it’s a balcony or a terrace, since superior quality cotton ropes are used, it can sustain all kinds of conditions. And even you can choose to install it indoors, due to the modern looks and color it looks stunning even indoors. This is a hanging jhula for both indoors and outdoors. 

This one swing will end your search for hanging jhula for baby, as this is compatible with kids and adults as well. So be it you or your kids the whole family can enjoy swinging on the jhula for home. 

Coming on installation, it takes just 20 mins. You simply need to use the hanging accessory that is included in the package, after installation of the basic hooks your hanging jhula for home is ready. 

With so many great features and specifications, we strongly urge you to choose Patiofy as a suitable brand for swing chairs. In the package, you will get hanging accessories included. It also comes in other models, where even a cushion is bundled with the product. 

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2. Avika Bamboo Rattan Cane Hanging Jhula for Home | Hanging Jhula for Garden | Hanging Jhula for Baby

Hanging Jhula for Home

Avika is a brand name in manufacturing bamboo swing chairs. Here we are featuring swings that are completely made with bamboo or cane material. See bamboo is a naturally available material, it offers you immense comfort and durability. 

This swing chair can carry up to 150 Kgs of total weight and is purely made using natural bamboo wood. The dimensions of the product are 31 X 26.5 X 47 inches ( Length X Width X Height). It’s a compact product and it does not require any heavy or complex installation. Even if you have limited space, this will easily fit in at your place. 

Whether it is your balcony, terrace, or indoors, this hanging jhula for home can handle all the conditions very well. It is our strong suggestion if you are looking for a wooden jhula for home, then this one is appropriate for you. For comfort, you are free to use any cushion or some mattress even. Once you have the product, you can easily decide on cushion measurements. 

Bamboo as we all know is gifted by Earth. Avika is a brand that manufactures swings out of this natural material. Using bamboo swing chairs has a lot of advantages, they are natural materials so resistant to normal rains, dust, or extreme heat. For good and elegant looks they are polished, which stays for long. And once it starts losing its shine you can simply re-apply the polish, but you will need it after 5 years. 

So yes, you can not be stressed about this particular swing chair as it is very durable and will serve you very long. For comfort, you can simply put on a soft cushion that will give you an immense comfort feel. 

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3. Garden Hammock Hanging Jhula For Home Online India | Hanging Jhula for Home | Hanging Jhula for Baby 

Hanging Jhula for Home

Hanging Jhula by this brand is marked as Amazon’s Choice by many customers. It has got amazing ratings and reviews too. You can go with this product, as it offers amazing looks and comfort. No other swing in the segment will offer back support like this one. 

This hanging jhula for home is made using superior quality, leather and cotton ropes. The ropes that are used have high elasticity and balance to offer. You can simply put all your weight on the product, and thus expect it to carry it. It comes with a massive carrying capacity of 150 Kgs. 

As we say the complete hanging jhula for the baby is made using leather and thick cotton material, it’s very comfortable and has a soft cushion. You can actually expect a peaceful sleep on this. This tried and tested product is available for both kids and adults. So, even a grown-up adult of 6 feet height, can completely relax on this comfy swing. 

For a compact and comfortable experience, they are offering a subtle design and form factor. You get 53 X 60 cm ( Width X Height), which means it takes very little space. You can install this on the balcony, living room, or even on the terrace. It comes with a rigid build quality and thus is resistant to all weather conditions. 

If you are looking for a very comfortable, stylish, and modern-looking hanging jhula for home or hanging jhula wooden, then we strongly recommend this Hammock Chair. Within the package, you get very comfortable hanging jhula online and hanging accessories bundled. The installation is very smooth and you don’t get to worry much as it’s a DIY 20 min process.

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4. Kkriya Home Decor Hanging Jhula Online India | Hanging Jhula for Home 

Hanging Jhula for Home

Kkriya is another L-Shaped hanging jhula that offers you mattress-like comfort and thus you get a relaxing swinging experience. When you are back from a tiring day at home, then you can spend your time sitting on the swing. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for a hanging wooden jhula and if you are in search of furniture. 

Kkriya home decor has recently launched their swing collection on Amazon, and since the launch, they have got a very good response on their swing. 

The hanging jhula for home is made using very materials like, the swing is made with cotton filled with memory foam, the other installation materials are made with wooden rod and some metal chains. 

The product looks very appealing and everybody who visits your house will appreciate you for such an amazing piece of furniture. It has a modern design where it’s supported with nylon ropes attached to circles holding the lavish comfortable swing seat. 

With the swing, all the added attachments required for easy installation of the swing are bundled for free. You can simply install the swing without any difficulty. All you need is some hooks in your ceiling to attach this hammock chair easily. 

If you have been looking for a hanging hammock that gives you very good back support and also looks very modern then this one is highly recommended. 

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5. Kaushalendra Indoor and Outdoor Hanging Jhula for Home | Hanging Jhula Online | Hanging Jhula for Garden 

Hanging Jhula for Home

Kaushalendra is a brand that is famous for metal swing chairs in India. Their hanging jhula for home resembles that big size jhula that you usually see in parks or gardens. Yes, these are not that simple or giant-looking swing chairs. The one that we are featuring here is very modern and has eye-catching looks. 

These swing chairs come in shiny metal colors, the whole body of the hanging jhula online is made using stainless steel. The steel used is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. Whether it is indoors or outdoors you can install them anywhere at your place without a second thought. 

Especially where we have featured only single-seater and cotton rope swings. This one is a metal swing and that too is a double seater swing. It is made using high-quality metal and has a massive carrying capacity of 300 Kgs. 

