10 Best Electric Blanket Online in India OCTOBER 2022

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Are you looking for the Best Electric blankets in India? An electric blanket can be life safer in winters, as they provide you warmth and coziness that normal woolen blankets are unable to give.  

These blankets are underlying blankets that are placed over your mattress, and they provide you warmth from the bottom.

With these blankets, you get to have temperature modularity and you can adjust them as per your comfort.  

Heating blankets are very cozy and are more effective as compared to normal woolen blankets.  

They are available in various sizes and colors. You can get them for both single and double beds.

All our recommended options have high user ratings and reviews on Amazon.

We have even listed a buying guide on How to buy an electric blanket for a home. It will help you purchase the right one for you.  

Here is our list of Top 10 Electric Blankets in India:

1. Pindia Double Bed Heating Blanket | Best Electric Blanket in India

Our foremost blanket recommendation for you is the “Pindia Heating Electric Blanket” which is made using high-quality Polar Fleece Fabric.  

This warming blanket offers a feather touch over the skin and keeps you warm during winters.

You simply need to place these electric blankets under your bed and switch them on.

They are very effective and ensure to keep you warm.   It comes in a universal double bed sizing of 160 X 140 cm.

Some unique features that these winter blankets online include are:  

  • Has an easy-to-operate controller with 3 different modes, 0 indicates OFF, 1 indicates medium temperature, and 2 indicates high temperature.
  • Blankets are resistant to fire and shock. They also come with overheat protection.

These electric blankets are pocket friendly as they have a low power consumption and are affordable.

Now you won’t be needing heaters or radiators that consume too much electric power.  

2. Expressions Electric Bed Warmer | Electric Heating Blanket in India

Here is our second recommendation from blankets for winter online. This blanket is light-weight and is a made in India product.

Expressions Electric Blanket comes with ISO certification and is 100% safe to use.

This is a single bed blanket that has 150 X 80 cms dimensions. It is a low maintenance blanket that can be easily machine washed.

This blanket has a remote control to manage temperature, it is extremely safe against electric shock or any defect.

As far as electric consumption is concerned, it consumes less power as compared to home heaters or radiators. You can definitely buy this electric warmer blanket.

3. Home Elite Bed Warmer | Best Electric Blanket for Winter in India

Home Elite Double Bed heating blanket that is meant to keep your body warm, you can place this blanket under you so that it keeps you cozy.  

This double bed blanket has a dimension of 150 X 150 cms. It has a power consumption of 70 watts and consumes very little power as compared to heaters or blowers.  

As it has to be placed under you so it is completely resistant to shocks or any side effects.  

The warming blanket comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and has amazing user ratings on Amazon.

We highly recommend this product as it’s lightweight and priced affordably.  

4. Winter Care Luxury Single Bed Electric Blanket

Here we have a luxury single bed electric blanket that is offered by “Winter Care”. The dimensions of this warming blanket are 36 X 60 inches.  

These blankets are safe for kids as well as adults, however, it’s not advised for infants.

Unlike usual blankets, it’s different, as it’s placed under you, and then you need to sleep on this electric warmer blanket.  

It comes with an electric cord that has buttons to manage the temperatures and modes for this blanket.

On average it consumes half a unit of electricity, which is way less than a room heater.  

Within 10-15 minutes when you are underlying on this, it will start giving you warmth.

This electric bed warmer is resistant to any kind of electric shock and is machine washable.  

5. Cozyland Premium Electric Blanket | Best Blankets for Winter in India

Cozyland presents electric blankets that are intended for under the bed usage.

These are single bed blankets that are lightweight and have dimensions 76 cm X 152 cm.

It comes in a standard single bed size and protects you against the extreme cold during winters.

These blankets are made with premium fabric that is fitted with an electric circuit that keeps you warm. The circuit is 100% shock and water-resistant.

This can be easily machine washed and even comes with overheat protection.

 This winter blanket online India is best suited for adults as well as kids.

Other than a normal blanket, this can also be used to relieve you during back pains as it can be used for Heat therapy.

You can definitely choose this lightweight electric blanket for cozy and warm sleep during winters.

6. Mohit Creations Single Bed Heating Electric Blanket

Mohit Creations offers premium quality polyester blankets that keep you warm and cozy.

These blankets are meant for underlying usage and keep you warm while you are actually sleeping on them.  

The electric warmer blanket is made with polyester that ensures premium quality and is very soft on the skin.  

For temperature control, it has a controller that has 3 settings, Off, medium, and high. With this controller, it’s quite handy to adjust the temperature.  

Some additional features that it includes are auto power cut, shockproof, over heat-protected, and is fire resistance also.

All in all, you won’t regret buying this electric blanket in India. The dimensions of this single bed electric warmer blanket are 30 X 60 inches.

It’s highly recommended that if you are looking for a single bed blanket then you should consider this one.  

7. Electric Blanket for Winter Care | Best Blankets for Winter

Winter Care electric blankets are designed for ultimate comfort and luxury usage.

