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Best Baby Cradle India

Baby cradle :

Looking for a comfortable and safe cradle for your baby? Well, here we are with the Best baby cradle available online. A baby’s personal space is very essential for his/her sound sleep. Baby’s tend to move a lot and so they require space to perform their action.  

To help you with your cradle selection we have our article on “4 Best Baby Cots to Buy Online”, we have reviewed so many cradles and then we have shortlisted the top 4 cradles for you.  

What really are Baby Cradle, Cribs, Cots, Playpen, Playard, and Bassinet?

Basically, all these types of Baby Cribs depend on your baby’s age. Crib/Cots are for newborns of 6-8 months of age.

Now, to understand the physical features of all these baby cradles is: Cots are small beds with closed sidewalls, they also have storage space and come in wood and metal. On the other hand, Baby cribs have very simple sidewalls with no fancy features.

When these baby cribs or Cots in India also come with Baby swings or rockers they are known as Baby Cradles.

For newborns, a very little bed is required which is known as Bassinet, suitable for newborns of 6 months.

Talking about Playard, it’s a spacious area or we can say a big yard to roam, sleep and play.

Why Do you need Baby Cradles/Cots?

A baby cradle is proven to be more than a bed for your baby, it is designed to provide safety to the infant while sleeping as it reduces the risk of injuries from falls when trying to climb out. The sides are too high for the baby to climb and provide no footholds. It provides a comforting and cozy environment for the newborn 

At the early age of the baby, the baby cradle helps to recreate the rocking movement that your baby has gotten used to after staying for 9 months around in the tummy. The rocking movements of the cradle provide a safe and natural environment, which will help your baby to sleep peacefully and get a night of undisturbed sleep.

All our recommended products and reviews are completely unbiased. Our team of experts has tried and tested all these cots for babies.  

Here are the Best Baby Cradles/cots in India: 


1. Baybee Day Dreams Baby Cradle cum Rocker

Product Features:

  • European EN 716 Certified.
  • Made with strong Metal Alloy.
  • Cradle cum Rocker with mosquito net.
  • Foldable and Movable with wheels.
  • Cushioned for baby’s comfort and sleep.
  • Washable liner.
  • Requires basic assembling.
  • Suitable Age: 0 to 5 years.
  • Carrying capacity: 6 kgs.
  • Colors: Blue and Pink.

Product Description:  

Baybee Day Dreams is a baby cradle cum rocking chair made with sturdy alloy metal and BPA-free plastic. This is a very strong and sturdy design that comes with European EN 716 certification.  

This is convertible into a cot cum rocker. It comes with a canopy mosquito net to protect babies from mosquitoes. The canopy is completely adjustable as per your needs it can be half or full.  

This crib is extremely comfortable as it comes with cushioning and fine cotton-like material wrapped around it. All the cloth material is detachable to maintain hygiene.  

It also comes with 360 degree moving wheels for better movement.   This convertible cradle cum rocker for your kid is really a must-have.  

2. Baybee Classic Baby playpen Cot cum Crib

Product Features:

  • Premium Sturdy travel cot.
  • Cushioned height adjustable mattress.
  • Sleek airy mesh walls for airflow.
  • Handy storage pockets.
  • Portable and travel-friendly.
  • Age group: 0 to 15 months.
  • Carrying capacity: 15 kgs

Product Description:  

Baybee Classic Baby cradle swing is extremely premium and luxurious for your little toddler. It will keep your child cozy and comfortable at your home and also while traveling.  

It comes with a cushioned mattress and airy mesh walls that provide airflow and visibility. Also has a removable bassinet, a perfect spot for kids to sleep.

some exclusive features it has are a zipper opening for your kid, a top bar with soft toys for baby’s play, a removable changing table for the baby.   It is very portable and has a push-fold button to pack and carry the whole cot.  

3. Baybee Funsport Baby Playpen Crib/Cradle India

Another cot from Baybee offers great features for baby’s comfort and good sleep.  

Product Features:

  • European EN 716 certified.
  • Convertible and foldable crib.
  • Ventilated with air mesh walls.
  • Cushioned bassinet and mattress.
  • 360-degree wheels.
  • Age group: 0 to 3 years.
  • Carrying capacity: 15 kgs

Product Description:  

Baybee’s Funsport baby cradle is European EN761 certified, very safe, and secure for your baby. Can be easily folded and converted into a crib for kids.

It’s very portable and can be easily carried as it comes with 360-degree wheels

It is extremely comfortable and comes with an adjustable bassinet layer and cushioned mattress for your baby’s sound sleep. All walls are made of airy mesh material for better ventilation and airflow. 

It can be converted into a cot by removing its bassinet layer, designed so well that it actually grows with your own kid. With its convertible feature and extremely durable quality, it is really a must-have baby cradle swing.  