Since it is a little bigger than the normal swings you should know its dimensions also, for a better decision making on buying this product. The dimensions are 124 X 157.5 X 175.3 cm, this is not that big if you have open space. 

In terms of durability, looks, and long life usage you can consider this hanging jhula for Home without a second thought. It is multicolored like you get a combination of Grey and Black. Since it has a stand you don’t need any heavy installation also. 

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6. Patiofy Premium Round Shape Hanging Jhula for Garden | Hanging Jhula for home Balcony 

Hanging Jhula for Home

Here are featuring a rock-solid design, round-shaped swing made using cotton ropes and stitched in macrame design. The design is ultra-modern, even in reviews, you can check some pics uploaded by users. This round Zula for baby comes in 10 X 10 X 5 cm, this dimension is very appropriate as it eats less space as compared to some big swings. 

The material used is premium cotton, which is resistant to harsh weather or outside conditions. So you can easily place this swing indoors and outdoors as well. Whether it is your balcony, garden, or some open area like baranda as your home. It is easy to place and enjoy swinging. 

We know your house would have a particular interior or color, so yes Patiofy offers you this single round Zula for Home Garden in many colors. They have more than 10 colors, in which you can decorate your interior with this swing chair. 

It is a very lightweight Zula as such, you simply need a few hooks and hinges to fix it to your ceiling. You can get the installation accessory in the box, and a cushion with memory foam. The carrying capacity is 200 Kgs, though it is a single-seater swing. But with 200 Kgs you can lift your kids and sit on it.

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7. Duzo Egg-Shaped Hanging Jhula for Home Online | Hanging Jhula for Baby

Hanging Jhula for Home

Duzo is another very famous brand that we recommend in the swings category. They manufacture hanging and jhula with a stand also. But here as we are only featuring hanging jhula for home, so we are only featuring a jhula that you can easily hang at your home. 

You have been reading about all the rope and cotton swings, but here we have little different things. You are getting a hanging jhula for home that is made using metal and is made like a rattan swing. The whole structure is egg-shaped and has a rattan or macrame-like texture. Even though they are made using metal, they only weigh 13 Kgs and the carrying capacity is 130 Kgs. 

The dimensions of this hanging jhula for home are 105 X 70 X 105 cm, on all 3 sides you have a soft cushion that gives you a very protective and snug fit inside. You are 360 degrees covered with a soft cushion, and thus it is one of its kind. We strongly recommend this hanging jhula due to its product quality, great comfort, and great pricing. 

The hanging accessories are provided with the product that will help you in easy installation. Since it’s metal you can install this indoors and outdoors as well. The metal used is resistant to all weather conditions so that will never be a problem. 

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8. Patiofy Double Seater Premium Hanging Jhula for Home | Hanging Jhula Online

Hanging Jhula for Home

Till now we have been only recommending you single-seater swing chairs. But now let’s feature an amazing double-seater swing chair. Patiofy is not a new name that you are reading in this 8 Best-Selling Hanging Jhula for Home, so we hope you like this product also from Patiofy. 

The swing is made using high-quality macrame and cotton material, it is resistant to all conditions like water dust or any other wear & tear. Don’t think that since it’s a double-seater swing it will consume a lot of space. 

This swing is suitable for 2 adults or 1 adult and a kid at a time. It comes with a carrying capacity of 200Kgs and is also bundled with a cushion. It is not that bulky at all, you are getting 21 X 38 X 68 inches of dimensions, which are not very much. 

This swing comes in 2 different color options with White-Black and Brown-White. The complete swing is made up of cotton and the ropes that take up all the weight are made with solid nylon ropes. 

Whether you want a jhula for home indoor or an outdoor swing, you are getting something that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Even being a double seater swing the installation is very easy, just follow some basic DIY steps and the kit that is provided by Patiofy to hang this jhula for home.

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Conclusion: 8 Best Hanging Jhula for Home

This was our article on Best Hanging Jhula for Home Online. These Hanging Swing Chairs are very comfortable and durable for regular usage. We are recommending you 8 different products and thus we are not at all inclined towards one single brand. Every brand that we have listed in our article has some positives and negatives of its own. 

Since this is a conclusion we are writing about all the hanging jhula online that we have recommended. You can once again read about them in short for a better decision making that which one suits your requirements. As you would have seen, these Hanging Jhula for home is available in different materials like cotton, macrame, and even steel. 

But here we are looking for a hanging jhula that suits your needs. It is your house and you would have thought of some palace where you want to install this swing. As we go through all the products, we insist that checking the dimensions and the material quality is really helpful. 

Once you have dimensions you decide which one can be installed on a balcony or inside your house. Usually, people install these Hanging Jhula for Home, at their balcony, terrace, living room, or bedrooms. 

If you are looking for Hanging Jhula for Home that is made using cotton ropes and macrame then you can blindly shop for “Patiofy Swing Chairs”. Patiofy is a very famous brand that is a market leader in manufacturing swings and selling them affordably to consumers. 

And, if you are interested in wooden or bamboo swings then we have Avika, this brand is very famous for their bamboo swing chairs. For bamboo swing chairs, the quality is superior and thus only one high-rated brand is recommended here. It’s a strong recommendation that if you are looking for a hanging jhula for Garden then you can choose this Avika Bamboo Rattan Swing Chair. 

This was our article on Best Hanging Jhula for Home Online in India. We at BabySwingStore hope that you were able to find a jhula that suits your requirements. Happy Shopping! 

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