10 Best 2 Seater swing to buy in India JANUARY 2023

2 seater swing

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Are you looking for Best 2 Seater Swing in India?

Now, the wait is over as we are listing the best two-seater swing seats that you can buy online from Amazon. 

Swings are really amazing furniture as they have the comfort with the relaxing feeling that you get while swinging. There are a variety of swing chairs like stainless steel, hammocks, hanging swing chairs, and swing chairs with stands. You can choose the right one as per your need and the space available at your premises. Before recommending the 2 seater swing online in India, we have a basic buying guide for you it will help you buy the right swing for you. 

Before buying the right swing to suit your requirements you must look for:

Material: The material used must be compatible with both indoor and outdoor usage. Other than using it must also comply with the strength to take up enough weight. A swing should be made with rattan wicker or teak wood or stainless steel material. Any swing that is made with these materials is robust and the right one for indoor and outdoor usage. 

Hanging/With a Stand: 2 seater swing for adults comes with an option to Hang with the ceiling or use it with a stand. Hanging a swing requires some installation but if you cannot do it then you can go with a Hammock chair with a stand. 

Dimensions: Every swing has different dimensions so you can look upon it to compare the required space at your premises. Usually, swings have identical dimensions that are appropriate for household usage. 

While selecting these Top 10 Best 2 Seater Swing in India we have kept all these basic buying guide points in mind. You can simply choose these swings as per your own choice. All our recommended products are available online on Amazon. We have shortlisted these products based on user reviews and ratings, and our reviews are completely unbiased.


1. Kaushalendra Indoor and Outdoor 2 Seater Swing Chair 

2 seater swing chair
Our foremost recommendation is a two-seater swing chair that is made with high-quality stainless steel, it is made with a strong iron that has a massive carrying capacity of 300 Kgs. it has a shiny Gray and Black color combination. 

This product is specially crafted for Indoor and outdoor as well, as it’s made with the iron pipe it’s resistant to water or heat. You can place this swing chair 2 seaters in baloney or garden. It is resistant to rusting or any corrosion caused due to heat or water. 

For extra comfort, you can simply place a soft cushion that will get you extra comfort. This swing chair comes with all the necessary accessories like hinges and springs. You can easily assemble this swing as it’s based on DIY Installation. 

The dimensions are 132.1 X 157.5 X 172.7 cms, it’s quite compact and easy to carry in your house. It can hold up to 300 Kgs so at max 4 persons can easily sit at once. 



2. Kaushalendra Swing Hanging Chair 2 Seater Swing 

2 seater swing
A beautiful and robust piece of wooden hammock chair that is made with teak wood. It comes in brown color with around 350 kgs of carrying capacity. This 2 seater swing without stand comes with a glossy finish and precise durability for longer use. 

Yes, it is compatible with both indoor and outdoor usage although it’s wood but still teak wood that’s very rigid towards water and heat. You can place these swings in balconies, backyard gardens, and even indoors. As it’s teak wood it’s meant to last really long. 

You get a 2 seater swing chair without a stand within the package, 8 pies small hooks, 2 pies hook, and ceiling hooks. It s very easy to install this couple swing chair you have to follow some easy steps. 

The dimensions of this garden swing two-seater are 50 X 137 X 40 cms, at once this hammock swing can handle 3 persons. Cleaning and maintenance of this 2 seater swing are very easy, just mild water will do the magic. If you had been looking for a wooden 2 seater swing seat then this is the one for you. 



3. Kaushalendra 2 Seater Swing Outdoor Jhula 

2 seater swing outdoor jhula
Kaushalendra is a very stylish and uniquely designed swing chair that comes with a canopy. This swing chair is made with a robust iron pipe that is resistant to extreme weather conditions like water and heat. 

The canopy attached to this two-seater indoor and outdoor swing is very useful as it provides you shade and protection against heat or rain. This swing can easily accommodate 2 people at once, has a carrying capacity of 350 Kgs. 

You can place this indoor swing chair with a stand on your balcony, backyard, or garden. The canopy is a major highlight of this hammock swing and it’s very useful. 

This swing has a color combination of red and black that gives it elegant look, it is a real must-have if you are also looking for a durable 2 seater swing in India. 



4. Kaushalendra Swing Chair with Stand | 2 Seater Swing Jhula 

indoor double swing chair with stand
This swing chair requires no installation and is made with metal and wood. With this swing chair, you get 2 seater swing seat that has a carrying capacity of 300 Kgs. 

This swing is made with heavy-duty metal and has glossy finish wood that gives the elegant look to this hammock. As it’s made with steel it’s very strong and can serve you a long time. You can use this swing chair at gardens, balcony or even backyards. 

Whether indoor or outdoors this swing can be placed anywhere, as its strong metal has the strength to withstand heat or water. The dimensions of this swing are 48 X 57 Inches and it is very compact and portable to keep at your house. 

It is a 2 seater swing with a stand, so it does not require any tough installation. It can be easily installed as a DIY Installation, you get all the necessary accessories within the package. 



5. Urban Art Store Solid Wood two-seater swing chair set India 

2 seater swing chair online india
Ethnic and traditional-looking swing chair, this swing has got carvings with golden color. Anybody looking at this swing will defiantly ask you where did you get it. 

