8 Best Hanging Chair for Balcony in India JANUARY 2023

Hanging Chair for Balcony

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Are you looking for a Hanging Chair for Balcony India? We at BabySwingStore are happy to bring you swing chairs that you can buy online and thus enjoy swinging at your place. These swings are premium quality in material, looks, and design. Keeping in mind the needs of an Indian house we have shortlisted these swings, and thus we strongly urge you to choose one among the 8 Best Selling Hanging Chair for Small Balcony. 

Hanging Chair for Balcony fastly beсоming the раrt оf оur hоme furniture.

Many рeорle hаve stаrted tо equiр their hоme with this beаutiful wооden furniture. Аnd it is а gооd thing beсаuse this рrоves thаt these сhаirs аre nоt оnly fоr оutdооr but саn аlsо use inside the hоuse.

Wооden Swing сhаirs аre sо соmfоrtаble, lооk stylish аnd elegаnt in the hоme. We саn sрend sоme рeасeful time with them оr саn reаd the bооk аt eаse. They аre аttrасtive аnd relаxing аt the sаme time.

Tоdаy we disсuss sоme benefits оf hаving them in оur hоme:

Sitting оn yоur swing сhаir is gооd fоr yоu. It саn eаse deрressiоn by а сhаnge оf sсenery аnd envirоnment аnd аlsо саn сleаn yоur mind. It саn even strengthen yоur immunity by nоt lосked uр inside the rооm. It helрs tо imрrоve yоur fосus, just by being оutdооrs аnd hаve sоme fresh аir. Being surrоunded by nаture саn give yоur brаin а breаk frоm every dаy оver thinking аnd simulаtiоn.

Оne reаlly gооd reаsоn fоr hаving this wооden jhооlа exсeрt fоr the heаlth benefits is аttentiоn. It lооks sо stylish аnd beаutiful sо thаt everyоne’s eyes get stuсk оn them; they will surely imрress with it. It is а furniture рieсe thаt аttrасts everyоne. Рeорle lоve tо sit in а hаnging сhаir beсаuse it is the mоst соmfоrtаble роsitiоn.

Оn tор оf thаt, while being а stunning рieсe оf furniture, yоur hаnging swing сhаir саn сreаte greаt deсоrаtiоn in yоur yаrd.

Here is out list of 8 Best-Selling Hanging Chair for Balcony:


1. Prime Pigeon Hammock Swing Chair | Hanging Chair for Small Balcony 

Hanging Chair for Balcony

  • Looking for a trendy swing chair that offers you a classy look with supreme quality. If you are planning on getting a comfortable and classy-looking swing chair low price then here is our recommendation. 

  • Here is a premium swing chair that comes with a very comfortable cushion on all 3 sides you get comfortable cushion support, it has a beautiful exterior made up of metal. The honeycomb-styled design looks very classy when it is hanging indoors or outdoors. 

  • For quality, the company has ensured to use a poly wrap over the iron so that it serves longer and has no impact on water or heat. The major USP of this hanging chair for the balcony is that it can be used indoors and outdoors as well. 

  • The swing chair is woven with a luxurious and comfortable cushion that makes it extremely comfortable for seating. The dimensions of this swing for the living room are 121 X 96 X 66 cm and have a massive carrying capacity of 150 Kgs. 

  • Overall if you are looking for a premium hanging chair for balcony that offers you comfort and looks then this one is Prime Pigeon is strongly recommended. 

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2. Patiofy Made in India Hanging Chair for Balcony | Swing Chair Low Price India 

Hanging Chair for Balcony

  • Patiofy is the best and most recommended brand that you must consider while shopping for your swing chairs. It is an Indian brand that is helping keep skilled artists growing and helping their products reach global markets. 

  • Here we are talking about a brand that manufacturers made in India products that are liked by hundreds of users online. We will be featuring a few other designs from Patiofy that are worth all your money. 

  • This is a large Premium Square size Hanging Chair for Balcony that gives you the best back support and thus it is strongly recommended. 

  • Unlike those round-shaped macrame swings or even those wooden ones, we can guarantee that this will be more comfortable. It’s an L shape design that primarily focuses on very good back support, so you feel more comfortable as if you are sitting on your bed. 

