Top 8 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 5000 (JANUARY 2023)

Best gaming keyboard under 5000

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Looking to buy the best gaming keyboard under 5000? Gaming keyboards are a necessity for serious gamers. The best gaming keyboard comes in handy as it not only enhances your game-play but also saves your time.

There are many gaming keyboards available in the market, choosing the right one is quite challenging. To help you choose the best one, we have done our fair share of research and written this article. In this article, we have listed 8 best gaming keyboard under 5000 to help you making the right informed decision.

Top 8 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 5000 are listed below:

  1. Redragon SU-RARA K582

best gaming keyboard under 5000

The 1st in our list of best gaming keyboard under 5000 is redragon SU-RARA K582. Pluggable OUTEMU red switches, which are linear, top-to-bottom switches, are included. The keys feel smoother and easier to use, and the switches require less force to press down.

100% anti-ghosting protection The use of 104 keys allows for the most precise simultaneous key presses. Fully programmable – Reassign any key or program the most extreme macros for easy gaming. You can type in the dark with 6 different back-light themes and 18 different back-light models. You can change the brightness by pressing FN + Up/Down. In any non-breathing mode, use the arrow keys.

It passes the 50 million keystroke test, has a low actuation force, and has a short travel distance. It is built to last a lifetime of gaming thanks to its solid base and double injection ABS key-caps. With a USB gold-plated port for data transmission stability. There was no delay or error.

Country of Origin: China

  • Definitely a sturdy keyboard; the top housing is made of metal, which makes it quite heavy.

  • RGB effects are amazing, and the utility that comes with it for Windows is also good and error-free (so far).

  • Red keys surely function as intended, being perfectly tactile and lacking the clicky sound of blue switches.

  • The two stands for keyboard elevation located below are incredibly strong.

  • None.




  1. ZEBRONICS Zeb-MAX Chroma Premium

best gaming keyboard under 5000

ZEBRONICS Zeb-MAX holds 2nd position in this list. The ZEB-Max Chroma premium mechanical keyboard is ergonomically engineered to provide enough support while you type or game. There are 104 mechanical keys on the keyboard, including 12 multimedia keys with tactile feedback.

The RGB backlit keys have 18 pre-programmed LED modes Plus 1 programmable mode and 6 LED speed modes. It offers 6 brightness levels, including an OFF option, and a wrist rest with RGB LED lights to help you provide rest and comfort.

This keyboard is built for gamers, from the high quality blue mechanical switches to the RGB illuminated. The mechanical keyboard includes 12 integrated multimedia keys for a more fluid experience with whatever you do.

Country of Origin: China

  • The keyboard is superb.

  • The keys are super easy to use.

  • Colors are nice, as are the wrist rest colours.

  • it doesn’t have software to manage colors.




  1. Redragon K580 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

best gaming keyboard under 5000

The 3rd in our list of best gaming keyboard under 5000 is Redragon K580. It is made possible by a 50 million keystroke test, a tiny actuation force, and a low travel distance. Keycaps with double-shot injection moulding never fade. The primary color. Waterproof and dustproof.

The keyboard has 5 programmable macro keys (G1G5) that may record macros on the fly without the need for any additional software to be loaded. Your attractive keyboard is simple to tweak and DIY.

The multimedia controls allow you to instantly play, pause, and skip music without leaving your game. It’s also easy to modify volume or back light brightness directly with the wheel at the upper right side of the keyboard, which is equipped with a volume/back light adjust wheel. Very convenient and stylish.

104 keys Anti-ghosting allows you to click multiple keys at the same time. The floating keys and OUTEMU blue switches will provide you with a fantastic gaming experience with quick response and a beautiful clicky sound. You can type in the dark with one of 18 different lighting options.

Its brightness can be adjusted using a control wheel or FN + Up/Down. RGB side edge illumination has five modes. The color of each key lighting on the keyboard may be readily adjusted without the need for software, making it an excellent choice for DIYing your attractive keyboard.

