Top 8 Best Gaming Monitor Under 20000 NOVEMBER 2022

best gaming monitor under 20000

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Looking to buy the best gaming monitor under 20000? When it comes to gaming, graphics are the most important thing. And because of this, gamers always look for the best monitor which is going to produce some amazing visuals. But if you are on a budget, finding the best gaming monitor under 20000 won’t be easy.

So i spoke with some experts and they have given me an exclusive list of 8 best gaming monitors under 20000 INR that are suitable for all types of games.

Top 8 Best Gaming Monitor Under 20000 are listed below:

  1. LG Ultragear 69 cm

best gaming monitor under 20000

The 1st in our list of best gaming monitor under 20000 is LG Ultragear 69 cm. The NVIDIA-tested and officially recognised G-SYNC Compatible 27GL650F monitor reduces screen tearing and stutter for a faster, more fluid gaming experience.

Gamers may experience flawless, fluid movement in high-resolution, fast-paced games with Adaptive-Sync (FreeSync) technology. Stuttering and screen tearing are essentially eliminated.

Outstanding colour accuracy is achieved by IPS displays with 99% sRGB coverage. As a result of the broader viewing angle and contrast between the flames produced by explosions, it reproduces even more dramatic battlefield scenes.

To display details in both the bright and dark areas of high dynamic range contents, this monitor is HDR10 compliant. Gamers will therefore appreciate richer shadows and silhouettes together with punchier brightness and highlights.

Objects are reproduced cleanly for more fluid gameplay and an almost dreamlike visual fluidity with a 144Hz frame rate and 1m MBR*. In all the action, the most dynamic and quick-moving elements can provide players an advantage.

Radeon Free Sync, DAS (Dynamic Action Sync), and Flicker Safe cannot be used while 1ms Motion Blur Reduction is active due to the reduced brightness it causes.

  • Compatible with HDR10 for displaying details in both bright and dark areas.

  • FreeSync (Adaptive-Sync) technology.

  • G-SYNC Compatible monitor that has been NVIDIA-tested and officially validated.

  • Sliding does not go all the way to the bottom, but only to the middle of the bar.

  • No speakers.




  1. Acer Nitro Vg270 S 27 Inch

best gaming monitor under 20000

The 2nd in our list of best gaming monitor under 20000 is Acer Nitro Vg270 S. Play is fluid and nearly blur-free thanks to a 165Hz refresh rate and 0.5 ms Visual Response Boost (VRB) technology. The VRB technology produces a 1ms MPRT effect (Moving Picture Response Time). It accomplishes this by abruptly turning off the illumination or by “blinking,” or injecting a dark, blank image between frames. Rapid colour changes become less obvious as a result.

With Radeon Free Sync, screen tearing is eliminated and an incredibly smooth gaming experience is provided by synchronizing the frame-rate of the display and graphics card. An IPS panel keeps the same level of high quality color while allowing you to see your display properly from angles up to 178°.

Sharper details and more accurate colors will help you delve deeper into the game’s universe. With a Full HD IPS resolution, games are more immersive and secret features are easier to spot. There is no need to mess with buttons. Utilizing the Display Widget utility software, you may quickly change your monitor’s settings.

Play your preferred game and view that movie you’ve been meaning to see but haven’t had the time with the Widget program. Simply drag and drop windows to the location or locations you’ve selected to be most advantageous for you.

The three-pronged stand reduces work area requirements without compromising on design. You can see more of the screen, which is what counts most, thanks to the nearly seamless appearance of the Zero-Frame design.

  • At this price point, a 27″ 2K display with a maximum refresh rate of 170hz is great.

  • The monitor can be adjusted in height, tilted, pivoted (rotated up to 90 degrees on any side), and twirled using its own base.

  • It has 22w speakers on the back that are adequate for its size.

  • Colors are good and viewing angles are acceptable right out of the box.

  • Rapid refresh rate.

  • All cables are included, including a USB B type, a DP cable, and an HDMI cable.

  • Panel gaping is uneven.

  • Stand is a bit woblly.




  1. BenQ Mobiuz EX2510S

best gaming monitor under 20000

The 3rd in our list of best gaming monitor under 20000 is BenQ Mobiuz EX2510S. Smart gamers can get the quality they want from MOBIUZ gaming monitors. Exclusive to BenQ, HDRi automatically improves the color and clarity of images. The finest gaming experience is provided by no screen tearing, which provides a seamless visual experience and increases gamers’ immersion in the gameplay.

HDRi automatically enhances color clarity and detail in images. It creates a distinctive MOBIUZ gaming experience by saturating colours and automatically adjusting to ambient light.