These temperature control electric blankets are made with wool that is effective in providing warmth during winters.

 These blankets are operational on electric current, they consume very little power as compared to heater or radiators. It can be useful for both adults as well as kids.

 It has 3 different modes, Off/Medium/High that can be controlled using the device.

 The blanket is different as compared to traditional ones, as it’s an underlying blanket which you need to place under your body while sitting on the bed.

 Don’t even think that these electric bed warmers are harmful or dangerous to the body, they are completely resistant to fire or electric shock.

 We highly recommend going with the best electric blanket in India as they are effective in winter and have amazing user reviews on Amazon.

8. Genius Homes Premium Winter Blankets Online

Genius electric blankets are meant for household usage and have dimensions 76 cm X 152 cm that is suitable for single bed usage.  

These blankets are underlying blankets to be placed under you while sleeping. It provides you warmth and coziness even during severe winters.  

The blankets are made for kids and adults. And even meant for heat therapies that help you get rid of the pain and discomfort.  

It operates on electric power that gives you warmth within 10 mins, it consumes less power when compared to heater or warmers.  

They are extremely durable and easily machine washable. It is made using polyester material that is luxurious and soft on the skin.  

You even get these heating blankets in more than 4 color options.  

9. Expressions Polyester Heating Electric Blanket

Expressions manufacture incredibly comfortable and durable blankets.

This is an underlying blanket that just like some bedsheet covers your mattress and provides you heating effect.  

If you are addicted to using heaters then you will eventually leave them and be very used to these electric blankets.  

These blankets are suitable for both adults as well as kids, you can use these blankets to provide relief to your muscles.

The heating effect is not less than any hot massage.   This is a single bed blanket that has a standard size and is a must-have in winters.  

Some excellent features include auto power On/Off, fire, and shock resistance.

And the biggest reason to upgrade over a normal blanket is that it gives you more warmth and consumes little power.  

10. Winter Care Floral Print Single Bed | Electric Blanket online in India

Winter care brand is offering a durable and very comfortable floral print blanket that operates on electric power.

It comes in a single bed size and is a brilliant device to escape winters.

 It is a luxury heating blanket that consumes less power as compared to heaters and warmers.

 As these are underlying blankets they need to be placed over your mattress, as they give a heating effect from the bottom.

 Within 15-20 minutes, it starts giving a heating effect, and thus you have warmth during your sleep.

 The temperatures and modes can be easily changed using the controller which has 3 modes, Off/Medium/High.

We highly recommend buying these best electric blankets in India as they are more effective than usual woolen blankets.

It is made with polyester and is very soft on the skin.

Buying Guide: 

Electric Blankets are far better and more effective when it comes to protecting you against severe winters.

We strongly recommend you buying these electric warmers and here is a detailed buying guide that will help you buy the right blanket:  

  1. Build Quality:
  2. Heat Settings
  3. Size/Dimensions
  4. Cleaning

A blanket is directly related to your sleep, so it has to be comfortable and softer on the skin.

Well, blankets are made with fabrics like wool that keep you warm.

But these electric blankets are made with luxury polyester material as they have a built-in circuit to provide you warmth.  

Before buying these blankets do check for the fabric and also the circuit fitted must be shock and fire-resistant.    

Well, to maintain comfort these heating blankets must have some switch or controller to change the heat settings.  

Normally the blankets have a controller to change settings from Low, Medium, and High.

This customization is very helpful to switch between different temperature levels.    

Whether buying a woolen or electric blanket you need to check the size of your bed and then decide the size of these winter blankets online in India.  

These blankets are available in various sizes, but broadly it’s like single bed and double bed size.  

A bigger size blanket will take more time to heat and provide you desired warmth.    

Maintaining hygiene is essential, unlike normal woolen blankets here we have different instructions.  

First, you need to remove the electric cables that are connected to a point in a blanket.

Now, you can easily wash this either machine or hand washed.  

For more instructions, you can refer to instructions by the manufacturer.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Heated Blankets Worth it?

Electric blankets are highly recommended as they are efficient in providing you warmth and comfort during winters. This will ensure that muscles are relaxed, it will also help reduce pain and stiffness.

2. Is the Electric Blanket really safe?

Electric blankets are safe to use and have very few adverse health effects on health. You simply get to switch different modes and by that, you can control heat.
People who have some medical illness or any mental disorder should use this electric warmer blanket only after seeking medical advice.

3. How do I take care of my Electric Blanket?

Just like any other electrical appliance this also has some instructions to follow while usage.
First of all, read the instruction manual by the manufacturer and follow it by heart. Other than this just be a little cautious while washing this blanket.

4. Do Heated Blankets Use a Lot of Electricity?

Unlike the other types of equipment like heaters or warmers that are commonly used to beat winters, these electric blankets consume very little power.
Expect only 30% of electric consumption as compared to what is consumed by a heater.


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