Country of Origin: China

  • The blue switches are extremely responsive and simple to use for typing and gaming.

  • The macros are the best feature of this keyboard, and they are extremely useful.

  • In this price range for a mechanical keyboard, the on-board memory is a fantastic perk.

  • Rgb is good and has a lot of variations.

  • The RGB glow isn’t bright enough for some people.





  1. Corsair K55 RGB PRO

best gaming keyboard under 5000

The next best gaming keyboard is Corsair K55 RGB PRO. CORSAIR iCUE software allows you to light up your desktop with six integrated lighting effects, assign a color to each lighting zone, or write your own colorful lighting effects over five RGB lighting zones.

Activate functions, shortcuts, or keypresses in a single stroke using six specialized macro keys, which may be quickly set up with CORSAIR iCUE software or used with Elgato Stream Deck software. The IP42-rated protection defends against accidents, so your game play is never interrupted.

A soft rubber palm rest relieves stress on your hands, allowing you to play for extended periods of time in comfort, while a textured surface prevents your hands from slipping. Convenient control for media playback and volume fine-tuning without interrupting your game.

Country of Origin: China

  • Build quality is good.

  • Detachable palm-rest.

  • 6 macro keys and 5 zone RGB back-lighting.

  • 5 brightness levels.

  • Dedicated number keys and Dedicated media and volume controls.

  • iCUE software could be improved.




  1. Redragon Kumara K552

gaming keyboard under 5000

Professional features in a compact 87-keys space-saving form at a seriously low price. The Redragon K552 KUMARA mechanical gaming keyboard is not your typical mechanical gaming keyboard. It is not only over-engineered and made to last, but it also features superb ergonomics and a space-saving design. You are always at ease, no matter how long you type or how intense your gaming marathons are.

The RGB Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has a solid aluminium and ABS structure, plate mounted keys, double-shot injection moulded key-caps, high-end switches with mechanical ultra-last springs, and crisp and bright customizable RGB LED back lighting.

High-speed USB cable with gold-plated corrosion-free USB connector for a dependable connection that can withstand intense gaming. Suitable for every combat you may face.

Country of Origin: China

  • Cherry MX Blue switches have a great feel and are ideal for gaming.

  • RGB has 18 different modes and a large number of colors.

  • String board with no flex and durable keys.

  • Volume, play, and pause are all controlled by function keys.

  • Compact keyboard with no keypad but still a good size.

  • It includes a keycap remover to make the cleaning easy.

  • None.




  1. Gamdias Hermes E3

best gaming keyboard under 5000

The 61-key HERMES E3 RGB Mechanical Keyboard is a tiny and powerful keyboard with Classic Black/White touch-up, N-Key Rollover capabilities, a vertical LED perception sensor, and 19 Built-in Lighting Effects powered by 16.8 million RGB illumination.

With a simple tap of your fingertip, you may access 16.8 million RGB immersive colors and 19 chromatic lighting effects on the HERMES E3! The 61-key tiny keyboard is not only convenient to use and store, but it also has a robust front plate and is available in Classic Black or White touch-up to match all combat stations.

Utilize the snappy mechanical switches with an integrated vertical LED perception sensor and anti-ghosting with N-Key rollover to gain total control.

Country of Origin: China

  • It is Compact and Comfortable to type.

  • Keys are clicky.

  • Easy to get used to.

  • Light Effects are nice.

  • Detachable USB Type-C Connection.

  • The keys are loud.

  • It’s quite heavy to carry.




  1. Logitech G213

best gaming keyboard under 5000

The next in our list of best gaming keyboard under 5000 is Logitech G213. Brilliant Spectrum of Color Illumination Choose from a palette of more than 16.8 million colors to customize each of the five lighting zones. Change the color scheme to go with your setup, a particular game, or your favourite hues. Utilize the Logitech Gaming Software to synchronize lighting effects with other Logitech G devices.

Low light leak around each key cap indicates that less light seeps around the key caps and more light passes through the letters. This makes each key’s illumination more bright and makes it simpler to locate your keys in the dark.

