10 Best Baby Diaper Bags for Mothers to Buy in India OCTOBER 2022

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 Baby Diaper Bags for Mothers to Buy in India 2022

In today’s locomotive era, baby diaper bags have become absolutely necessary for parents of newborns and toddlers.

These bags are required for carrying your little angel’s diapers and other essential products while travelling.

And, it’s extremely important to choose the right kind of diaper bags.

They must have insulated and waterproof material, ample space, and features that make them highly portable and comfortable to carry.

In fact, you can also make a fashion statement with designer and stylish diapers bags.  

Baby Diaper Bag is a very essential product that one can own, these bags are handy when as a parent you really want to keep your baby’s belongings managed. These baby diaper bags come in various designs and shapes. We highly recommend these baby diaper bags because, unlike the normal bags that mothers carry, they are a better space allocation for diapers especially.

If you find yourself in a puddle of confusion, you can go through the following list of best diaper bags available online.  

1. Caramello Sports Diaper Bag

Material: oxford fabric

Weight: 1 kg 120 g

Dimensions: 46.1 x 33.8 x 10.2 cm  

Boasting a beautiful pink and peach concoction, this multi-purpose bag is ideal when backpacking with your baby.

It has been ergonomically engineered with water-resistant material to ensure durability.

Moreover, it comes with a large capacity that facilitates the storage of a 15-inch laptop, too.

This stylish and sporty bag for baby stuff has two large compartments and insulated pockets to keep your food warm and safe.

As it has handbag like loops, you can also carry it in your hands if you don’t want to wear it on your shoulder.

The zips are quite smooth and sturdy and are less likely to get damaged on regular use. It’s highly recommended for short trips and sojourns. Best baby diaper bags for mothers.  

2. Motherly’s Baby Diaper Bags

Material: Oxford fabric

Weight: 820 g

Dimensions: 44.7 x 32.26 x 5 cm  

You can surely rely on this bag when embarking on a tedious expedition with your little one.

It comes up with storage solutions having an ideally wider internal space and 14 pockets in total.

There’s an anti-theft mobile pocket as well to keep your phone safe during your journey.

This newborn baby diaper bag is smartly designed with waterproof material and has three-way protection with inter-layered fabric.

Furthermore, it’s lightweight and has wide and strong loops for conveniently tying it to the baby’s stroller.

There are two milk bottle pockets, two spoon pockets, and a mesh pocket In the front.

The sides of the bag have a tissue pocket and a small water bottle pocket. The anti-theft pocket is at the back while the interior of the bag has 6 storage pockets.

Besides, you can pick from two colors- blue and light pink. It’s also a great choice for those with twin babies.  

3. Multi-print Baby Diaper Bags

Material: Not specified

Weight: 830 g

Dimensions: 48 x 39 x 9 cm  

This is not entirely a mother bag as it has a unisex style with different designs and shades like a blue flower, navy blue, black-grey, and grey-pink.

With a fish mouth opening and 10 +insulated pockets, it offers enough space to nicely fit in multiple things.

The material is absolutely water-resilient and the overall design of the bag is sturdy and efficient with rivets, buttons, and zippers.

A bottle bag, two stroller hooks, and a diaper changing pad are provided with the bag. All its pockets are made of insulated material.

The maintenance of the bag is also easy. You can either wash it with water and mild detergent or, simply wipe off the dust particles with a wet cloth.

Also, it’s not too heavy and provides high portability.  

4. Baby Diaper Bag | Handbag

Material: Microfiber and Polyester

Weight: 500 g

Dimensions:38.9 x 38 x 5.9 cm  

Having a cute giraffe print and an attractive variant of green, it also functions like a sling bag with adjustable straps.

In fact, you can also keep your hands free by attaching it to your baby’s pram.

The material is of superior quality, made up of microfiber and polyester lining for long-lasting use.

It’s very spacious and has eight pockets to conveniently arrange everything. A small plastic bag and a changing pad are also provided by the manufacturer.

The zips are modishly connected with one another which helps to open the bag easily and quickly.

It comes in other colors such as orange (giraffe print), grey, and white.

Besides, it’s available at a comparatively reasonable price and is definitely worth your money.  

5. Maternity Backpack by Quirk | Baby Diaper Bag

Material: Oxford fabric inner and Polyester

Weight:520 g

Dimensions:41 x 25.5 x 18 cm  

Unlike many diaper backpacks that are made for occasional travelling and cannot be used frequently, this one is designed for daily use.

It’s quite commodious and you can store a lot of articles in it from diapers and clothing to toys and foodstuff.

Moreover, there are multiple pockets along with water-resistant spaces inside for the separation of damped clothes.

The three standard size pockets in the front can be used for keeping milk or water bottles.

It has a back mouth design and wide straps making it comfortable and easy to carry on your shoulders.

It has an adorable elephant print and is available in some other prints and color combinations like ice cream printed blue, multi-colored print (in grey and black), yellow and grey, pink, and many more.  

6. Polka New Born Baby Diaper Bag

Material: Denim

Weight:689 g

Dimensions: 18 x 40 x 20 cm  

This diaper bag for baby has a beautiful unicorn and polka print.

Its metallic golden shine can complement any casual attire to make you look like a fashionista mommy.

There are 17 pockets in total out of which ten on the inside are for an organized and easy carrying of bottles, diapers, clothes, snacks, towels, and other baby stuff.

There are two stroller loops, a changing mat and an option of shoulder straps, too.

