10 Best Glass Feeding Bottles Online India NOVEMBER 2022

glass feeding bottle

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Are you looking for Glass Feeding Bottles? We emphasize that your baby deserves the best, the practices that you follow while initial growth stages have a huge impact on your baby’s health. 

Milk Feeding is very important for a baby, these vital nutrients matter a lot. For feeding, you need safe and durable bottles that give a natural feeding feel to your baby. Here we are promoting the use of glass feeding bottles as they are safer and easy to sterilize as compared to glass bottles. 

Glass bottles lose the racer when lighter and cheaper plastic bottles are available. Let us think about the environment and also the practical usage of glass bottles in feeding. 

What to Look for when buying Glass Baby Bottles

Always look for a qualified and durable brand that has good reviews and ratings by mothers. Here are some points that you must consider:

  • Check for the Glass type with appropriate temperatures that it can handle. 
  • What are the weight and actual capacity of a feeding bottle made of glass? 
  • The bottle should be compatible with Warmers, sterilizers, and dishwashers as well. 
  • Durability in terms of breakability of glass milk bottles for babies. 

These are some basic points that you can consider while buying the right bottle for your baby. Also, to mention we have also followed the same buying guide before listing down the Top 10 Glass Feeding Bottles Online India. 

1. Mee Mee Premium Glass Feeding Bottle For Newborn | Feeding Bottle in Glass 

glass feeding bottle for newborn

  • Mee Mee is a very famous brand that is well known for baby products. They make all kinds of baby accessories, here we are featuring glass feeding bottles in India online. 
  • Mee Mee premium feeding bottles come in a pack of 2 priced under Rs.700. Each bottle is made with international quality standards for extreme durability and safety for your newborn. 
  • These bottles are made with non-toxic and BPA-free silicone material. It makes them ready for longer usage, each glass feeding bottle for babies has capacity markings. Each premium bottle can hold up to 240 ml and weighs only 80 grams. 
  • For hygienic usage, it is always advisable to sterilize bottles with warm water. These bottles are made with silicone so they can easily handle high temperatures. 



2. Pigeon Glass Feeding Bottles for Newborn | Glass Milk Feeding Bottle 

Glass Milk feeding bottle

  • Pigeon is a german brand that comes with a unique grooved interior for extra flexibility during feeding. 
  • We want to recommend a glass feeding bottle for the baby under international quality standards. You are getting one bottle, with 2 different nipple mouths for extra ease. 
  • Each bottle weighs 191 grams with a capacity of 200 ml, they are made with BPA and BPS-free material for very durable and safe usage. Following international standards, you get borosilicate glass that is safe even after using it a thousand times. 
  • Pigeon also claims that this has a unique venting system that reduces the amount of swallowed air by your infant, and this ultimately reduces the gas. 
  • This feeding glass bottle is specially designed to increase the natural sucking pattern. So using this glass bottle will be beneficial for your infant. 



3. Pigeon Glass Feeding Bottle | Glass Milk Feeding Bottle 

glass feeding bottle online

  • This is another amazing bottle that is also from pigeon. It is german designed in pink color. You are getting this under Rs. 600 and the material used is extremely safe for your infant. 
  • The bottles are ideal as they are made with BPA and BPS-free plastic that is extremely safe and hygienic for babies. Using this bottle also prevents gastric issues with babies as they have a venting system that reduces the amount of swallowed air. 
  • When your infant is sucking with these bottles, they ensure to make them feel like natural nipples. 
  • Pigeon products have good quality and are durable for use. We highly recommend these feeding bottles made of glass by Pigeon under Rs. 600 in India. 



4. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow | Glass Feeding Bottle for Newborn 

feeding bottle glass

  • Dr. Brown is also a reputed company that is manufacturing medical products for babies. You are getting 1 wide neck bottle that has a capacity of 150 ml, this bottle ensures that your baby is provided with a natural flow of milk. 
  • In the package, you get a wide-necked bottle that is extremely safe as it is manufactured following all international standards. 
  • The plastic used is BPA-free, each weighs around 200 grams and can hold up to 150 ml of mother’s milk. 
  • This brand has huge popularity among Indian mothers and under Rs. 700 only you are getting glass feeding bottle India online.      



5. NAUGHTY KIDZ Premium Warmer Glass Feeding Bottle for Baby

baby glass feeding bottle

  • NAUGHTY KIDS is a brand that is selling premium feeding bottles on Amazon, these bottles have ultrasoft nipples and are available in 3 different colors. And, the biggest feature is these bottles. 
  • Some brands are selling only 2 bottles for Rs. 700 or 600 but here you are getting 3 bottles under Rs. 700. And, they are uniquely designed which is they come with a special layer made of silicone making them non-slip and easy to hold. 
  • Glass milk bottles for babies are made with glass, completely BPA Free making them extremely safe for kids. These bottles are microwave friendly and also very easy to sterilize. These two things will save you a lot of time in feeding your babies. Each bottle has a capacity of 240 ml and also comes with capacity markings on the bottle. 
  • Nipples provided with this glass feeding bottle have natural sucking motion, they are very soft and stretchable. We are recommending these bottles as you are getting premium ones at a very reasonable price. 



