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Are you looking for a Balcony Jhula or Balcony Jhoola for Home? Here we at Babyswingstore are with our list of 8 Best balcony swings that you can buy online. All these swing chairs have undergone multiple checklists and they qualify the very brief buying guide that we have prepared for shortlisting your swing chairs. 

A balcony is a loved place whether it’s a first floor or a 20th floor one. Spending time or seating on a balcony is the most loved activity for a lot of individuals. This balcony jhula for home comes with immense comfort and durable materials, they are strongly recommended by many reviewers and consumers on Amazon. 

You can either buy this balcony jhula for home online or you can get them online on Amazon. Online we have a lot more variety, reviews, quality assurance, flexible payment modes, door-to-door delivery, and most important is a flexible return policy. All these things make your online shopping very smooth. 

While reading our article on the 8 Best Balcony Jhula for home, don’t forget to read our brief buying guide on How to Buy Best Balcony Jhoola online. We really hope you find a suitable swing chair for you, Happy Shopping!

Here are the 8 Bestselling Balcony jhula Online:

1. Blue Toads D-Shaped Balcony Jhoola for Home | Balcony Jhula Chair 

Balcony Jhula


Blue toads are our foremost recommendation in our best-selling balcony swings list. This brand has a lot of positive reviews and recommendations from many buyers. You get perfect comfort, look & feel, and also freebies ( include the hanging accessory kit). 

Moving further what we loved about this brand is the ergonomic dimensions that it has, you are experiencing the finest dimensions that vary from 79.2 X 78 X 12 cm. Looking at such dimensions we can easily guess that it can fit into any space, you can place it on a balcony, the next place to suggest is a backyard garden and another space that we cannot underestimate is Indoors.

This single-seater balcony swing chair can be used by adults & kids as well. It also offers you multiple shapes and sizes that you can choose from like D-Shaped, round, and square. Since the bucket-style seating space kids will also feel very safe and sound. 

Yes, you read it right you can place this balcony jhoola even indoors at some living room, some recreational area inside your place. This single-seater balcony swing chair has a carrying capacity of 160 Kgs, it’s made using 100% cotton material, very lightweight to hang and even carry.

Other amazing features about this balcony jhula online are it comes with easy installation, you simply need a DIY installation that takes very easy steps. Another freebie that is included with the product is a comfortable pillow that comes with memory foam. So you are getting an amazing balcony jhula swing and you also get comfy freebies with it. 

This was all about this product by Blue Toads, we are providing the link below for the product, if you are interested you check out this balcony jhoola by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button below. 

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2. Swingzy Leather Velvet Hanging Swing Chair Balcony Jhoola | Balcony Jhula Chair 

Balcony Jhula Swing Chair India


Swingzy is a versatile brand that manufactures products with variety and durability also. Here you will get swing chairs that are made using cotton rope swings or macrame swings. The one that we are featuring is a very premium balcony jhula swing chair that is made with leather velvet material. Let us explore the major highlights of this balcony jhula online. 

This hanging swing chair is very durable, starting with the material that it’s made with. It is made using leather material that comes with a velvet finish on top. The hanging procedure defines its durability, the company claims that with only a few S-hooks themselves you can hang this swing easily.  

Even after hours of sitting on this jhula, you won’t feel tired or anything less than sitting on a sofa or bed. The backrest is very long so you can have a bucket like a backrest, for extra cushioning you get memory foam that will give you coziness and excellent back support. 

This balcony swing chair comes with a hybrid build of steel, poly ropes that handles all the weight and provide a massive of 200Kgs of carrying capacity to this swing. Even made out of leather it can withstand indoors and outdoors as well. 

When we say outdoors we not only see Swing Leather velvet Balcony Jhoola like an outdoor swing, it is so premium that you can even hang it indoors. Like some porch area, backyard garden, or an open lounge. Wherever you feel like we can install this balcony jhula online. 

