Top 9 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 2000 (DECEMBER 2022)

best gaming keyboard under 2000

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Looking for the Best Gaming Keyboard Under 2000? Gaming has come a long way since the days of arcades, red-and-blue trackball joysticks and side-scrolling shoot ’em ups. Today, there are myriad options to choose from when it comes to gaming – from single player experiences like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to team-based virtual arenas like Overwatch.

It is no surprise then that gamers demand the best when it comes to gaming accessories as well. To that end, investing in a quality gaming keyboard can make all the difference between winning and losing.

A good gaming keyboard should be responsive and reliable, come with customizable macros, lighting effects or programmable zones for playing at your peak performance. That said, not all gaming keyboards are created equally.

There are several factors you need to consider before buying one – whether you want back-lighting, ergonomic design or special features such as software integration or programmable keys. This article lists down 9 best gaming keyboard under 2000 INR that you can buy right now in India.

9 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 2000

  1. EvoFox Fireblade

best gaming keyboard under 2000

The 1st in our list of best gaming keyboard under 2000 is Evofox Fireblade. The Fox is aware – A special tenkeyless space-saving backlit keyboard design with all the essential features you require to dominate your opponents. This Gaming Keyboard for PCs and Macs has Elevated Keys and a 19-Key Anti Ghosting feature, allowing you to go on a Rampage with complete confidence in your tools.

The EvoFox Fireblade Gaming Keyboard includes the Windows Lock Key, 12 Multimedia Keys, and USB Plug N’ Play as standard features, and its Rainbow Backlighting with Breathing Effects ensures that this keyboard is always visible and looks good. Constructed for Gaming – Spill Resistant Design, 1.5m Long Braided Cable with Magnetic Ring for Precise Data Transmission

Country of Origin: China

  • Light weight and compact keyboard.

  • Build quality is good.

  • RGB back-light is good.

  • Built quality could be improved.





  1. HP K500F Backlit Membrane

best gaming keyboard under 2000

The 2nd in our list of best gaming keyboard under 2000 is HP K599F. Membrane Keyboard in Full Size, Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 compatibility. Metal panel with 2 LED logo lighting and 3 LED indicators. Its elegant temperament is highlighted by a specially added LED back-light with monochromatic or mixed colour light options.

Anti-Ghosting keys work in tandem for quick and accurate game responses. Key-caps with Double Injection. Slim frame and keyboard stand With gaming buttons that can withstand up to 10 million clicks and a thick keyboard with responsive keys. A thick keyboard with responsive keys and gaming buttons rated at up to 10 million clicks.

Country of Origin: China

  • Very good build quality.

  • The USB cable is quite durable.

  • Gaming is quite comfortable on this keyboard.

  • Rainbow back-light.

  • Without the back-light, the keyboard appears unusable.





  1. Redgear Blaze Semi-Mechanical

best gaming keyboard under 2000

The next best gaming keyboard is Redgear Blaze Semi-Mechanical. The Blaze has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of professional gaming tournaments. Blaze is designed for both low and high DPI gamers, and the design allows you to make wide moves with your mouse. Carrying and using the keyboard while playing games online and offline tournaments is simple.

The Blaze has an amazing 3 LED color light with various LED modes. Adjust your LED color to your liking, day or night, and kill them in style with Blaze. The windows key pop-up problem affects all gamers worldwide. During various clutch situations or team fights. The Blaze has a Windows key lock feature that allows you to play more easily and without interruption.

The Blaze can last up to 10 million keystrokes. Every key has a crisp response, extending the life of the keystrokes. Wired USB is the interface.

If you pressed all of your fingers down on a piano, 10 keys would ring out at once. That is also what an effective anti-ghosted does. It ensures that every key you press registers in-game simultaneously and correctly. (For example, if you were to run diagonally and melle your opponent while pressing W,A, and F simultaneously, non-gaming keyboards may be unable to perform those actions due to hardware limitations.)

Country of Origin: China

  • The design is excellent.

  • When you click the keys, they feel good.

