10 Best Baby Jumper to buy in India 2022 (Jumperoo for Baby)

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Best Baby Jumper in India | Jumperoo for Baby

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The growth years of your little one play a vital role in determining the overall physical and mental functioning in the later stages of life.

Baby always needs exciting and enjoyable things to do that help them pass their time. These little sounds or jumping activities make them very excited and give a feel-good feeling. Whenever we spot a baby crying we often tend to give them a toy or some musical things that would help them get entertained. 

Just like some other toy, we also have a very special ride baby jumper that helps them feel good and enjoy even while sitting indoors in one single place. These baby jumpers are another form of swing only that have bouncy motion, this bounce gives your baby a very happy feeling. As a parent, not every time you are around you baby, so this baby jumper is a safer play toy that is loved of baby’s. 

Physical activities like playing, running, or using such swings as baby jumpers help the baby’s growing balance, improves their stamina and physical endurance. In the baby’s growing phase such toys even help in mental growth like building good posture, help them learn balance, and develop motor skills. 

To especially point the benefits of using a baby jumper, helps in fine motor skills like grip strength, hand, arm coordination, and most important developing core muscles.

Just like the adults need special equipment for strengthening their muscles, babies also require some mechanical aids to boost up their physiological development.  

If you don’t prefer walking into a store to buy a bouncer, you can check out the following list of some of the excellent baby jumper india available online.  

1. Simple Baby Jumper with Stand by Jolly

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 12.7 kgs(28 pounds)

Recommended Age: 9 months to 2 years

Material: Steel

Product Weight: 5 kg 130 g

Dimensions: 7.62 x 53.34 x 96.52 cm  

With a steel frame and sturdy straps, this baby jumping swing is absolutely secured for your baby.

Unlike many baby jumpers, this one has been designed in a way that lets the baby’s feet land softly on the floor while jumping.

And as it has stand, you won’t be required to take the pains of drilling your door frame. It’s not heavy and offers ease of transportation.

Besides, the instructions for set-up are very simple and you can assemble the product within no time.

The seat is comfortable with excellent back-support which is adjustable, too. You can poise it in both indoor and outdoor areas of your home.  

2. Rainforest Bucket Jumper

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 11.3 Kgs

Recommended Age: Upto 1 year

Material: Plastic

Product Weight: 7.91 Kilograms

Dimensions: 64 x 57.6 x 19.5 cm  

Designed to give your baby the feel of a rain forest, this baby bouncer-jumper has the appearance of a tree with a color combination of brown and green.

It boasts several animal toys – parrot, tiger, lizard, monkey, and so forth. Each toy has its own unique function to keep your bundle of joy entertained.

The structure of this baby bouncer chair is rugged with a free-standing frame made of steel.

It offers a complete 360-degree rotation along with three-position height adjustment. The seat pad is soft, comfortable, and machine washable.

What’s more, it has a very cool feature – the music and light get activated when the baby jumps.  

3. Fisher-price Rainforest Infant Jumper

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 12 Kgs

Recommended Age: Upto 1 year

Material: Plastic

Product Weight: 8 kg 160 g

Dimensions:81.28 x 94 x 81.28 cm  

This is another amazing infant jumper with a jungle like design and fascinating animal toys for the utter amusement of the baby.

In fact, it’s a musical baby bouncer with melodious tunes and mesmerizing lights as well, to add more to the fun.

Moreover, the safety measures have been taken into account with a circular structure and a perfect finishing without any pointed edges.

This baby door jumper also takes good care of your baby’s comfort with a wide back-stand.

Its superior quality makes it quite durable and you can surely store it for a long time to let the baby’s younger siblings use it too. It is certainly a great investment of money.  

4. Excersaucer Baby Bouncer Jumper

Weight bearing capacity: 10kg

Recommended Age: up to 24months

Material: Plastic

Product Weight: 6 kg 350 g

Dimensions: 68.58 x 68.58 x 74.93 cm  

Boasting a unique leg-stand with a wide foot like design stands, this jumper for baby will certainly delightful.

It’s colorful and is surrounded by a circular plate, decorated with some amazing interactive toys. Moreover, it holds EN71 certification and so, you can be assured of your baby’s safety.

It’s lightweight, foldable, portable and compact with a three-stage height adjustment feature.

For easy, safe, and quick installation, it comes with a simple instruction manual. It’s a smartly designed product with a push button and a structure that very well accommodates the baby.

On the whole, you can surely count on this jumper for strengthening your baby’s leg muscles.  

5. Excersaucer Tree House Baby Jumping Toy

Weight bearing capacity: 10kg

Recommended Age: Upto 24months

Material: Plastic

Product Weight: 7 kg 430 g

Dimensions: 63.5 x 21.3 x 65.5 cm  

This jumper for baby is a slightly variant model of the above mentioned bouncer.

There are 20+ activity playthings that are detachable and include animal toys like raccoon, birds, bear, squirrel and so forth.

These toys spin, rattle, and play peekaboo, letting your baby experience growing in a fun way.

The overall frame of this jumper is not only strong but thickset and lightweight as well. The seat is covered with a soft fabric which keeps the baby snug.

Besides, it has play mat which is tolerant of machine wash. You can also custom it to different height positions.

With a high rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon and positive customer reviews, itis surely the best baby jumper available online.  