This swingzy balcony swing is more on the premium side and offers great comfort at minimal pricing. We strongly recommend this premium balcony jhula by swingzy. 

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3. Patiofy C-Shape Hanging Balcony Jhula | Balcony Jhoola Online 

Balcony Jhula Swing Chair India


Patiofy is an emerging brand that manufactures made in India home swings. The swings are premium in quality, comfort, and design. The products are well researched and ergonomically designed. 

Here we are featuring a unique “C-Shaped” swing chair that can be easily changed and has a huge carrying capacity of 200 Kgs. It has dimensions 33 X 33 X 17 cm. And also comes with a free cushion that is extremely comfortable. 

This swing is made in a bohemian hammock style that is made with a macrame net. Swing Jhula for home has a unique and comfortable design. Talking about the usage it is suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor usage. 

The quality of the swing is the biggest assurance as they are market leaders in manufacturing such hanging swings that are attractive and can even become your favorite place to chill and relax. Talking about the places where you can install this, like bedrooms, lawns, balconies and possibly anywhere. Installation is very easy based on DIY, and can be hung anywhere easily. 

This is a specially made swing chair that comes with a very comfortable cotton rope and macrame material, offers durability and you also get a cushion and hanging accessories for free. 

We highly recommend this Patiofy hanging home swing in India. Whether it’s a balcony or any other porch-like area that you have, you can easily install it at various places. 

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4. All India Handicrafts Bamboo Cane Balcony Jhula Swing Chair | Balcony Jhoola Online 

Balcony Jhula Swing Chair India


This is one of the very unique options that we are featuring here in our article. Here we are offering you a swing that is made using bamboo and rattan material. It will always give you the comfort of owning or keeping something that is made using natural material. 

Bamboo is a very fine material that gives you elasticity and thus it is easily transformed into swing chairs. We strongly believe that if you want to have a swing chair that keeps you close to nature then go with these bamboo swing chairs. The decision to own a balcony jhula to enjoy the breeze and a moment outside closed walls are so nice, so it’s strongly advised to go with a bamboo balcony jhoola online. 

All India handicrafts is a very old company that has been selling items on Amazon that are made using cane and bamboo. These items are bestsellers on Amazon. We are recommending this brand as they have very good customer ratings.

The swing comes in a very attractive design, which is a pleasure to sit and enjoy also. The swing chair itself is made using bamboo only, the beautiful design that you see is made using bending and using elastic properties of bamboo.

 Complete swing is compatible with indoor as well as outdoor usage. For seating capacity, it has a massive capacity of 150 Kgs, where the product itself weighs around 100 kgs. For once it might be a trouble to install it, but once it’s done it’s very durable and has no wear & tear from heat, dust, or even harsh weather.

We are recommending this eco-friendly bamboo swing chair, because it is very stylish, and comes with very compact dimensions 159 X 49 X 89 cm. And most necessary has versatile day-to-day usage.

If you are interested in checking out more such options in Bamboo Swing Chairs in India, then Read Here

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5. Kkriya Home Decor Hanging Cotton Balcony Jhula for Home | Balcony Jhoola Online 

Balcony Jhula Swing Chair India


Kkriya is another amazing brand that offers you amazing hanging cotton swings that are suitable for indoors and outdoors as well. You get swings that are made using macrame, cotton, and strong ropes that have a large weight carrying capacity. 

Coming to the Kkriya balcony swing chair for home, you are getting a compact swing chair with dimensions 61 X 61 X 177.8 cm, it is very easy to be hanged using basic hooks and hinges. The swing is mainly made with a memory foam seating area that offers extreme comfort with the best back support. 

Majorly you have two main strings that connect a wooden stick that plays a key role in balancing this swing. This beautiful balcony jhula is the best place to spend quality time, to unwind after a long or hectic day, you can plan on having a lot of fun with this piece of furniture. 