4. Mothertouch Wonder Baby Cradle/Cot

Product Features:

  • Very affordable and lightweight.
  • Safe and comfortable space.
  • Comes with swinging motion.
  • Has a mosquito net and fine quality fabric.
  • Compact and foldable to carry during travel.
  • Anti-slip leg bush for stability.
  • Age group: 0 to 12 months.
  • Carrying capacity: 12 kgs.

Product Description:  

Mothertouch Baby cradle swing is very compact and affordable. It offers a lot of features at a budget price.   The cot is made with high-quality steel pipes and fine quality fabric with an attractive print.

It does not have a mattress but it does come with a mosquito net which is completely washable and protects your kid against mosquitoes.   This cot is very lightweight and compact, it can be easily folded to carry during travel.

It also has a swinging feature where this crib gets convertible into a baby swing.   For better grip and stability it comes with Anti Slip Leg Bush which helps in stability.  

This cot is very affordable and offers a lot of features, it is suitable for kids of age 0 to 12 months and can carry weight up to 12kg.    


5. Kiddery Lyra Baby Cradle Swing with Mosquito Net


Product Features:


  • Has a robust and secure design.
  • Made with premium quality material.
  • Cushioned with soft fabric.
  • Comes with wheel locks.
  • With a protective mosquito net.
  • Available in 6 colors.


Product Description:


Kidder is a Baby product manufacturing firm that produces great quality baby cradles online in India.


This Lyra Baby Cradle has a very robust design that provides a snug and secure fit for your baby. It is made of quality metal and also has a very soft fabric.

It also has a bassinet with a cushioned bed for comfortable sleep. Also, have enough space for your little one to play and spend time.

For additional safety against mosquitos, Kiddery has provided a mosquito net that protects your toddler.

This comes with 4 wheels making it easy to carry around your house and also has wheel locks to prevent sudden accidents.

This cradle is very durable and can serve as the perfect Indian-style baby cradle. With such amazing colors and quality, do not miss this cradle swing.



6. LuvLap Wonderjoy Baby Cradle Swing | Baby Playpen Playard

Product Features:


  • Best Selling Baby Cradle Online India.
  • Comes with European Standard Certification.
  • Made with premium quality fabric and metal.
  • Offer a 3-in-1 utility.
  • Meshy walls for ventilation.
  • With a mosquito net and detachable canopy.
  • Can carry up to 15kgs of weight.
  • Available in 5 colors.


Product Description:


LuvLap is a famous brand in India, they are known for their quality and durable products.

Here is the LuvLapWonderjoy baby cradle swing which is a premium cradle made with quality metal and mesh fabric.

This comes with the European Standard Certification making it very safe and secure. It offers 3 in 1 functionality – it can be used as a rocker, Napper, and also is convertible into a play yard. 

Talking about its physical features it has pockets for storage, a dedicated table for diaper changing, and on the 2 sides, it has mesh walls for ventilation.

It is travel friendly where it can be easily convertible as the canopy can be detached. Additionally, you have a mosquito net for protection against mosquitoes and a toy bar for toddlers to play with.

To carry it around your house it also has wheels that do come with wheel locks for safety.

You will never regret buying this baby crib set as it’s really durable and portable.



7. LuvLap C-80 Baby Cradle Wooden | Detachable Newborn Cradle


Product Features:


  • Premium wooden crib cot.
  • Made with high-quality pine wood.
  • Has multiple height adjustments.
  • Has a convertible and detachable design.
  • Multipurpose usage.
  • Recommended Age is 0-24 months.
  • Has a carrying capacity of 15Kgs.


Product Description:


Another amazing product from LuvLap with a unique and premium design.


LuvLap C-80 is a uniquely designed wooden baby cradle that is completely made with pinewood which makes it very premium. On all 4 sides, it has a wooden railing which makes monitoring of your toddler easy and increases ventilation.

Your baby can sleep, play, or even spend all his day here in this cradle for newborns as it’s very comfortable and spacious.

With storage provided under the cradle, you can store all your baby stuff underneath. Also, this cradle crib is convertible, after certain growth stages you can convert this cradle into a study table.

It has wheels for easy movement and also comes with a mosquito net for protection against mosquitoes.

If you are looking for a wooden baby cradle then you can go with this. With a carrying capacity of 15 Kgs, it’s suitable for toddlers of 0 to 24 months.



8. R for Rabbit Hide and Seek Foldable Baby Cradle Swing Cot/Crib


Product Features:


  • Very compact and modern Cradle.
  • Made with 100% non-toxic plastic.
  • Well ventilated.
  • With a dedicated bassinet layer.
  • Can be used at different growth stages.
  • Mesh walls on 4 sides provide ventilation.
  • Wheels for easy movement.
  • Foldable easy to carry design.
  • Suitable age is 0 to 36 months.