Talking about the material used, this swing is made with natural wood particularly mango wood and wrought iron. This 2 seater swing is ideal for living room, gardens or balcony. It also has a canopy that protects you against harsh sun or rain. 

As it’s a combination of wood and iron, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. For maintenance and cleaning, you simply need a soft cloth. 

Assembling this swing chair is very easy, as it also follows DIY procedure, you can refer to the instruction module and go on. This is an elegant and designer-looking 2 seater swing online India, if you are also looking for one then you can choose this. 

You don’t need any such special tools in installing this, as it comes with a stand so no hanging it on the ceiling. 



6. Hindoro Outdoor and Indoor Double seater Swing Seat 

Cane double swing with metal stand
Hindoro Swing withstand is a very stylish and designer white-colored swing, it has a round metal stand that acts as the base in this swing. This has an egg-shaped swing that has a carrying capacity of 250 Kgs. 

The dimensions of this swing are 50 X 42 X 84 inches and it makes it an ideal and compact swing to own at your house. It is crafted using Rattan and wicker material, which is known for its tough and rigid performance. 

There is no major installation required with this swing as it comes with a metal stand, for extra comfort just place a cushion in the egg-shaped 2 seater swing. If you are looking for an ultra-modern swing that comes with a stand and can be used indoors as well as outdoors, this one is highly recommended. 



7. Kaushalendra Swing Chair 2 Seater with Stand 

swing chair 2 seater
Kaushalendra Swing Chair is another very famous brand that is offering a traditionally designed metal swing with durability and a swinging experience of a lifetime. 

The main seating board is made with 100% teak wood and the complete frame is made with strong metal. It has dimensions 121.9 X 144.8 X 167.7 cms. And has a carrying capacity of 300 Kgs. 

The color options available are black and brown teak wood seats, they are a perfect combination for a great house. And, the paint is powder-coated which makes it resistant to all harsh weather conditions. 

It hardly requires any assembling or installation as it has a stand that’s very easy to use. You can keep this swing outdoors and indoors also. It can be placed in bedrooms, lawns, gardens,s, and even balconies. 

We highly recommend this very durable hammock chair as it offers leisure sitting and has amazing quality. 



8. Carry Bird 2 Seater Swing for Balcony 

2 seater swing for balcony
Egg-shaped swing chair made with rattan, this is a unibody-designed swing chair that comes with a free cushion and is made with complete metal. 

The material used is very strong and comes resistant to harsh wear and tear. It can handle rains and dust even, it has a powder coating for longer usage. It has a carrying capacity of 110Kgs for a single person at a time. 

A cushion or seat is bundled with the product has is made with polyester making it extremely comfortable to even spend your complete day on that. The looks and design are very modern, we highly recommend this in your house to enhance the look for your space. 

You are buying this product completely risk-free as on Amazon you get a 10 day to return this product even. We highly recommend this product for longer and comfortable swinging. 



9. Unique Handicraft Outdoor two-seater Swing Chair

3 seater swing chair
Duzo Hanging swing chairs come with elegant and modern dual-tone color options. These swing chairs are very stylish and gather the attention of users. 

Ratten wicker swing chair is made with a weather-resistant material that comes with a non-corrosion layer making it extremely durable. Can be placed both indoors and outdoors like in the bedroom or living rooms. For extra protection, the manufacturer has even bundled a cover that prevents it physically when placed outside. 

The carrying capacity of this swing is 130 Kgs and dimensions are 105 X 105 X 195 cms. The installation and portability are much higher. We highly recommend this one under such a price range. 



10. Kaushalendra Swing Sakheda Wooden 2 Seater Swing Chair 

couple swing chair
Under such an affordable budget you are getting an amazing swing chair, it has a metal build with a bronze finish. It can hold up to 130 Kgs and can only handle a single person at once. 

The complete frame is powder-coated for durable and sturdy performance, its resistance to corrosion, and also against harsh sunlight. It makes it a perfect choice for outdoor and indoor usage. 

The dimensions are 32 X 44 X 26 inches, within the package you get a cushion and some accessories to perform the DIY installation. With this swing, you can have a beautiful piece of furniture at your home at a reasonable cost. 



Frequently Asked Questions:

Are 2 Seater Swings that Comfortable?

Two-seater swings available in the market are very comfortable, they are designed to accommodate more than 2 people. In these swings the seating space increased as compared to single seater swings, the material uses in manufacturing has a tendency to hold more weight as compared to single-seaters.

Can a two-seater swing be installed in a small space?

We understand that you have less space but you want to enjoy swinging sitting inside your house. Especially to cater to this need of yours we are offering you swings that can be easily installed in a small space. We are recommending you swing with a stand, which requires less space as compared to hanging swing chairs. You can buy these 2 seater swings with a stand, as they don’t need any special installation in fact very easy when compared to hanging ones.

Which material is best for 2 seater swings?

Since childhood, we tend to believe that steel or iron is the strongest in terms of furniture. But now in 2021, we have other materials like rattan wicker, teak wood, and other metals that are lightweight but have the same durability. For material, you should first select the space where you will store this swing chair, if you are always placing it outside then go with stainless steel it’s durable to extreme heat and water even. And if you will place it indoors it can be wooden or even rattan wicker material is also very durable. In our article with Top 10 2 Seater Swings, you will find the best swings that are available online on Amazon.



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