We strongly recommend this balcony jhoola for home due to its ergonomic build quality, comfort level with a memory foam seat, the advantage of hanging it indoors or outdoors, and most importantly can be used for adults and kids as well. If you are looking for a balcony swing under a budget price then Kkriya Balcony jhula is strongly recommended from BabySwingStore. 

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6. Patiofy Double Seater Balcony Jhula for Home | Swing Chair for Home 

balcony jhula chair


Patiofy is a very famous brand that keeps selling amazing and high-quality swing chairs online. This brand is highly recommended for swing chairs. No other brand is even comparable to this particular brand. 

We have already featured quite a lot of products from patiofy, here is another very affordable and useful product. Till now you have been only reading about the single-seater swings but now here we are presenting you with a double-seater swing chair. This hammock chair swing is made with cotton but has a tremendous carrying capacity of 2 people at a time. 

This swing is suitable for 2 adults or 1 adult and a kid at a time. It comes with a carrying capacity of 200Kgs and is also bundled with a cushion. It is not that bulky at all, you are getting 21 X 38 X 68 inches of dimensions, which are not very much. 

This swing comes in 2 different color options with White-Black and Brown-White. The complete swing is made up of cotton and the ropes that take up all the weight are made with solid nylon ropes. 

Whether it’s outdoor or indoors these hanging hammocks are compatible with everything. And, you can use them with adults and kids too. 

Swing comes with a carrying capacity of 200 Kgs and itself weighs only 450 grams. You can easily hang this swing as it has a DIY installation associated with it. All the accessories for installation like hooks and hinges are already provided with the product. 

With the swing, you are getting a free cushion and 2 S-shaped hooks, 1 hanging ring, and a rod. If you have been looking for a 2 seater hammock chair then this Patiofy Double Seater Swing is highly recommended. 


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7. CITE Balcony Jhula for Home | Balcony Jhoola with Stand 

Balcony Jhula Swing Chair India


CITE is a manufacturer of a particular type of swing chairs that are very unique to all the types that we have mentioned by now in the article. All the swing chairs that we have mentioned come with either macrame or rope swing form. These rope swings need a little bit of complex installation as compared to this balcony jhula with stand. 

CITE is a well-known brand that offers metal swings with stands, these swings are made using rattan material and metal. With metal, they do become heavy but also become very durable for ages. These swing chairs are so tough that they can handle all sorts of wear & tear caused due to water or sunlight. 

The dimensions of this compact balcony jhoola with stand are 94.5 X 94.5 X 194.5 cm. You can easily assemble these swing chairs, simply keep them steady at any place indoors or outdoors. With cushions properly attached to the swing, it’s the perfect egg-shaped swing chair. 

If you are looking for a balcony jhula with stand, then a CITE swing chair is strongly recommended. Don’t miss out on checking out this product on the Buy now button below. 

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8. Zilver Handcrafted Rattan/Cane Balcony Jhula | Hanging Balcony Jhoola Swing for Home 

Balcony Jhula Swing Chair India


Wooden/Cane Swings have no comparison with any other material swing, these cane swings have a very designer look that is appealing and attractive to look at. We strongly suggest going with these swing chairs as they provide value for money, and look so mesmerizing.

Here we are recommending you a Handcrafted Rattan/Cane swing chair that has a beautiful U-Shaped seating space, it is more of an egg-shaped balcony swing. You can place a cushion for extra support and comfort.

The swing chair is priced so affordably only under Rs. 6000 and has such compact dimensions 65 X 65 X 125 cms. Whether it’s your balcony, living room, or some backyard garden, this can fit at multiple places.

It is made with rattan/cane material so it’s compatible with both indoor and outdoor conditions. So without a second thought, you can place it on a balcony, it can handle water, heat, or even dust.

With such a beautiful design and made with cane material, this hanging swing for the balcony is one of its kind. You will get addicted to this Hanging Swing for Balcony and it might become a new place to hang out for you.

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