10 Best Baby High Chairs in India OCTOBER 2022

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10 Best Baby High Chairs in India 2022

Looking for a multipurpose Baby High Chair? A baby high chair is very handy when it comes to feeding your baby.

A peaceful meal is very necessary to fill your little one’s stomach. Especially for kids between 9 months to 24 months.

A baby feeding high chair will help you feed him and with amazing features like a removable washable tray, it will make your life very easy.  

Also, the high chair helps your baby reach food easily and develops the habit of self-eating.

Baby’s follow whatever they see their parents doing, just attach this high chair with your dining table.

When your little one will see you eating then he will try and eat. Yes, we understand that buying a piece of furniture can be tough so that’s why we have come up with few recommendations for a high chair for babies.

Other than feeding these high chairs are useful when you are teaching some manners or eating habits to your toddler. Basically, baby-high chairs provide you more control over your toddler since they are sitting high on chairs, they cannot run or hide. 

The baby feeding chairs that we have mentioned in our article of 10 Best feeding chairs in India have the best-sellers that are available online. They come with European standard certification, a baby high chair is convertible in many forms that increase the utility of these chairs, and at last, they are very comfortable. 

All our suggested products are the best selling on Amazon and have high user ratings.  

Here are the Top 10 Best Baby High Chairs in India :

1. R for Rabbit Marshmallow Feeding Baby High Chair


  • Comes with European standard certification.
  • Made with very strong stainless steel.
  • With a foldable design: comes with 7 different height adjustments.
  • Very comfortable with 3 recline modes.
  • Wide legs provide a great balance.
  • Available in 3 different colors.

R for Rabbit is a very famous brand that manufactures very premium and high-quality baby products.  

This marshmallow baby feeding chair India is a very strong high chair that also has European Standard certification.

It is made with non-toxic plastic and is made stainless steel.   Other than build, it’s very comfortable and helps your baby reach food very easily.  

It has 7 different height adjustments which make it worth every penny and it can be used in multiple ways.

With this high chair booster seat, we also get 3 reclining positions that let your kids stretch and enjoy eating.  

2. R for Rabbit Cherry Berry Grand 4 in 1 Best Baby High Chair


  • With European Certification.
  • Convertible design with 4 in 1 mode.
  • Provides comfort and soothing backrest.
  • Can be converted into 4 modes: Booster Chair, Short Chair, High chair, and a table chair.
  • Fabrics are made with 100% cotton and are washable.
  • Has a 5 point safety harness and a removable tray for feeding.
  • Comes in 3 different colors.
  • Has a carrying capacity of 20 Kgs.
  • The suitable age limit is 6 months to 7 years.

Another amazing High Chair Booster Seat from R for Rabbit. This brand is very famous in India as it provides amazing quality at an affordable price.  

R for Rabbit Cherry Berry is a 4 1 convertible high chair that offers amazing functionality and it can be converted into 4 different modes: Booster chair, short chair, high chair, and a table chair.  

It has a very comfortable fabric and also has a backrest which helps comfortable eating time.

This is very safe as it has EN certification and also comes with a dedicated harness.  

3. SYGA Baby High Chair | Booster Seat Dining Table Chair with cushion


  • Robust and strong design.
  • With a 3 in 1 design: 1 high chair, 2 normal chairs.
  • With a removable washable tray.
  • Cushioned seats with comfort and space to stretch.
  • Available in 3 different colors.

SYGA folding high chair is made with heavy-duty material and has a very good design.

Under a very affordable price,  you get good amazing features and such comfort.  

It has rubber tips at its legs which provide a very secure grip and also the legs help in proper balance.

Also, it offers different levels of height adjustment which helps to adjust it as per your needs.  

Also, cleaning and maintaining are very easy as this the seat is removable and other than that it can be cleaned using a damp cloth.  

This is offered at a very affordable price, you can choose this as your high chair booster seat.  

4. Kurtzy Kids Foldable Baby High Chair for Baby with Cushion and Safety Belt


  • Made with heavy-duty aluminum.
  • Provides very comfortable seating.
  • Has an ergonomic build.
  • It’s very portable and lightweight, we can easily carry it during travels.
  • Very comfortable with cushioned seats.
  • Safety harness provides a snug fit.
  • Also has a tray for easy feeding.
  • Comes in 2 different designs.
  • Has a carrying capacity of 50Kgs.