  • The dimensions of this one are 30 X 35 X 50 cms, so you will never have to worry much about the installation problem. And even this one would not eat too much space for you. Since it is built to be perfect in all senses. So yes, it has a less space-taking design and also one that is DIY installed. 

  • It is a single-seater Swing Chair Low Price that has a massive carrying capacity of 200 Kgs, it comes in 3 different colors, and a cushion 34 X 16 cm (Length X Breadth) red-colored is bundled with the product. 

  • You can use it indoors and outdoors as well. Guess you have so many reasons to buy this particular product. And yes it’s priced affordably so you can actually buy it without any second thoughts. For more details on the product, you can click on the “Buy Now” button below. 

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2. Duzo Standard Hanging Chair for Balcony | Hanging Chair for Small Balcony 

Hanging Chair for Balcony

  • Duzo is a brand that has been manufacturing metal swing chairs that are famous on Amazon. Their hanging chair for balcony is considered for both indoor and outdoor usage. 

  • They have 4+ star rated products that are loved by users and thus when it comes to an egg-shaped metal swing they are the first preference for consumers. 

  • This egg-shaped hanging chair for balcony is made using metal that is powder-coated for safer usage. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

  • We all want compact swings that consume limited space and thus provide us with utmost comfort and leisure. It has dimensions 105 X 70 X 105 cm. Before buying a swing chair it’s always recommended to check for the dimensions of the product as per the available space at your own space. 

  • The product that we have featured is available in an Orange color and inside it, there is a very comfortable cushion attached. The cushion comes with memory foam that is very comfortable and soft to sit on. The swing itself weighs around 13 Kgs and has a carrying capacity of 130 Kgs. 

  • It is a single-seater swing, thus with such a massive carrying capacity at a time easily you can also sit with your kid as well. The material quality and product comfort are unmatched. 

  • With the product, you don’t need to worry much about the hanging and everything as it comes with all the hanging accessories that are required to hang the product. It’s a DIY process and thus it only takes a few mins to assemble and install this product over your ceiling. 

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4. Smartbeans Grande Hammock Chair for Balcony | Hanging Chair for Living Room 

Hanging Chair for Balcony

  • Smartbeans Grande Hammock is a very different product recommendation that we are doing here. This product has a completely different style and texture to it. The design is unlike any other swing that is covered in our article on 8 Best Hanging Chair for small balcony in India. 

  • The complete swing is made using cloth and foam. So there is no rugged outside exterior that can protect it much from rain or sunlight. Other than those previously mentioned swing chairs you are getting a swing chair that is premium looking in design and will beat all others in comfort. 

  • Here this hanging chair for balcony comes with memory foam and strong ropes that give it 360-degree support. It can withstand weights up to 150 Kgs and the product itself weighs 8 Kgs. 

  • It is a small-sized product that comes with dimensions 137.1 X 55.8 X 15.2 cm, the size is very compact for such an ultra-comfortable swing. Smartbeans claims that they have got it laboratory tested for strength and its durability of its carrying capacity. 

  • It’s a single-seater but as parents, you can sit with them, due to such a massive carrying capacity of the product. Overall this hanging chair for the balcony is a gift for the complete family. Once you get this, you will have a brand new corner in your house where you can hang out and enjoy this swinging experience with your family. 

  • Since it’s a crafted artisan product, we strongly recommend that you prefer this to those traditional seating options like sofa or chairs. 

  • For more information on the product, you can choose to click the “Buy Now” button below. 

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5. Patiofy Hanging Chair for Balcony | Hanging Chair for Living Room 

Hanging Chair for Balcony

  • As we already said there will be quite a few product recommendations from Patiofy. This brand is very famous among online buyers and they have immense trust in product quality and comfort. 

  • Patiofy Hanging Chair for home that we are recommending is an entry-level product. The pricing, looks, and everything are entry-level. If it is your first-time experience with swing chairs then this product is right for you. Since it is not a very designer or premium category swing. 

  • This swing chair is designed with sturdy cotton ropes and a round wooden frame that provides it the right durability and carrying capacity. 

  • The dimensions are 28 X 28 X 58, it being a compact swing will be very easy to assemble and install as well. 

