Top 10 Best Cooking Hobs in India (JANUARY 2023)


Looking to buy best cooking hobs in India? Home baking and cooking, especially with your own home cooking hob, is an important part of the family life. When you want to make your work easier, there are a few factors that come into play which you should consider. Cooking in the kitchen over a hot stove is great for cooking grilled foods and other food items.

However, if you do not have a good cooking hob, then this may not be possible. So many of us hate to go out and buy big expensive appliances whenever we want them but we should try our best to save money on some parts such as that stove top.

Today, we’re reviewing top 8 best cooking hobs in India to help you choose the right one for your home. These kitchen hobs are analyzed and tested by our team of experts. We show you the most popular products that are available in the Indian market today.


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Top 8 Best Cooking Hobs in India are listed below:

  1. Faber Maxus HT604

best cooking hobs in India

The 1st in our list of best cooking hobs in India is Faber Maxus HT604. The premium brass burners provide stable flames for safe and effective cooking. Due to their suitable size, burners heat up rapidly and avoid oil spatter on the burning area around the pan.

Auto Ignition is a feature that makes it possible to start the burner without the use of an external source, increasing reliability and lowering maintenance requirements. Battery-powered auto electric vehicle.

Cast iron pan supports that give the utensils a place to rest and enable optimal cooking of the meal. They are cast iron and simple to remove, making cleaning easier.

The operational knobs on this Faber hob cook-top are made of superior-quality metallic material. The metal used to create the Metallic Knobs is extremely delicate. This feature makes it simple for the user to connect their gas appliance.

Tempered Black Glass Edge Glass Finish is used on this hob cook-top. The glass finish enhances the appearance of your kitchen while also being strong and long-lasting. Tempered black glass is heat resistant, scratch-resistant, and simple to clean.

  • Installation is easy and user friendly stove.

  • Stable flames for safe and effective cooking.

  • Glass is heat resistant, scratch-resistant, and simple to clean.

  • Auto ignition can be improved.

  • Installation service can be more faster.


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  1. Whirlpool Elite Hybrid 704

best cooking hobs in India

The next in this list is Whirlpool Elite Hybrid 704. The hybrid hob burner can be used as a free-standing gas stove or fitted into the kitchen platform or granite top. The exquisitely crafted gas burner will undoubtedly elevate your contemporary kitchen.

With high flame and sim settings, the Multi-ring Sabaf Italian Enameled Black Burner Hobs provide high-efficiency flame levels that are ideally suited for Indian cooking demands.

The heat-resistant, incredibly strong, and long-lasting toughened glass withstands years of use. For the extended cooking times that are specific to Indian food, the knobs are built to be heat resistant. Simply turn the knobs, and the burner starts up on its own.

Indian kitchenware is most stable when it is made of cast iron. It makes cooking with heavier vessels easier and increases the dependability of your system.

The stove can either be built into your kitchen floor or left free-standing so that you can move it back and forth or sideways as needed. The hob top’s original dimensions are 70 cm (w) x 52 cm (d), while the hob’s cutting dimensions are 66 cm (x 48 cm x 50 cm).

  • Levels

  • Easy to install and use.

  • None.


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best cooking hobs in India

iBELL AERO3BGH holds 3rd position in this list. The iBELL 3-Burner Glass Top Gas Stove has three burners for cooking multiple dishes at the same time. Its stands provide better balance and a unique pan support, allowing you to easily cook chapatis, rotis, dosas, pancakes, and other dishes. Its 360-degree rotating nozzle and simple design make it suitable for all types of households.

This gas stove is made of stainless steel and has a highly heat-resistant and toughened glass on top. It is not only durable enough to survive everyday usage, but it also has an exquisite design that may improve the overall décor of your kitchen. This gas stove, available in a glossy black finish with three brass burners and futuristic-looking knobs, will bring a touch of refinement to your kitchen and dining room.

  • 360-degree rotating nozzle.

  • Highly heat-resistant and toughened glass on top.

  • Auto Ignition.

  • After sale service is not good.


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  1. Faber Maxus HT603

best cooking hobs in India

The 4th position in this list of best cooking hobs is Faber Maxus HT603. This hob has 3 high-quality brass burners provide for safe and efficient cooking with even flames. Because they are suitably proportioned, burners heat up fast and avoid oil spatter on the burning area surrounding the pan.

A feature that allows you to automatically ignite the burner without the use of an external source. Auto Ignition systems improve dependability and minimise maintenance requirements. Battery powered auto electric built in.