Kurtzy Kids’ baby high chair online is a very feature-packed high chair that has everything that you expect from a booster chair.  

With this baby high chair, you can easily feed your baby by placing them near your dining table itself.

It has cushioned seats, a durable body, and height adjusted legs. It is made with high-quality aluminum and offers a foldable design that can be easily stored.  

5. LuvLap 3 In 1 Convertible Folding Baby High Chair with 5 Point Safety Belts


  • Branded baby eating chair.
  • Very affordable price.
  • European standard Certified.
  • Has a 3 in 1 design: converts into table & chair and a low chair with tray.
  • Made with quality stainless steel.
  • Completely detachable and washable dining tray.
  • Cushions seats with safety.
  • Has broad legs with anti-skid rubber tips.
  • Comes in 3 trendy colors: Blue, Green, and Red.
  • Has a carrying capacity of 20 Kgs.
  • Suitable for children of 6 to 36 months.

LuvLap is a very famous brand in India that manufactures good quality baby products.

Here we have a portable high chair in India that offers complete value for money. It has a very tough built quality with stainless steel and non-toxic plastic.

The legs are broad and provide proper balance and also have anti-skid tips that prevent accidents.  

Talking about the comfort you have cushioned seats which never feel uneasy even after hours of sitting and also it comes with its quality to fold you can easily store it.  

The convertible design offers a 3 1 design where you get a table-chair and also a low chair with a tray.

The feeding chair has a removable and washable tray.   You can get this high chair booster seat as it comes with a lot of features and offers complete value for money.  

6. LuvLap 4 in 1 Convertible Baby High Chair Cum Booster Seat


  • With European Standard Certification.
  • Has 4 in 1 feature: can be used as High Chair, Low Chair, Booster Seat on Chair & Low Seating on Floor.
  • Very safe as it has a safety harness.
  • Very comfortable seating with padding.
  • Removable and washable Dining Chair.
  • Has rubber grips and strong legs.
  • Available in 2 colors: Pink and Blue.
  • Has a carrying capacity of 20 Kgs.
  • The suitable age is 6 to 36 months.

Here is another product from LuvLap which offers amazing quality at a very affordable price.  

This LuvLap 4 in 1 convertible high chair for babies is a very strong and portable chair that is made with quality metal.

Other than this it also has broad legs for proper balance and grip. Talking about comfort it has padding which is very soft and comfortable.

To maintain hygiene these pads are removable and can be easily washed. With these amazing features, you can let your newborn enjoy his meal peacefully.  

7. Little Pumpkin Classic Baby High Chair India with 7 Level | Feeding High Chair


  • Comes with European standard Certification.
  • With 7 different height adjustments.
  • Very comfortable with different reclining positions.
  • Comes with a proper safety harness for safety.
  • Removable feeding chair.
  • Available in 2 different colors.
  • Suitable for kids aged 0 to 5 months.

Little Pumpkin baby feeding chair is a premium chair which has a robust design and makes your baby enjoy his life peacefully.  

It has a secure and balanced design which makes it appropriate for kids age 0 to 5 years.

Above all, it also has European Standard certification which makes it very safe.

Also, it comes with a safety harness for a snug fit and has 3 reclining positions dedicated to comfortable seating.  

If you were looking for an infant high chair then this is a perfect option for you.  

8. LBLA 3-in-1 Baby Feeding Portable High Chair | Toddler Booster Seat with Tray.


  • Convertible feeding chair.
  • Has a removable and washable tray.
  • Has wheels for easy movement.
  • For security, it has a harness.
  • Has a carrying capacity of 15 Kgs.
  • Suitable for children age 6 to 36 months.

The LBLA baby feeding high chair has a unibody design with a single color, it has a strong build quality with wheels for easy movement across the house.

This is best suited to children age 6 to 36 months and has a maximum carrying capacity of 15 Kgs.  

Talking about its features it has a comfortable padded seat with a safety harness to provide the required snug fit.

Also, it is easily convertible into a booster toddler seat. It is affordable and is priced reasonably.  

