8 Best Baby Feeding Pillows India JANUARY 2023 (Nursing Pillow)

baby feeding pillow

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Baby Feeding Pillow :

Hey parents, are you looking for the right Baby Feeding Pillow for your infant?

A feeding pillow is a necessity as it helps your baby stay comfortable and provides the right support during growth stages.  

The major roles these nursing pillows play are during breastfeeding and sleeping. With this pillow, you can let your baby stay in one place with his head elevated.

This pillow has helped many parents as now they are not worried about how they should feed their baby or for the pillow that provides the right support.  

Baby Feeding Pillow is very essential at all initial breastfeeding stages of a baby. These pillows ensure proper posture as well they are very comfortable for mothers and babies. A baby feeding pillow has the capacity to provide right back support and upliftment that is required during feeding. 

A baby feeding pillow might feel like something not very necessary, but in the long run, if you feed your baby while lying on the pillow. The baby has a proper grip and has eased in breastfeeding. To mention this pillow is made with high-quality cotton material that easily takes up shape as per the baby’s posture. Especially from newborns of 0 to 9 months, even doctors suggest that mothers should use a baby feeding pillow for the best experience. 

We have shortlisted some of the best-selling baby nursing pillows that are available online on Amazon. All the products have different qualities and have high user ratings.  

Here are the Top 8 Baby Feeding Pillows India:

1. KradylKroft Down 5 in 1 Baby Feeding Pillow with Detachable Cover.



KradylKroft is a 5-in-1 Breastfeeding pillow that is a dedicated pillow meant for comfortable feeding of your baby. It is meant for babies aged 0 to 4 years.

This U-shaped pillow is very comfortable and is very multipurpose as it can fulfill multiple needs of your baby.

It has a very soft texture with a proper backrest for your little one. To maintain hygiene its machine washable and also it is allergen-free.  

It is a 5-in-1 product as it can be used at different growth stages of your baby.

For a newborn baby it can be used as a Breastfeeding pillow, for a three-month older baby it can be used as a baby burping pillow, then for a nine-month baby, this can facilitate sit support, and also this is an ideal baby nursing pillow.

With this single baby nursing pillow, you can get support through the growing years of your infant. It comes in multiple colors for you to choose from.  

2. MontuBunty Wear 5-in-1 Nursing Feeding Pillow A Boppy Alternative with cotton slipcover

MontuBunty is a 5-in-1 Nursing Pillow India that is meant to provide a safe and comfortable posture to your infant.

This versatile pillow is suitable for toddlers aged 0 to 4 years.   It is made with super comfy cotton material that provides enough support and backrest to your baby.

This is a “C” shaped pillow which is the perfect one to give your baby the right support during growth stages.

You can use this pillow in 5 different ways like a maternity pillow, baby nursing pillow, feeding pillow for baby, and for basic sitting postures.  

This pillow supports multiple growth stages from 0 months of feeding stage to 9 months of sitting age.  

3. Baybee Best Feeding Pillow for Baby India

Baybee Baby Feeding pillow is a very useful pillow for your infant and as well for you as a parent.

It comes with European Standard Certification to provide safer usage for your toddler.  

Talking about its built quality, it is made with 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic cotton. It is well stitched and quality fabric gives a smooth feel.  

Maintaining hygiene with your baby is a must, this baby nursing pillow comes with a machine-washable slipcover and allergen-free fabric.  

Some qualities that make this the most ideal feeding pillow for a baby are, serves as a both U & C shaped pillow, made with 100% cotton, and can be easily washed.  

A single pillow will serve you with a Breastfeeding pillow, a Tummy pillow, and also a very cozy sitting pillow.  

4. BAYBEE Frill Design Cotton Hypoallergic Baby Feeding Pillow India

BAYBEE Frill design feeding pillow is a 100% cotton made pillow that comes in a unique frill design.  

This baby feeding pillow comes with European Standard Certification making it extremely safe for your infant. Other than this it’s made with eco-friendly and non-toxic cotton.

To serve your baby with the right support and comfort you should definitely choose this as this will serve as a feeding pillow and also as a nursing pillow.  

It is perfectly C-shaped that will help you baby have meals easily, also lie with an elevated head during feeding, and also helps prevent flat head syndrome.

Well, when looking for a feeding pillow you should definitely consider this.  