Cast iron pan support, which would provide support for the utensils and allow the meal to cook properly. They are composed of cast iron and are easily removable for easier cleaning.

Premium quality metallic operating knobs are included with this Faber hob cook-top. Superfine material is used to create the Metallic Knobs. The user can easily connect their gas appliance thanks to this feature.

This hob cook-top has a finished tempered black glass edge. In addition to being strong and long-lasting, the glass finish enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen. The heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easily cleaned tempered black glass is a plus.

  • Battery powered auto electric.

  • Heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easily cleaned tempered black glass.

  • Automatically ignite the burner.

  • The flames are not too high to cook fast.


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  1. Greenchef Kelvin HOB

best cooking hobs in India

This Hob delivers direct heat for boiling, simmering, steaming, and other cooking tasks. A protrusion, shelf, or grate for keeping utensils at the rear or side of a hearth (fireplace) to keep them warm, or an internal chimney-corner in a kitchen.

Green-chef Kelvin three burner gas stove has a sleek and compact design, as well as an appealing black glass top, making it a great complement to your modern kitchen. This attractive hob features 7 mm reinforced glass that is scratch resistant and simple to clean.

It is an excellent blend of performance, efficiency, and attractive looks. The three burners are sufficiently spaced apart to allow you to cook big meals side by side.

Green-chef cook-top comes with giant burner to accommodate large utensils and is specifically built to fit several sorts of cooking types to support varying size and form of the cooking vessel. It provides safety as well as resistance to corrosion and high heat. The stove has three different sized burners. These burners are extremely efficient and indestructible.

Green-chef Hob has a sophisticated and beautiful knob for a sturdy grip and a professional appearance. These knobs are tough and durable. The knobs are heat resistant to allow for extended cooking times, which is unique to Indian cookery. Simply crank the knobs and the burner will ignite automatically, ensuring smooth operation and trouble-free service.

Strong pan supports that can readily handle huge and heavy vessels. Green-chef Hob pans provide optimum durability and stability for pots and pans, and they keep their balance on the stove and do not readily slip off. These thick pans have excellent grip, are rust resistant, and have an appealing appearance.

This Hob Cook-top features a non-breakable toughened Black Glass 7mm edge glass finish. The glass finish is not only long-lasting and sturdy, but it also improves the beauty of your kitchen. Toughened Black Glass is easy to clean and resistant to heat and scratches.

The harder grip legs of the Green-chef hob cook-top guarantee that the Hob remains steady even when excessive force or pressure is applied, allowing for more pleasant cooking. The rubberized anti-skid legs make it simple to use. You can stir or use heavy pots without causing the stove to slip.

  • Non-breakable toughened Black Glass.

  • Knobs are tough and durable.

  • Burner quality can be improved.

  • After sale service is not good.


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  1. Pigeon Infinity Glass Stove

cooking hobs in India

The next best cooking hobs in India is Pigeon Infinity Glass Stove. The Infinity Cook-top is more than just a good looks. Its sleek design with reinforced glass can withstand loads of up to 200kgs without complaint. This, together with the cook-top’s solid legs, ensures that it is incredibly powerful and well-balanced.

With the design of Infinity Glass Cook-top, you may rediscover the meaning of the word “infinite.” The Infinity Glass Cook-top, designed with a sleek and screw-free body, is really endless in its look and feel, with no sharp edges.

Don’t be concerned about the stability of your stove when you have the Pigeon Infinity Glass Cook-top. The Infinity Glass Cook-top’s die-cast study and skid-proof stand give a splash of color while ensuring your cook-top is incredibly robust and well-balanced.

Cook a dinner for two or twenty people without hesitation. Infinity Glass Cook-tops have giant brass burners for rapidly and effectively cooking excellent dishes. The Infinity Glass Cook-top is operated by attractive, sleek-looking, and very robust knobs that compliment the cooktop and are easy to use.

Say goodbye to kitchen cleaning troubles and welcome to Infinity Glass Cook-tops. The Infinity Glass Cook-tops are beautifully designed and have replaceable spill trays for simple cleaning and maintenance.

  • Sleek design and easy to use.

  • Value for Money.

  • After sale services should improve.


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  1. BlowHot Jasper Heavy Brass

best cooking hobs in India

Blow-Hot Jasper Heavy Brass holds 7th position in this list. The auto ignition makes cooking easier. It allows you to light the burner without the need of a lighter, saving you time and effort. The anti-skid base of the legs makes it easier to attach the stove to the stand, resulting in a mess-free cooking experience.