  • It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors as well, so whether you have a balcony or any indoor place you can easily manage installing it. With the swing the installation materials come handy so you can easily use it to hang the swing with your ceiling. 

  • If you are looking for budget swing chair options then Patioy Hanging Chair for Balcony is strongly recommended. For more info on the product, click on the “Buy Now” below. 

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6. Avika Bamboo Wooden Hanging Chair for Balcony | Wooden Swing for Balcony 

Hanging Chair for Balcony

  • Avika is a brand name in manufacturing bamboo cane hanging chair for balcony. Here we are featuring swings that are completely made with bamboo or cane material. See bamboo is a naturally available material, it offers you immense comfort and durability. 

  • This cane swing chair can carry up to 150 Kgs of total weight and is purely made using natural bamboo wood. 

  • The dimensions of the product are 31 X 26.5 X 47 inches ( Length X Width X Height). It’s a compact product and it does not require any heavy or complex installation. Even if you have limited space, this will easily fit in at your place. 

  • Whether it is your balcony, terrace, or indoors, this hanging jhula for home can handle all the conditions very well. It is our strong suggestion if you are looking for a cane swing chair for home, then this one is appropriate for you. For comfort, you are free to use any cushion or some mattress even. Once you have the product, you can easily decide on cushion measurements. 

  • Bamboo as we all know is gifted by Earth. Avika is a brand that manufactures swings out of this natural material. Using a wooden hanging chair for balcony has a lot of advantages, they are natural materials so resistant to normal rains, dust, or extreme heat. 

  • For good and elegant looks they are polished, which stays for long. And once it starts losing its shine you can simply re-apply the polish, but you will need it after 5 years. 

  • So yes, you can not be stressed about this particular swing chair as it is very durable and will serve you very long. For comfort, you can simply put on a soft cushion that will give you an immense comfort feel.

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8. Patiofy Double Seater Hanging Swing for Balcony | Hanging Chair for Living Room 

Hanging Chair for Balcony

  • Here we have an amazing product that we had been keeping for this last until now you would have only read about single-seater swing chairs. But here we are gonna share a Double seater hanging chair for room. A single-seater swing is good if you have a small family or you are buying it because you have less space. 

  • But nothing can beat a double-seater swing chair. Here we are featuring a double seater swing chair on which you can enjoy swinging with you, your family, or kids even. Kids get to have a new Funtime playing area and you get a new corner to spend time with them. 

  • A double seater has a lot of advantages over the normal modern jhoola for living rooms. The size is not much bigger, it has dimensions 30 X 30 X 5 cm. It is highly compact and you can get it easily installed with the accessories that are bundled with the product. 

  • It comes in many colors and also offers a colorful cushion. So yes, you can choose one as per your existing interior color options. All the swing chairs by Patiofy can be easily installed whether you want them indoors or outdoors.

  •  Even when you want it to be installed on a balcony, garden or any other place. You can get it installed indoors because they have such great color options available. 

  • With every swing chair, you get an installation kit so without any headache, you can get it installed at your place. It is as simple as any other DIY that only takes 20 mins. So if you are looking for a durable cotton macrame swing chair then Patiofy Hanging Chair for Balcony.

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There аre а lоt оf оutdооr furniture websites but we suggest yоu сhооse the оne whiсh is сurrently wоrking the best in the mаrket. Babyswingstore is а leаding furniture brаnd thаt deаls in аll kinds оf оutdооr furniture frоm bаlсоny furniture tо раtiо furniture.

This above-mentioned wоuld be yоur best рiсk fоr buying а Hanging Chair for Balcony fоr yоur sрасe. Yоu саn аlsо get yоur hаnds оn their hаmmосk сhаir mаde frоm seаsоned teаkwооd frаme whiсh is sturdy аnd lоng lаsting. Swings never gо оut оf style аnd there is а lоt thаt yоu саn dо with а swing set. Yоu саn hаng it оn yоur bаlсоny оr mаke it а раrt оf yоur gаrden furniture. It simрly аdds tо the beаuty оf the рlасe аnd аt the sаme time enhаnсes it аs well. Festivаl seаsоn is аррrоасhing аnd whаt’s better thаn gifting yоurself new furniture tо sрend sоme оutdооr time with yоur lоved оnes!

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