The quick reaction minimizes screen blurring effects, offering you silky smooth movement for a far more engaging gaming experience. In contrast to Black eQualizer, which recovers details from incorrectly presented black areas, Light Tuner offers more subdued light and shadow.

A player-specific surround sound field and specialized sound mode that configures high-middle and bass settings were created by BenQ’s treVolo experts for various game kinds. A headset is uncomfortable and hot to wear. It is annoying to have to switch between devices. You frequently experience stiff shoulders, a stiff neck, or sore arms and wrists.

The goal of MOBIUZ monitors is to get rid of all these sources of discomfort that keep you from playing. Get complete game immersion without having to deal with those minor niggling irritations. With Eye-Care technology, you may play for longer periods of time without feeling uncomfortable.

  • This monitor uses the AU electronics panel, which is far superior to the standard Panda panels.

  • This monitor has excellent viewing angles and colours, and it is 99% sRGB.

  • The speakers on this monitor are actually quite good.

  • This monitor’s stand fits easily onto a desk and is simple to adjust.

  • There is no display port or DP cable.

  • The 16 amp power cable included in the box is a minor inconvenience.




  1. MSI Optix G24C4

gaming monitor under 20000

The 4th in our list of best gaming monitor under 20000 is MSI Optix G24C4. AMD Adaptive Sync technology is incorporated into Optix monitors to produce the most fluid pictures for your gaming. Optix monitors are designed to display less blue light, allowing you to play video games for longer stretches of time without experiencing eye fatigue.

Generic monitor screens typically flicker 200 times per second, which is barely perceptible to the unaided eye but might wear you out over time. By minimising flicker, MSI Anti-Flicker technology offers an extremely comfortable viewing experience.

In fast-paced game genres including first-person shooters, fighters, racing sims, real-time strategy, and sports, Optix monitors provide a 144Hz refresh rate + 1ms response time VA LED screen.

  • Built quality.

  • 144hz refresh rate.

  • Good color reproduction.

  • Better viewing angles.

  • Good VA panel.

  • Might get input lag if u are an Esport player.

  • It’s height is not adjustable.




  1. LG Ultragear Gaming 24 inch

best gaming monitor under 20000

The 5th in our list of best gaming monitor under 20000 is LG Ultragear Gaming. With the LG UltraGearTM gaming monitor, you can take your gaming to the next level. The ultra-fast 165Hz refresh rate allows gamers to see the next frame quickly and the image to appear smoothly. Gamers can react quickly to opponents and easily aim at targets. 1ms MBR improves gameplay by reducing blur and ghosting.

In the midst of all the action, dynamic and fast-paced objects can provide gamers with a competitive advantage. Gamers can enjoy seamless, fluid movement in high-resolution and fast-paced games thanks to Free SyncTM Premium technology.

It almost completely eliminates screen tearing and stuttering. Improve your gaming experience with the new Hexagon design and slim 3-side bezel. The base can be adjusted to change the tilt of the monitor, making it easier to play games.

Gamers can use On-Screen Display and On-Screen Control to easily customize the settings, from adjusting basic monitor options to registering a ‘User Defined Key’ that the user can set as a shortcut. Reduce input lag with Dynamic Action Sync to help gamers catch critical moments in real time.

Black Stabilizer assists gamers in avoiding snipers hiding in the darkest places and quickly escaping situations when the flash explodes. The target point is fixed in the center to improve shooting accuracy. You can see your Frames Per Second (FPS) in games by displaying it in the corner of the screen without installing any additional software.

  • It has a refresh rate of 165 Hz, a response time of 1ms, and AMD Freesync Premium.

  • 1ms MBR improves game-play by reducing blur and ghosting.

  • Three-sided Hexagon design with slim bezel.

  • Good value for money.

  • None.




  1. LG 24Gn650 Ultragear

best gaming monitor under 20000

The 6th in our list of best gaming monitor under 20000 is LG 24Gn650 Ultragear. The peak of gaming displays. A quality LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor will round off your battle station. It is designed for gamers and has cutting-edge technology, specifications, ergonomics, a sleek design, and a sensory experience. You’ll gain an advantage with gaming-focused features like 1ms GTG reaction rates, pro-level customization, and quick, vivid IPS screens.

With IPS 1ms similar to TN Speed, you may enjoy a whole new gaming performance with less afterimage and a quick reaction time. A 144Hz refresh rate helps players to see the next frame rapidly and the image to appear smoothly. Gamers can react quickly to opponents and easily aim at targets.

Gamers may enjoy flawless, fluid movement in high-resolution and fast-paced games thanks to free Sync Premium technology. It almost eliminates screen tearing and stuttering.

This display supports HDR10 and sRGB 99% , allowing for true visual immersion with vibrant colors and contrast. Regardless of the battlefield, it can assist gamers in seeing the dramatic colors intended by the game producers.