It is fabricated with good quality material and a waterproof sheet. It’s a multifunctional bag which can be later on used for carrying books or garments.

It’s also available in light pink, fruit print (peach pink), and blue.  

7. Economical Baby Diaper Bag

Material: Oxford fabric

Weight:730 g

Dimensions: 43.4 x 32.2 x 1 cm  

With a plain yet cool appearance, this one imparts a stylish look to both mommies and daddies.

It has wide internal storage space and a stylish back opening for additional storage.

It has a durable design with anti-rust metal rivets and tight seaming to protect it from wear and tear.

The straps are broad and easy on the shoulder, keeping your shoulders and spine relaxed.

The fabric is eco-friendly, waterproof, non-fading, soft, and endowed with anti-bacterial properties.

There’s also an attached chain for the secured carrying of keys. Its thirteen pockets are all well-tailored with three of them covered with tin foil for insulation.

The pocket provided inside the bag is made of EUA material for the segregation of dry clothes from wet ones.

You can also place your cell phone in the bag without any apprehension as its anti-theft pocket will keep it completely secured.  

8. Voroly Diaper Backpack | Baby Diaper Bag

Material: Cotton and Oxford Cloth

Weight: 620 g

Dimensions: 27 x 21 x 42 cm  

This nappy bag is available in basic grey, black, and navy blue colors and has a unique rectangular design for more storage capacity.

There are 14 pockets in total and a spacious compartment for keeping laptops and books.

There are three insulated pockets for placing bottles, a back zipper pocket, and a side pocket for keeping tissues separately.

It’s a travel-friendly bag with adjustable straps and a metal zip to enhance the functionality and appearance of the bag.

It has a rugged and portable built that makes it highly reliable for outdoor use.

Moreover, it doesn’t require any special instruction for cleaning and is machine washable.  

9. Luvlap Travel Baby Diaper Bag

Material: Oxford Material

Weight:740 g

Dimensions:25.4 x 18.3 x 40.6 cm  

This is another lightweight and capacious bag with 7 inner and 8 outer pockets (including insulated bottle holders and a hidden pocket for phone).

It’s a two-way carry bag. The back strap is adjustable and can be detached if required.

It can then alternatively be used as a tote bag by using its D-ring handle. Also, the shoulder straps are padded to ensure your comfort while handling the bag.

It has separators for organized arrangement of all the stuff. Besides this attractive variant of green shade, it also comes in nine other striking designs and prints.  

10. Robustrian’s Baby Diaper Bags

Material: Nylon

Weight:720 g

Dimensions:46.5 x 38.2 x 9.9 cm  

It’s an ideal baby bag for mothers, especially for those who don’t prefer any fancy design.

It has multiple pockets with zip closures and a choice between shoulder straps and a tote carrying handle.

As it is composed of oxford fabric, water-tolerant material, and some insulated pockets, there can be no doubt about its ultimate quality and high performance.

Its front pocket holds a capacity of three bottles of 300 ml. There are also small and compact pockets for keeping the phone, wallet, and keys.

The side pockets act as dispensers with easy and quick access to wipes. What’s more, you can also fit in an A4 size file, a mini laptop ora mobile tablet.  

We hope that you’ve found our suggestions helpful in choosing the best diaper bag.

For a mother-baby diaper bags are available in different styles, like sling-style, tote carrying style, shoulder strapped, and many other fancy styles that you will like. Bags have a lot of storage pockets where you can even keep other accessories like wipes, feeding bottles and other baby accessories. 

The design is travel friendly, you can easily carry them when you are heading out with your baby. To some people this might feel as a not so important accessory. But once you buy a baby diaper bag you will realize the necessity of having one. We have recommended you the 10 best baby diaper bags online. They have the most positive ratings online and are especially recommended by India Mothers. 

Every week, we update our blog with information and reviews on various baby products. Follow us for more such useful and interesting articles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the different types of baby diaper bags?

Let’s begin with tote diaper bags. They are very simple and convenient like tote purses. If you like short handles, you can surely go for these bags. However, they have a feminine style and are unlikely to be preferred by men.

Backpack diaper bags are easier to use and are designed like school or hiking bags with several pockets. Even though most of them have a unisex style, nonetheless; the design may vary from one product to another (and even from one brand to another).

Diaper backpacks are comparatively more spacious and help to keep your spine erect. They are great when you plan for a long journey with your baby.

Messenger diaper bags are like typical handbags with numerous spaces and pocket separators. As they are required to be hung on one shoulder, it’s better to use them only when you are heading out for short travels. However, those with sling bag style and adjustable straps can be used for long trips.

Convertible/multipurpose bags include those which can function both as a tote and a backpack bag. These are the most preferred ones as they can be easily adjusted asper to one’s needs.

Can I use a regular bag as a diaper bag?

Diaper bags might seem similar to a regular bag yet they are very different in their overall makeup. They are made with separate spaces for nappies and other things like wipes, milk bottles, baby food, and so forth. Accordingly, there are both big and small-sized pockets and compartments.

Moreover, many baby bags for mom(as they are often called) come up with hidden pockets for the safety of cell phones and keys, which might not be available in an ordinary bag

Which type of diaper bag is best?

There can be no specific answer as to which baby brand and particular nappy bag you should go for. This completely depends on your predispositions.

Nevertheless, if you find yourself in a puddle of confusion, you can go through the following list of best diaper bags available online.

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