  • The response time is excellent.

  • budget friendly.

  • The cable is very sturdy.

  • The key caps cannot be removed.





  1. EvoFox X-Team Fireblade

best gaming keyboard under 2000

EvoFox X-Team Fireblade holds 4th position in this list. The compact TKL design with 87 keys and 19 Anti-Ghosting Keys takes your gaming skills to the next level while freeing up desk space for those flashy mouse movements. Brilliant colour spectrum illumination Keyboard with Breathing Backlit effect and a 7 Color cycle breathing LED effects Mouse ideal for marathon gaming sessions NOTE: The colour of the Keyboard’s back-light cannot be changed.

This combo ensures a long-lasting experience with tested 10 million keyboard keystrokes, 5 million mouse switch strokes, and a braided cable with EMI suppressor. High-precision optical sensor Gaming Mouse with 6 buttons, DPI switch, and ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort during intense gaming sessions.

Country of Origin: China

  • Sound produce on typing/playing is soothing.

  • The quality is excellent.

  • The software is simple to use.

  • There are 12 multimedia keys.

  • It does not have numpad keys.





  1. Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k

best gaming keyboard under 2000

The next in our list of best gaming keyboard under 2000 is the Zeb-Transformer-K. It is a high-end gaming keyboard with an all-aluminum frame and laser key-caps. The keyboard has 104 keys as well as multimedia controls. It also has multi-colored LED modes and is backlit, as well as a high-quality cable and USB connector.

Elevate your gaming experience with the transformer gaming keyboard, which features an aluminium frame and laser key-caps. The transformer keyboard has 104 keys as well as multimedia controls. There are also multi-color LED modes on the keyboard. The Transformer gaming keyboard includes a high-quality braided cable as well as a high-quality USB connector.

Country of Origin: China

  • Integrated Media control keys.

  • Multi Color LED with 4 modes – 3 Light Mode & 1 off Mode.

  • Windows Key Enable/Disable Function.

  • Laser Keycaps.

  • Aluminum Body.

  • Backlight LED ON/OFF Function.

  • None.





  1. Offbeat® – Slayer

best gaming keyboard under 2000

The 6th in our list of best gaming keyboard under 2000 is Offbeat® – Slayer. 12 multimedia key combinations make it easier to operate your work or game, boost efficiency, and make audio settings and control easier. In wired mode, the non-conflict design for all keys allows you to press any number of keys at the same time, guaranteeing that every command is registered and executed precisely and quickly to give a smooth and responsive gaming experience. The key’s moderate elasticity avoids fatigue during extended use.

For a shortcut, press the Function key and one of the following keys: F1 is a media player. F2 – Reduce the volume. F3 – Increase Volume F4 – Mute, F5 – Pause the game. F6 – Previous song F7 – Start/Stop, F8 – To the next track, F9 – Send email F10 – Visit Website, F11 – Keyboard Lock, F12 – Calculator Crater Architecture delivers Excellent Performance with a separate structure and two times the key life, having passed over ten million keystroke tests.

Breathing Mode Ergonomic Multi Color RGB LED Backlit Computer Gaming Mouse 3200 DPI (adjustable to 1000/1600/2400/3200 DPI levels), 4000FPS, 10G ACC super-fast game engine 4 Button Gaming Mouse. Durable TEFLON foot pads and a curved body provide optimum gaming control. For a dependable connection, it comes with a 6-foot-long cable and a corrosion-free USB connector.

The first step toward improved performance. Maintain a one-step advantage with Multi key ensures that your simultaneous key press combos are executed correctly. The dedicated volume and media playback keys allow you to control all of your media without leaving the game. Rgb backlighting and simple lighting settings provide you expressive lighting options that you can control. Keys that are quiet and responsive create a nice sensation.

Country of Origin: China

  • Beautiful RGB colours.

  • The keyboard is of high quality.

  • It enhances and beautifies your setup.

  • It has the feel of a mechanical keyboard.

  • 12 media keys and 19 anti-ghosting keys.