This stove is scratch, stain, and wear and tear resistant due to its reinforced glass top. It is easier to maintain and clean, so cooking and cleaning are both a breeze. This sleek and stylish stove will complement your current cooking style. The stove, as the foundation of a kitchen, looks great and lasts longer.

The elegant stainless steel-framed stove is sturdy and long-lasting. The frame preserves the beauty of the cook-top by preventing scratches and chipping. We have included a large vessel supporter with a beautiful black finish to keep your heavy utensils and pans steady on the gas cook-top.

  • Auto ignition.

  • Excellent build quality.

  • Gap cover made of stainless steel that goes around the burner.

  • Large burner output.

  • The pan rest is lower in height.

  • High heat due to lower height and high flame.


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  1. Sunshine Regal

best cooking hobs in India

The last in our list of best cooking hobs in India is Sunshine Regal. Sunshine Regal Toughened Glass Gas Stove provides the modern style your kitchen wants. The sleek reinforced glass top adds to the stove’s beauty while also protecting your safety. The cooktops are designed with optimal fuel efficiency in mind, and each component is produced with the utmost precision.

This gleaming glass-top gas stove has a robust aluminium frame that ensures superb performance for many years. The proper alignment of the tripad mixing chamber and the ant guard jet in a straight line directs gas from the valve to the burner, resulting in a 60:40 air-to-LPG ratio. This, in conjunction with the heavy-duty Preci-Falme brass burners, produces a brighter flame with higher flame height for improved thermal efficiency, allowing you to cook faster and save gas.

This stove has a revolutionary air and LPG mixing technology that, when combined with hefty brass burners, produces a blue flame while saving cooking gas, time, and money.

The 360-degree swivel type brass gas intake allows you to position the cylinder on any side that is most convenient for you. The ergonomic form of the knob makes spinning it comfortable on the fingertips. A strong pan support with flame safety shields keeps flames from going out owing to wind.

Toughened glass top in a black hue that is both stylish and functional, with greater hardness and heat resistance. The Ultra-Slim Body gives your kitchen a clean and elegant appearance.

  • 360-degree swivel type brass gas intake

  • 60:40 air-to-LPG ratio.

  • Ultra-Slim Body.

  • None.


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 9. Bosch Built in Gas HOB

The Bosch Built in Gas HOB has black glass with side-mounted controls. It is designed uniquely and offers multiple cooking zones that serve the convenience of operating the product. In addition, 4 different gas burners are given to you, along with various features.

The single-handed ignition and control knob is given for safety reasons. Users will get a WOK burner in the front along with a standard burner on the left side with 1.7kW. Moreover, an economy burner with a maximum power of 1,000W is present.

  • Multiple gas burners with different features.

  • Single-handed ignition with easier control knobs. 

  • Toughened glass ensures durability.

  • The gas leakage issue might occur.

  • Flames aren’t uniformed and cause cooking issues.

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 10. BlowHot Jasper Heavy Brass 4 Burner

The BlowHot is a reliable brand that offers auto ignition cooking hobs. In addition, 4 burners with auto ignition and toughened glass top are present with stainless steel frames. It is a product that is a perfect combination of elegance and strength.

However, the heavy vessel support is there, along with uniquely designed knobs that come with a 1-year general warranty. The burners, glass and gas valve comes with a 2-year warranty. The BlowHot Jasper cooking hob holds multiple positive reviews as it offers years of warranty and a robust design. It ensures buyers can get durable products with remarkable appearance and power.

  • Unique knobs with impressive design for easier functioning.

  • Stainless steel frame that prevents chipping and scratching.

  • Services are available for 400+ pin codes.

  • Knob and gas leaking issues.

  • Bad customer service. 

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The right hob is crucial for cooking delicious meals. You know that microwaves and frying pans can’t compete with a skilled chef  and you don’t want to end up with your food tasting like cardboard.

We really hope that our selection of these best cooking hobs in India has helped you to make a decision. Based on in-depth research, a product analysis, and user ratings, we have determined which cooking hobs are the best in India. Using the links provided in the article, you can purchase these cooking hobs on Amazon.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size hob do I need?

Hobs typically have a width of 60 cm, therefore most kitchens should be able to accommodate this size. A 70cm hob can occasionally fit into a typical area if you're searching for something a little bigger. Hobs between 70cm and 90cm are offered for lots of cooking area.

What to look for while buying a hob?

Make sure the cooking hob has autoignition before you buy it. Turning the knob is all that is necessary to start the flame. Not only would you save petrol, but you wouldn't need matches or lighters. Compared to conventional gas stoves, this capability is highly useful.


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