Top 9 Best Hair Dryer Under 1000 in India DECEMBER 2022


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Looking to buy best hair dryer under 1000? Hair dryers are essential to have a great hair day. They come in handy when you have to look your best on the go or in a hurry. The best hair dryers make sure that your tresses get the optimum hydration and moisture, so that they are soft and silky smooth. The right tool will not just help you achieve the perfect blowout but will also cut drying time by at least half.

While there are many affordable options in the market that range from as low as INR 500-1000, it is important to invest in a good quality device that can last long and serve you well. Here is an extensive list of some of the best hair dryer under 1000 available in India:

Top 9 Best Hair Dryer Under 1000 in India are listed below:

  1. VEGA Blooming Air Foldable


The 1st in our list of best hair dryer under 1000 is VEGA Blooming Air Foldable. The Vega Blooming Air VHDH-05 Hair Dryer is a gorgeous hair styling tool that has a powerful punch thanks to its expert performance and clever functioning characteristics. Adding bounce and gloss to your hair strands becomes simple. You won’t have to worry about pulling or adding a little fluff to your hair strands anymore.

The extremely light and creative hair accessory package from the house of Vega puts you on the ramp so you can walk the trendy lines of the current fashion scene. The Vega Blooming Air VHDH-05 hair dryer is a clever device with lots of useful features.

It has a good look and is made of reinforced plastic fibre body. It also has modern redolence technology. In the backrooms of professional hair styling salons, the brand is a well-known name. The holder is easy to grasp and never slips from one’s grasp.

The motor unit has an automatic cut-off for safety, and the handle folds neatly into the storage space. The engineering is first-rate, with a finely adjusted dual setting system that allows the dryer to switch between hot and cold in a matter of seconds. Because of its smart design, it is extremely lightweight and ergonomic.

Country of Origin: ‎ India

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 (





  1. AGARO HD-1214 Premium Hair Dryer


The 2nd in our list of best hair dryer under 1000 is AGARO HD-1214 Premium Hair Dryer. Cool shot button is included with the Agaro HD 1214 Foldable Hair Dryer. Off, cool, low, and high settings are available. The cool shot button 1400W motor provides powerful airflow that sets the hair while remaining gentle enough for daily styling.

The hair dryer has two speed and three temperature settings, allowing you to style your hair to your liking. Overheating causes the hairdryer to shut down automatically, protecting your hair from damage. The Cool shot button blasts cold air into your hair to lock in your styles for long-lasting perfect hair all day. The concentrator nozzle directs the flow of air through the opening to specific locations. It aids in precision styling.

The Dryer’s compact and foldable design makes it convenient and portable, allowing it to fit anywhere. The 2 metre tangle-free Cord extends the device’s range, allowing you to use the dryer comfortably.

Country of Origin: ‎ China

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 (





  1. Havells HD3151


The 3rd in our list of best hair dryer under 1000 is Havells HD3151. Dry and style your hair with the Havells compact hair dryer, which features a powerful motar that keeps hair beautiful, healthy, and protected from damage caused by excessive heat. Lightweight and compact- The hair dryer has perfect ergonomics for increased comfort and ease of use.

1200 W for a gentle blow dry that results in smooth, shiny hair. It is ideal for everyday styling. The powerful yet gentle airflow conditions your hair. The ideal combination of drying and styling. The optimal level of airflow allows you to dry your hair quickly. This blow dryer is the most convenient way to achieve flowing, bouncy hair.

A cool air shot is a low-temperature airflow that is used to set the style at the end of the drying session for long-lasting results. It is less difficult to style your hair and achieve a smooth finish. Hang the dryer to the provided storage hook for a convenient storage solution.

Ensures uniform heat distribution to prevent hair damage, resulting in less heat exposure. The separate cool shot button for cool air-flow makes handling easier. Voltage: 220 – 240V AC; Cord length: 1.6m; Hanging loop: Yes; Foldable handle: Yes.

Country of Origin: ‎ China

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 (





  1. PHILIPS HP8100


The 4th in our list of best hair dryer under 1000 is PHILIPS HP8100. This 1000W hairdryer provides optimal airflow and gentle drying power for beautiful results every time. Careful drying with two speed settings. ThermoProtect provides the optimal drying temperature while also providing additional protection. This hairdryer is compact and ergonomic, with a clever modern design. As a result, the dryer is light and easy to handle, yet small enough to store almost anywhere.

The rubberised hook is located at the base of the handle and provides an additional storage option, which is especially useful for use at home or when staying in a hotel. The concentrator directs the flow of air through the opening to specific areas. This produces precise styling and is ideal for touch-ups or finishing a style.

Country of Origin: ‎ India

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 (





  1. Urban Nova


The 5th in our list of best hair dryer under 1000 is Urban Nova. The convenient hair dryer is designed with accuracy and precision to make the appliance easier to use for the user. The Urban Nova Hair Dryer is designed with the user’s needs and preferences in mind. The comfortable hair dryer has a firm grip and prevents slipping from hands.