Improve your gaming experience with an eye-catching, borderless design. The base may be modified to vary the monitor’s height, tilt, and pivot to make gaming more comfortable.

Get your hands on the closest thing to real-time gaming. Dynamic Action Sync takes your game-play to the next level. With little input latency and incredible performance, respond to action, opponents, and every moment.

  • The picture quality is superb, with a response time of 1 ms.

  • The screen brightness is very high.

  • Screen height can be easily adjusted.

  • We can rotate the screen to 180 degrees, which is useful.

  • It doesn’t have built-in speaker.




  1. MSI Optix G271-68.58 cm

best gaming monitor under 20000

The 7th in our list of best gaming monitor under 20000 is MSI Optix G271. The Optix G241 has a 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time IPS panel, which is ideal for fast-paced game genres like FPS, RTS, and MOBAs. These games necessitate quick and precise movements, which an ultra-high refresh rate and fast response time monitor will give you an advantage over your competitors.

It should not be necessary to choose between choppy gameplay and broken frames when playing games. It doesn’t have to be that way with MSI Optix series gaming monitors. AMD free Sync technology provides fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any framerate.

The gamut coverage of the Optix series gaming monitors is greater than that of general monitors. Colors and details in games will appear more realistic and refined, pushing immersion to its limits.

Whether your entire screen is dark or only a few areas have severe shadows. Allow the first smart black tuner to brighten your day by bringing out the fine details in gloomy places.

Generic monitor displays typically have a flicker rate of about 200 times per second, which is undetectable to the human eye but can induce tiredness over time. MSI Anti-Flicker technology gives an extremely comfortable viewing experience by decreasing the amount of flicker.

MSI gaming monitors have additional leeway for placement in your setup due to their 178° Wide Viewing Angle. Colors and details will remain sharp at greater viewing angles than on competing displays with less viewing angles.

This monitor allows you to remove it from the desk and hang it on the wall. With this wall-mountable MSI monitor, you can expand your viewing possibilities while saving desktop space.

  • The display is nice. Coming from a VA panel, this IPS panel is stunning.

  • The slim bezels are appealing.

  • Free-sync runs perfectly and provides an excellent user experience.

  • Although anti-motion blur works well, it reduces brightness. Not appropriate for a well-lit room.

  • There is no DP cable included in the box.

  • The build quality could be better.




  1. Lenovo L-Series 68.58 cm

best gaming monitor under 20000

The last in our list of best gaming monitor under 20000 is Lenovo L-series. View your work in amazing FHD clarity. With IPS technology, color and image quality remain consistent over a wide 178°/178° viewing angle. IPS panels have the most accurate and constant colors, as well as the largest viewing angles (178°), which means you can look at the screen from practically any angle without the image changing in color or contrast.

Using a split-screen design, the images can be displayed in the largest portion of the screen. The wide vertical and horizontal viewing angles ensure consistent picture quality no matter where you watch.

By sitting, leaning back, standing up, or lying down wherever in the room, you may watch games or movies without straining your eyes. Play for an extended period of time.

TUV certification is provided for this monitor. TUV Rheinland is the world’s top display certification agency, utilizing highly qualified experts and cutting-edge testing technologies to evaluate monitor reaction time, ambient brightness, flicker-free performance, blue-light intensity, and wavelengths.

With AMD free Sync technology, the refresh rate of a display is synchronized with the frame rate of Free Sync compatible graphics cards, reducing or eliminating visual artefacts that many users are especially sensitive to during gaming and video playback, such as input latency, screen tearing, and stuttering.

  • It is suitable with VESA wall mounting.

  • The menu buttons are on the front.

  • The TUV Rheinland Eye Comfort Certified monitor reduces eye strain and emits low blue light.

  • Doesn’t not have built in speaker.





Gaming monitors offer the best gaming experience by providing you with high resolution and refresh rate. We really hope that our selection of these best gaming monitor under 20000 has helped you to make a decision.

Based on in-depth research, a product analysis, and user ratings, we have determined which gaming monitors under 20000 are the best in India. Using the links provided in the article, you can purchase these best gaming monitor under 20000 on Amazon.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes a monitor good for gaming?

Gaming monitors are the top displays for a gaming computer. They offer the greatest images for your game because to their quick refresh rates, little input lag, and high resolutions. The most recent gaming monitors use either AMD's Freesync or Nvidia's G-Sync technology.

Can I use a gaming monitor for work?

A gaming monitor may be utilised for work because it has all the same capabilities as a standard monitor. High frame rates, excellent colour accuracy, little input latency, and all current connection types make contemporary gaming monitors desirable for the workplace.



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