6. MeeMee’s Soothing Baby Jumper

Weight bearing capacity: 12kg

Recommended Age: Up to 2 years

Material: Plastic

Product Weight: 2 kg 290 g

Dimensions: 48.3 x 7.6 x 35.6 cm  

Having a deluxe design with a rectangular structure and an amazing combination of blue and white, this baby jumper with stand is undoubtedly a must-have baby product.

It has a vibrating feature which gives a gentle and relaxing massage to your baby.

There’s a removable toy bar in the front which has a fox and a panda toy attached to it.

It has been designed quite ingeniously and your baby needs to put minimum efforts in jumping up and down.

In fact, it has a three point harness belt which makes jumping easy and enjoyable.

Furthermore, it has some great melodies to provide your angel a complete entertaining time. You can also place it in your balcony or garden.  

7.  2 in 1 Baby Bouncer

Weight bearing capacity: 10kg

Recommended Age: 0 – 5 months

Material: Plastic

Product Weight: 3 kg 390 g

Dimensions:60 x 44 x 40 cm  

Possessing an exquisite design, it performs both the function of a jumper and a rocker. It meets all the requirements of European standards of safety.

The seat of this baby jumping toy is aerodynamically engineered which can be adjusted to different angles.

The toys are arranged in a manner that keeps them within the reach of the child. 

Besides, it has some good melodies and it provides soothing vibrating sensations as well.

As it can also be converted into a rocker, your baby is likely to fall into a peaceful sleep.  

8. Baby Bouncer cum Rocker

Weight bearing capacity: 20kg

Recommended Age: 0-36 months

Material: Plastic

Product Weight: 3kg

Dimensions: 86 x 51 x 60 cm  

This baby door jumper is also multifunctional, combining the features of a walker.

It has a rugged and flexible structure with steel springs and a four-point safety frame, making it safe and easy to attach it with a door frame.

You can also adjust the straps to different lengths as per your toddler’s height. It offers a great money-saving deal, as you won’t be required to buy a walker separately.

It has a beautiful, multi-colored pre-assembled mat which, when converted into a rocker, gives an utterly soft feel to the baby’s feet.

Also, the seat of this baby jumping swing has soft padding which can be removed and washed in a washing machine.  

9. Fisher Price Jumper

Img Src

Weight-bearing capacity: Up to 11.34 Kgs (25 pounds)

Recommended age: Up to 1 year

Material: Plastic

Product weight: 7.90 Kilograms

Dimensions: 88*88*88 cm

The baby bouncer features multicolor animations of cartoon characters that will make your child happy when playing. Apart from the bats, butterflies, froggy teethers, lion sliders, monkeys, and giraffe spinners, this set also includes a variety of toys.

As your child grows, the jumper can be adjusted at three different heights and is 360-degree rotating. Each of these pleasures serves an essential purpose and keeps them entertained. It features a removable, machine-washable pad that is quite soft.

This baby jumper is remarkable because it has music, lights, and a sound system, which will encourage your baby to bounce and play. As a parent when you are looking for baby jumper online, then we have already shortlisted the best baby jumper in India that you can buy online.

They are durable, made with Kids-safe plastics material and have amazing ratings by many other parents. 

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10. EvenFlo Exersaucer Door Jumper

Img Src

Weight-bearing capacity: Up to 10.89 kgs

Recommended age: up to 9 months to 2 years

Material: Textile

Product weight: 1 Kg 220 G

Dimensions: 25.4*30.5*47

It comes in an owl-colored swing-type bouncer and fits standard doorways of 3 to 6 inches. Another infant jumper has an exciting design for the baby to enjoy.

Moreover, the baby jumper frame seats cover the child from all sides for added safety.

Apart from providing much comfort for your baby, a baby door jumper also has adjustable straps that are portable and easy to adjust.

High-quality material makes them durable, and you can store them for a long time. Investing in them is a smart move. 

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So, let your baby experience an absolutely fun infanthood with the innocent amusement of bouncing and jumping in a jumperoo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Baby Jumpers?

These are seats fastened with elastic straps that produce a jumping motion when the baby dabs its toes on the floor. They can be attached to a door frame or a stand. Usually, parents buy a baby jumper owing to the immense joy it gives to their babies. Besides, it works on the baby’s leg muscles and helps in boosting motor development.  What’s more, it puts frenzied babies at ease, letting the mothers do their chores peacefully.

When Should a Baby Use a Jumper?

As soon as a baby turns 4 months old, it becomes ready for the joyful experience of jumpers. However, there’s no defined age to recommend the use of baby jumpers as each toddler is different in its physical make-up and only the parents can determine the suitable age for using the baby bouncers.

How Long can a Baby be in a Bouncer?

Babies should never be kept in a jumperoo for more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time. This is so because the fragile body of a toddler takes time to build up its strength and get used to long hours of physical activities. You can gradually increase this time limit with the growth of your kid.

Are Baby Jumpers bad for babies?

A good quality baby jumping chair is unlikely to cause any harm to your baby. Yet there are certain precautions that should be taken.

Firstly, you should always place a non-slippery mat or a cushion underneath the jumper to avoid any injury to your baby’s feet.

Secondly, make sure that you place the jumper in a place which is not cluttered with furnishing or any pointed object. As most jumpers have revolving seats, the area in which they are placed should always be spacious.

Lastly, don’t buy jumpers that aren’t designed as per the standard guidelines of safety. You can always contact the manufacturer to know about the safety measures and certification of the product.


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