5. HOOPA Baby Feeding Pillow | Feeding Pad | Infant Carrier | Feeding Pillow Online

HOOPA Feeding Pillow is a very premium and handy feeding pillow for infants. It is very useful when your infant requires constant back support during the early growth stages, from 0 to 6 months.  

This pillow is best suited for infants-age 0 to 6 months and also they are available in multiple design and color options.

This baby nursing pillow has passed certification tests of more than 4 countries like the US and Australia.

Unlike cotton pillows, it has a hardback that gives constant support and grip for infants to lie down. It comes with a safety belt also to prevent the movements of the baby.

This pillow is ergonomically designed and offers complete support to the baby at the neck, spine, and fragile structure. Also, it helps to avoid flat head syndrome.  

6. HOOPA Hooded Baby Feeding Pillow | Nursing Pillow with Cover | Baby Carrier | Reclined Baby Carrier

HOOPA Hooded Feeding Pillow is a very useful and supportive feeding pillow with a belt that helps your baby eat, sit, and sleep properly.  

This pillow aids in very important breastfeeding, it has variable reclining positions that help your infant reach you properly, and also with elevated heads, there are fewer chances of spitting food.  

It is made with quality fabric and has a hard backrest that provides a secure sitting for the baby. Also, this has a quality certification of 4 countries like the US & Australia.  

Additionally, this pillow also comes with a soft and cozy blanket that protects against germs and weather conditions.

As the blanket is stitched, your toddler is always covered.   Go with this Best Nursing Pillow India, if you want a pillow with hardback support and a cover.  

7. BayBee Supportive New Born Portable Baby Feeding Pillow | Nursing Pillow India

BayBee is a very famous brand that manufactures premium quality baby products.

BayBee Supportive Breast Feeding Pillow is a very premium and useful product that helps your infant with proper meals and sleep.  

Here is a feeding pillow that helps your baby comfortably feed on his mother and also helps with sitting/sleeping postures.  

This high-quality pillow is made with allergen-free fabric and offers 100% non-toxic cotton. You can easily clean this slipcover as it is machine washable.  

The recommended age for this feeding pillow for newborns is 0 to 9 months. It comes in 4 colorful options.

Don’t even think twice before buying this as it will really help your baby with growth stages.  

8. BayBee Baby Star Portable Baby Feeding Pillow | Nursing Pillow

BayBee Baby Star is a very affordable breastfeeding pillow that comes with European Standard Certification and also is made with quality materials.

It is suitable for toddlers aged 0 to 9 months. With different growth stages, you can use this as a nursing pillow, sitting pillow, feeding pillow, and even a sitting pillow.  

Talking about built, it’s made with 100 % cotton and comes with a slipcover that is machine washable. It’s very easy to maintain hygiene with this baby pillow.

This pillow has a very compact and multipurpose design. One can use this in various growth stages and it will provide the right comfort and support to your infant.  

You can choose this as it’s damn affordable. This was our article on Best Feeding Pillow in India, we have reviewed around 8 best-selling products that are liked by Indian parents.  

Final Words:  

Well, these were the Top 8 Nursing Pillows that you can consider buying for your infant. Now to simplify your decision making here is one of our choices among available options.

We highly recommend you buy the “BayBee Baby Star Portable Breastfeeding pillow”. This pillow is priced affordably and offers the best quality. It’s made with 100% cotton and is very comfortable.

We have recommended the 8 best baby feeding pillows that come with international quality certification and are durable for 2 years (the max. a baby breastfeeds). 

All our reviews and recommendations are completely unbiased and it’s based on real user reviews and ratings.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is feeding the pillow really necessary?

See, it completely depends on the individual’s perspective. Some parents find this nursing pillow very helpful as it helps them feed their baby properly, helps them maintain a healthy posture, and also is very comfortable for your toddler to sleep.

2.What should I look for in a nursing pillow?

Well, in a nursing pillow look for the material used, safety standards, the fabric and filling of the pillow, and majorly look for the quality of support it provides. Look for some reviews when buying it online.

3. Is it ok to let the baby sleep on a nursing pillow?

See, an infant tends to move a lot during their sleep so it will be hard for your baby to sleep on a pillow. But if your pillow has a hard backrest with a safety belt then you can definitely let your toddler sleep on a feeding pillow.

4.What are nursing pillows made up of?

The most commonly used materials are cotton and polyester. If you choose a good company product they will always choose non-toxic and softer material for your baby.

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