6. Yellow Bee Dr. Brown Glass Feeding Bottle (Pack of 2)

glass feeding bottle for babies

  • Yellow Bee is another very famous brand that manufactures durable feeding bottles, each bottle has a capacity of 150 ml and in a pack, you get 2 bottles. 
  • These bottles are on a premium side, you are getting these bottles under Rs. 1500. 
  • The nipple type is vented that gives a breast-like feeling to your baby, and you can use this bottle with a vent system or without it also. This venting system is proven to prevent serious conditions like colic and gastric issues. 
  • To maintain cleaning and sterilization it comes with compatibility to dishwasher and sterilizer making it extremely safe for babies. 



7.Chicco Natural Glass Feeding Bottle | Glass Feeding Bottle for 1 Year Baby 

glass feeding bottle for 1 year baby

  • Chicco is an Italian brand that is a market leader in designing bottles for newborns. The bottle is specially designed for better neck positions that help in preventing gastric problems and colics. 
  • The bottle has a wide opening that ensures faster filling and even easy cleaning. The nipple size is also wider that ensures fast flow helping the infant to grow appetite. 
  • These bottles are made with soft silicone with the same texture as a mother’s breast. A major risk is that babies are prone to be colic, so here we have an anti-colic valve for a lesser air intake that reduces the risk of colic. 
  • Bottle material is BPA Free, each bottle has a capacity of 150 ml and is priced under Rs. 500. 



8. Philips Avent Natural Glass Feeding Bottle | Baby Feeding Bottle Glass 

Baby feeding bottle glass

  • Philips is a very famous brand that is well known for quality products, they are the market leader and manufacturer of a variety of products. 
  • Here we are featuring baby glass feeding bottles by Philips Avent which is nothing but a different venture by Philips itself. 
  • Each bottle is made with BPA Free plastic, has an ergonomic shape that makes it very easy to hold for your baby. The nipples and bottle both are made with soft silicone material that can handle extreme temperatures and ensures proper sterilization. 
  • This brand follows European Safety Standards that itself is a very big guarantee of how safe Philips Avent glass feeding bottles are for your baby. 



9. Dr. Brown’s Wide-Neck Glass Feeding Bottle | Feeding Bottle Made of Glass 

glass feeding bottle india

  • Another very famous brand that is known for manufacturing extremely quality products. Dr. Brown’s wide neck feeding bottle is a 2 in 1 with a sippy sprout included with the feeding bottle. 
  • This is an antibiotic bottle that is extremely safe for infants, these bottles have sensitive and realistic nipples that resemble a mother’s breast. 
  • Every bottle has a 270 ml capacity for milk and the bottle even is marked with capacity levels. We highly recommend these bottles for safe and hygienic usage. 
  • Dr. Brown has a huge trust value as they have been manufacturing glass feeding bottles for newborns for years now. 



10. Philips Avent Bottle Warmer SCF355 Glass Feeding Bottle 

glass feeding bottle with warmer

  • Philips Avent is an ISI-marked brand that is extremely safe for usage, you can use these feeding bottles for your infant without hesitating. Glass bottles are always better than normal plastic bottles, glass is safe and sterilized when a baby’s health is concerned. 
  • Within the package, you are getting 2 feeding bottles and a warmer that keeps milk at optimum temperature. These bottles are imported from the USA and follow international standards of quality. 
  • The feeding bottles have 0% BPA and the design is broader than usual bottles that provide an anti-colic design. Your baby will always have a natural breastfeeding feel and will have zero discomforts while feeding. 
  • For you, little one’s health and comfortable breastfeeding these Philips Avent glass feeding bottle India online are highly recommended. 




We have recommended you Top 10 Glass  Feeding Bottles that are available online on Amazon. To serve the best for your baby is most important, any wrong material that is not food grade might harm your baby’s health. We are taking up this opportunity of guiding you through the best glass feeding bottles that are extremely safe and hygienic. 

To suggest the best glass feeding bottle, you can choose Philips Avent bottles. These bottles are ISI marked and are made with BPA-free plastic. The design is ergonomic and has a broader mouth for proper and natural breastfeeding for your baby. If you buy the combo pack, you get a warmer bundle that helps maintain optimum milk temperature. 

These were our articles that will help you choose a suitable glass bottle for your baby. Our recommendations are completely unbiased and based on reviews-ratings by Indian mothers. 


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Glass Feeding Bottle Better than Plastic?

Glass is the best material for feeding bottles as it is durable even at high temperatures, and does not get any worse, unlike plastic that tends to get affected due to high temperatures. Glass bottles are mode hygienic and easy to clean as compared to plastic bottles. Warmers are also compatible with glass bottles only, so it’s highly advisable to use glass bottles for feeding.

How to use Glass Feeding Bottles?

You can use glass bottles very easily just like you use plastic bottles. Glass bottles are preferred by doctors and many mothers too. These bottles are made as per International standards and are made for durability. Some bottles even come with textures that resemble the touch of breasts. The nipples bundled with glass feeding bottles are designed for less air suction that reduces chances of colic or gastric problem. These glass bottles are very easy to clean and have better sterilization properties. And, for more instruction, you should also read the instructions by your manufacturer.



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