9. Ikea Antilop Baby High chair with Tray | Folding High Chair Safety Belt


  • Inexpensive baby feeding chair.
  • Unibody design.
  • Appropriate height with anti-skid pads.
  • Safety belt to hold your baby tight.
  • Available in 2 colors: Pink and Blue.

Ikea is a very famous name in manufacturing furniture.

Here is an amazing baby high chair online from Ikea where they offer a unibody design with broad legs to avoid any kind of balance issues.  

For safety, it has a harness and it is priced affordably. It is one of the cheapest baby high chairs online on Amazon.  

You can get it in 2 different colors and it’s also inexpensive.  

10. LBLA 2-in-1 Baby Feeding Portable High Chair | Toddler Booster Seat with Double Tray


  • Affordable baby high chair.
  • Convertible chair with 2-in1 modes.
  • Made with non-toxic material.
  • Combination of plastic and steel.
  • Suitable for children of 6 months and older.
  • Available in a single color.

LBLA 2-in-1 Folding high chair is a very strong high chair that is made with PP material making it the right choice for your baby.  

This is a convertible booster seat that can be converted into a dining chair and within some time it can be converted into a high chair.  

It has a removable diner tray that is washable and lets your toddler enjoy his food.

Can be operated on wheels when converted into a dining chair. This feeding booster chair is quite inexpensive and requires no assembling at all.  

Baby high chairs are the most versatile chairs that you can use in daily life for your baby. These chairs are very handy and will actually help in your baby’s growth and development. You might be surprised by logic, but actually, a baby high chair can help your baby grow and develop. These high chairs are commonly used as feeding chairs. Feeding chairs have a snug fit over your baby, they have no place to run or hide. Once you make them sit on a baby high chair, feeding your baby becomes the easiest process. 

Final Words:  

Among all the Top 10 Best Baby Chairs in India, we also want to suggest you the only one chair which will really help you feed your baby and also it will be very versatile.  

Our suggestion for you is “LuvLap 3 In 1 Convertible Folding High Chair” This particular booster seat is very functional and high quality.

With this seat, you get safety features, durably built quality, convertible features, and brand trust of LuvLap.  

We highly recommend this Kids High Chair.   This was our article on the Best High Chair available in the Indian market.

All our reviews are based on user ratings and so many parents use these products for their kids.  

Don’t think of a baby high chair as like a normal chair. It is really a beneficial product for you and your toddler. It will reduce the burden of feeding your baby as they will sit at one place and eat properly. 

Buying Guide: To the Best Baby High Chair  

A buying guide to high chairs for babies is necessary as we want you to consider all these factors before buying a high chair for your baby.

All the mentioned factors are based on suggestions from parents.  

Build Quality: Well we are talking about the material and nature of the material. The material used should be good quality plastic which is safe for children and also durable to carry your little one.  

Height: That’s the biggest thing to keep in mind while buying a kid’s high chair. Try to get a chair with adjustable height as it will help you use it in various ways.  

Balance and Harness: Your baby dining chair must be very sturdy and balanced to avoid any kind of accidents. Also, it must have some harness that could hold your playful baby.  

Multipurpose: A multipurpose will be more value for money as you can easily convert this chair into multiple modes like a table or chair. We have mentioned many such tables that can be used in multiple ways.  

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is a high chair good for the baby?

Always remember a suitable time for your baby to sit in a high chair is 6 months. Only after 6 months, the baby can balance his body. If you place him in a portable high chair only after this age then it’s perfect for kids.  You should buy a high chair as it will help your kid enjoy his meals.

At what age should a baby use a high chair?

Whenever your baby learns to sit and balance his body you can try to place him in a high chair. In general, 6 months is the right age for a high chair.

How do I choose a high chair?

Here is a very simple guide on how you should choose a high chair.
1.  Look for durable build quality.
2.  It should be well balanced.
3.  Your baby must be harnessed to protect against accidents.
4.  Always check your high chair baby for height adjustment.
5.  Try not to leave your kid unattended.

What kind of high chair is the best?

Well, we have listed the Top 10 high chairs in this article and also we have a detailed buying guide to buy the perfect high chair. The best high chair must be multiple purposes and should have height adjustment.


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