Durable and comfortable Full-sized keyboard G213 Prodigy is made for gaming and productivity. The robust construction of the slender body, designed for gamers of all skill levels, repels liquids, crumbs, and grime for simple cleanup. Even during the longest gaming sessions, your keyboard will be comfortable to use thanks to an integrated palm rest and adjustable foot.

Enhanced Performance from Multi-Key Input G213 combines the best in performance and tactile feel with keys designed exclusively for the way gamers play. Each key on the G213 has been tweaked to improve the tactile feel and offer feedback that is up to 4 times faster than that of regular keyboards.

When you hit several gaming keys at once, the anti-ghosting gaming matrix, which is designed for best gaming performance, keeps you in control.

Exclusive Media Controls Manage your background music without leaving the game. The dedicated media controls on the G213 let you to play, pause, and immediately mute music and films. With the touch of a button, you may change the volume or move on to the next song.

Country of Origin: China

  • A sturdy and powerful keyboard.

  • Lights and variety are nice.

  • The keys are a little small, but this hasn’t been an issue when typing.

  • Touch responsiveness is excellent all around.

  • The wrist wrest has a good height and surface area.

  • The brightness of the keys cannot be changed.




  1. HUO JI Z-88

gaming keyboard under 5000

The last in our list of best gaming keyboard under 5000 is HUO JI Z-88. Enabling high-speed simultaneous use of many keys. You may play high-quality games with quick responses since each key is independently controlled by a switch. It has far higher percussive feel and superior endurance as compared to membrane keyboards.

Users who pay close attention to how keys feel and avid gamers who prioritize key input have the greatest rate. The 81-key compact model is mouse-compatible and does not include a numeric keypad.

Enjoy the game’s gorgeous lighting. The struggle is effectively won because it is possible to determine the button’s location properly in the dark.

RGB Back lighting with 14 preset modes and color-flashing speed. Through the conversion of various breathing and back light modes using FN + PGDN, games like FPS, CF, COD, RTS, LOL, and others are simple to make. flexible brightness.

The blue switch can be said to have the most mechanical keyboard features since it is one of the switches that best represents paragraph structure. Users may experience a form of click-and-click tactile feedback, a strong passage feeling (continuous tapping is referred to as “Papa Papa”), a little pause in the rebound process, a passage that is incredibly clear, and a crisp trigger sound each time you push it.

On the back of the keyboard, there is a drain hole that, when used normally, allows liquid to be absorbed. The non-slip rubber on the adjustable 2-step angle bracket can be adjusted to fit your preferred angle.

The majority of the keyboard is constructed from high-quality, corrosion-resistant ABS materials. The keystroke count can be repeated 50 million times. Extreme durability is achieved with double-shot injection moulded key caps with crystal clear back lighting.

Country of Origin: China

  • Ultra-bright RGB back-light effect that can be customized.

  • Retro style meets contemporary design.

  • Precision engineered key-caps.

  • Mechanical switches for high-end outemu.

  • USB C cable is detachable.

  • Keyboard sound quality should be improved.





Most of us have seen the newest generation of keyboards out there and many are really excited about them. We really hope that our selection of these Best gaming keyboard under 5000 has helped you to make a decision.

Based on in-depth research, a product analysis, and user ratings, we have determined which gaming keyboards are the best under 5000 in India. Using the links provided in the article, you can purchase these gaming keyboards under 5000 on Amazon.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes a keyboard good for gaming?

Mechanical keyboards are more favoured by gamers because they are faster, more robust, and more tactile. At the same time, some gamers like the membrane keyboards' smaller size, portability, and reduced cost. Others, though, prefer hybrids that combine the greatest aspects of both.

What type of keyboard do you need for gaming?

Mechanical gaming keyboards are superior to electronic ones. A keyboard with mechanical switches is a must-have if you're shopping for a gaming keyboard. One of the biggest limitations you can impose on yourself is playing video games on a rubber dome keyboard.



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