  • Brightness is quite low.





  1. Zoook Concord

best gaming keyboard under 2000

Zoook Concord holds 7th position in this list. The 104-key keyboard has a rgb backlit function; all letters light and never fade; this keyboard has a built-in steel plate, anti-fall; and a robust 61-inch USB braided wire. You can press or hold numerous keys at the same time by using the 19 non-conflict keys.

Removable keycaps make it easy to clean the keyboard and extend its life. The USB keyboard and mouse set is easily compatible with computers running Windows 95/98/XP/2000/ME/VISTA/Win7/Win8/Win10.

Combining “FN” with “f1-f12” may perform 12 multimedia functions such as Audio on, volume up/down, play/pause, email, homepage, and Calculator, allowing you to devote your whole focus to your job and leisure rather than wasting time on system control.

Country of Origin: China

  • Turn on/off the RGB backlit.

  • Multimedia Combination Function.

  • 12 multimedia function keys.

  • Removable key-caps.

  • There is no breathing effect.





  1. Redgear Shadow Amulet

best gaming keyboard under 2000

Shadow Amulet is fitted with mechanical Blue Click Switches that provide tactile feedback. It also contributes to faster gaming by lowering the effort necessary to push the keys all the way through. It has a Rainbow LED Mode that delivers a wide range of colours that can be used as needed.

With its Windows Key Lock, you may play for long periods of time without being bothered or interrupted. The key-caps are exactly positioned, resulting in a click sound and precise results every time you click. Its ergonomic shape helps to displace any pressure placed on it while in use. With its Anti-Ghosting feature, you can use up to 26 keys at the same time, providing you complete control over your game.

Country of Origin: China

  • Key-press are Good.

  • Keyboard is Sturdy.

  • Long cable.

  • Floating Key-Caps.

  • Build quality could be improved.




  1. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02

best gaming keyboard under 2000

The last in our list of best gaming keyboard under 2000 is Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02. Cosmic Byte’s slim and simple Corona Gaming Keyboard features a streamlined design and 7-color RGB LED Back-lighting for smart functionality. The Corona Keyboard boasts a Flat Profile and an adjustable Tilt-Mechanism for the optimal typing position. Elevated keys contribute to good tactile feedback while typing, providing a great gaming experience.

The RGB LED back-lighting may be adjusted to four brightness levels and nine different effects. The keyboard has an outstanding and unique function with the inbuilt microphone where the LED responds to the surrounding noises like an Equalizer. Only the CB-GK-02 Corona RGB Model has this Sonic Spectrum feature.

The dedicated Multimedia Hotkeys provide quick and easy access to Media Control, Sound, Internet, and other features. A braided cable with a gold-plated USB interface completes the Black-Eye keyboard’s primary features.

The Key-caps are scratch-resistant and have a 10-million keystroke life. The Corona Gaming Keyboard, a Membrane Keyboard with drain holes at the bottom, is built to withstand spills while in use. Accidental spills are unlikely to damage the Keyboard. Making certain that you continue without fear!

Country of Origin: China

  • The RGB look great.

  • It has braided cable.

  • 9 Back-light Effects.

  • Scratch Resistant Keys.

  • Quality of plastic could be improved.






The gaming keyboard under 2000 have all the features that a intermediate gamer needs. Choose your best from the above 9 best gaming keyboards under 2000 list and achieve your goals of gaming. The high-end gaming keyboards, which provide you more versatility, are undoubtedly the way to go if you’re a professional gamer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes a keyboard good for gaming?

Mechanical keyboards are more favoured by gamers because they are faster, more robust, and more tactile. At the same time, some gamers like the membrane keyboards' smaller size, portability, and reduced cost. Others, though, prefer hybrids that combine the greatest aspects of both.

Can I use a regular keyboard for gaming?

Regular keyboards and gaming keyboards both generally have the same functionality. Both are suitable for basic computer tasks and games. Mechanical or membrane technology can be used for actuation in both standard and gaming keyboards.



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