Product Description:


R for Rabbit Hide and Seek Baby Cradle Online India is a very portable and secure baby cradle. This protected cradle can be used at various growth stages of your baby.

When your baby is just 0 to 12 months of age then you can use the bassinet which provides a comfortable sleep. And when your baby grows old to 12 to 36 months then just remove this bassinet and use Baby Bed/Cot.

Talking about physical features it offers a great design with mesh walls on 4 sides making it airy, with a heavy-duty plastic body that makes this very durable, and a pair of 4 wheels that facilitate easy movement.

This can be the right baby cradle online in India as this has all the necessary features for your toddler’s comfort.

It has a carrying capacity of 15 Kgs and is travel friendly with a foldable design.



9. Kiddery Polkamania Baby Cradle Swing with Mosquito Net

Product Features:


  • Very secure and attractive design.
  • Made with quality metal and plastic.
  • Comfortable bedding.
  • With storage space at the bottom.
  • Unibody design with sturdy wheels for movement.
  • Available in 3 colors.


Product Description:


Another great product comes from Kiddery, this one has a very unique design and has ample storage space.

KidderyPolkamania is a triangular baby crib cot that offers a very sturdy cradle and is very comfortable for a toddler. In this cot, your baby can sleep, play, and spend all his time.

Talking about its physical features we have a comfortable bed that is washable and easy to maintain. It also has a mosquito net that protects your newborn against mosquitoes.

For easy movement between different rooms, it also has quality wheels that facilitate smooth movement.

If you want a very affordable yet stylish baby sleeping bed then this is the one you can buy.



10. Comfort Store Baby Cradle Swing India with Mosquito Net

Product Features:


  • Very sturdy and compact.
  • Made with Heavy Duty Aluminium Steel.
  • Has wheels for easy movement.
  • Requires minimal assembling.
  • Has a utility storage space.
  • Very comfortable bedding.


Product Description:


Comfort Store Baby Swing Cradle India is a very sturdy cot that is made with heavy-duty aluminum steel and has got a very attractive design.

Its build quality and looks are unique and also it comes with unique features like a unibody design and a utility space at the bottom of the crib.

Talking about the physical features it has quality fabric and also comes with wheels for smooth movement.

It is available in multiple colors and has a decent carrying capacity. If you are looking for a durable and feature-packed baby cradle then this is the one for your baby.



Buying Guide:

While buying the right baby cradle for your baby you must look for these basic points which will help you buy the right one.


  • Build Quality: Choose cradles that are made of 100% non-toxic material and if you wish you can go with wooden baby cradles.
  • Carrying Capacity: Always look for the carrying capacity of the cradle and choose accordingly.
  • Comfort: A cradle is your baby’s sleeping bed which must be very comfortable and you cannot compromise with it.
  • Wheels: It must have wheels for easy movement in between rooms, making it portable.
  • Convertible: Nowadays, there are swings in the market that can be easily converted into rockers or cribs, choose these types of cradles as they will serve better.
  • Suitable age: Always check for the manufacturer’s suggested age limit and then buy the cradle.

These basic points will help you buy the right cradle for your baby.

This was our buying guide on the Best cradle for Kid, we at Babyswingstore hope that our review was informative and helpful to you.

Final Words : 

Baby cradles or cot is your baby’s personal little space where your baby spends a lot of his time. A baby cradle is a comfortable space where your baby sleeps and dreams. Some cradles are convertible and can be used as a baby swing or cot as your kid grows.

All our suggested cradles are extremely safe and spacious for your toddler. Here we have reviewed the 4 Best Baby cradles available Online. Our honest review will help you find the right baby cradle for your little one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cradle Baby?

A baby cradle is your baby’s first bed where your baby will sleep for the next nine months till he is a newborn. This personal space of your baby is very safe and secure which is fitted with cushioned seats. This cradle can be easily used as a baby swing also so that your baby can enjoy calming vibrations. 

What is the best convertible baby cradle to buy?

The best convertible baby cradle to buy in India is “ Baybee Day Dreams Baby Cradle cum Rocker”, this is one of the best-selling and high rated baby crib on India. This baby cot is made with heavy duty plastic and steel material which is European standard certified. This can be also used as a baby rocker. 

When should you buy a cradle for a baby?

A baby cradle/crib is very useful and necessary for your baby as it is helpful for your baby’s sleep and also provides him his own personal space where your little one can spend his time. Giving babies their own personal space to move comfortably helps them develop a healthy posture and relaxes their body. 

Are Cribs/Cradles Safe for a baby?

Cradles are very safe as many of them come with European standard certification making them very reliable and durable. Keeping the safety of your little one in mind it also comes with side grills that prevent accidental falling of the bed. For comfort and relaxing theses cribs in India have very comfortable bedding which helps maintain good posture and also helps in keeping a flat back. With all these amazing features provided in the cradles in India, they are truly worth buying. 

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