The Urban Nova Hair Dryer is an ideal dryer for you because it has an adjustable speed. You can adjust the fan speed to suit your hairstyle. The high-quality buttons aid in adjusting fan speed. Simply press the button to get the fashionable locks every day. The Urban Nova Hair Dryer has a long, thick cord for mess-free drying. The cord’s high-quality insulation prevents shocks and injuries.

360-degree airflow distributes hair evenly and gently to maximise volume while eliminating frizz, and is designed to complement your natural curl and texture. Gives your curls the attention they deserve by enhancing your natural curl and texture, especially if you have wavy or curly hair.

Pull down hair until it is fully extended and taut. Run the dryer down the length of your hair several times until it is dry. Repeat with the remaining sections of hair until they are completely dry.

The two air connector sizes are ideal for precision styling on straight, smooth hair. It’s used to straighten sections of hair for a sleek shine.

Turn off the dryer and set it to a low heat and speed setting. By grasping hair at the roots and scrunching between fingertips while drying, you can easily achieve tousled, natural-looking waves.

Country of Origin: ‎ China

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 (





  1. VEGA Insta Glam


The 6th in our list of best hair dryer under 1000 is VEGA Insta Glam. The Vega insta glam 1000 watts hair dryer is ideal for everyday hair drying and styling. This hair dryer has two heat/speed settings for the quickest, easiest, and most efficient hair drying. Low heat setting for gentle drying, high heat setting for quick drying This small and lightweight hair dryer has a foldable handle that makes it easy to store and transport while on the go.

Country of Origin: ‎ India

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 (





  1. Nova NHP 8211


The 7th in our list of best hair dryer under 1000 is Nova NHP 8211. With the 1800 watt Nova Professional Dryer, you can achieve salon-quality hair styling even at home. The Advanced EHD Plus Technology in this hair drier guarantees that just the appropriate amount of heat is used to your hair, protecting it from damage. You can always count on your hair to be silky and smooth thanks to the Shine and Condition Technology. This dryer’s Thermo Protect temperature setting also conditions and adds shine to your hair, giving you a gorgeous-looking hairstyle.

Country of Origin: ‎ China

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 (





  1. SYSKA 1200 Watts Hair Dryer HD1610


The 8th in our list of best hair dryer under 1000 is SYSKA 1200 Watts Hair Dryer HD1610. The SYSKA HD1610 is compactly designed for easy handling; it is efficient and lightweight, with three temperature settings for the best hair drying, and our heat balance technology protects the device from overheating. So, yes to style, no to harm. Our hairdryer has a foldable handle, giving you more room for other items.

Our hairdryer has a narrow concentrator to ensure targeted flow, a honeycomb inlet to allow efficient air for sufficient drying, and a hanging hook for easy placement to ensure you have the best overall experience with our product.

The 1200W trendy Syska Hair Dryer is ideal for everyday hair drying and styling. It allows you to achieve any look with less effort and more style.

We know you adore your hair. That is why this powerful hair dryer comes with two pre-selected heat and speed settings, allowing you to control the air flow and maintain the moisture in your hair. This compact and lightweight Hair Dryer has a foldable design that allows you to transport it wherever you want.

Show off any look you want without worrying about hair damage. The Syska Hair Dryer has overheat protection, which protects your hair from overheating. Heat balance technology prevents heat concentration and evenly distributes hot air to gently dry your hair. In addition, the large wind inlet reduces air swirl for quiet and efficient drying.

Country of Origin: ‎ India

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 (





  1. Syska HD1600 Trendsetter


The last in our list of best hair dryer under 1000 is Syska HD 1600 Trendsetter. The SYSKA HD1600 is compact and lightweight, and it is extremely easy to use. With two temperature settings, you can get the best hair drying results while our heat balance technology keeps the device from overheating. The stylish Syska Hair Dryer 1000W is exactly what you need for everyday hair drying. It allows you to achieve any look with less effort and more style while keeping your hair frizz-free and smooth.

So, yes to style, no to harm. The hairdryer is designed for ease of use, and its compact size allows for convenient storage. It also has a rubber storage hook for safe storage, a narrow concentrator for targeted flow, and a honeycomb inlet for efficient air drying. If you want an efficient hairdryer that dries your hair safely, you only need to make the right choice here.

Country of Origin: ‎ India

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 (






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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does a hair dryer help people?

Hairdryers improve in hair styling by utilising heat to curl or straighten the hair strands. They are also used to create effects such as volume, slimming, or a more polished appearance. The hairdresser initially dries the hair with the Hairdryer for these results, gradually shifting the dryer from low to high speeds.

What makes a hair dryer more powerful?

Look for a blow dryer with ceramic and tourmaline technology if you want to smooth your hair. Ceramic technology regulates the temperature of your blow dryer, allowing it to disperse heat more evenly. Tourmaline is an excellent mineral for smoothing hair by closing the cuticle and preserving moisture.


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