Top 7 Baby Wooden Cradle to Buy Online JANUARY 2023

Baby Wooden Cradle

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Baby Wooden Cradle :

Ensuring a good sleep for your baby is extremely important to improve its learning, memory, and attention skills.

In fact, bad sleep patterns can have serious consequences on an infant’s physical and mental health like high blood pressure and depression.

Apart from creating an ideal sleeping environment, it’s essential to provide your baby with comfortable and secured bedding. To let your baby relax and enter into a deep state of sleep, the use of cradles is a great option.

They help to subvert agitation and anxiety in babies. This is primarily due to the gentle swaying they provide which is very much similar to the soothing swinging experience inside the womb.

Usually, they are made of two materials – plastic and wood.  

Functioning of a Baby Wooden Cradle

Boasting a complete wooden structure, it has been in use for babies for ages. It is a wood cot having a chain or rope for swinging.

It is designed in a way that produces a comfortable motion and lulls your baby into a peaceful sleep.

The modern wooden cradles are not ordinary swinging bassinets. They come with many sophisticated and smart features to meet the demands of absolute safety and comfort.  

Here’s a list of some of the 7 best wooden cradles for babies that you can browse through :

1. Allegro Baby Wooden Cradle by Baybee

Baby Wooden Cradle

Age suitability:  0 to 24 Months

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 25kgs

Height Adjustability: N/A

Product Weight: 200 g

Dimensions:11.99 x 10.01 x 5 cm

With an appealing frame and an additional cushioning, this baby jhula in wood design is perfect for your infant.

It’s EN Certified and has a swing lock that allows you to use it like simple cot, too. In fact, there are wheel locks and a detachable mosquito net that assure the absolute safety of your little one.

Made out of high quality pine wood from New Zealand, it has a sturdy structure with non-hazardous polishing.

The mattress provided is quite snug and gives great support to the baby’s back. The 6 cm guardrail spacing is just apt to protect your baby without compromising on the comfort.

What’s more, the wheels are made of premium quality and leave no scratches on your floor. It’s also available in a crown design.  

2. LuvLap Baby Wooden Cradle

Age suitability:  0 to 24 Months

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 15kgs

Height Adjustability: Available

Product Weight: 16 kg 200 g

Dimensions: 121.9 x 72.1 x 103.6 cm  

This baby wooden cradle has some amazing features that makes it a great product for your angel.

The wheels are not only secured with locks but can be flipped to make it function like a rocker.

It has storage solutions with an additional cot space underneath, which is quite spacious.

It can be adjusted at 3 lengths and the side railing can be opened to attach the cot with the parents’ bed.

Besides, it provides a smooth and safe swinging experience. The detachable net canopy helps to guard the infant against bugs.

This item comes in 4 other designs too, each having some distinct attributes which make this best baby wooden cradle.  

3. LuvLap Multipurpose Cot

Age suitability: 0 – 12 Months

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 15kgs

Height Adjustability:  N/A

Product Weight: 14 kg 400 g

Dimensions: 106 x 64 x 21 cm

With a classic wooden design, this wooden baby cradle swing and cot is beautifully crafted, boasting the fascinating cherry-red color.

It is a unique product as it can be transformed into a shoe rack, desk or a tea table. Hence, it’s a great money investment.

It fulfills all requirements of convenience, durability and security. It’s easy to move with smooth and detachable wheels that have locks, too.

It is compact and occupies minimal space. A soft and comfy mattress is also provided to keep up with the ease of your baby.

Furthermore, it comes with a net cloth to protect your baby from insect bites.  

4. Wooden baby cradle swing by MeeMee

Age suitability:  0 – 5 years

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 25kgs

Height Adjustability: Available

Product Weight: 21 kg

Dimensions: 116.8 x 66 x 96.5 cm

Available in various elegant colors and designs, this baby wooden jhula is made from premium quality wood material.

It’s sturdy, comfortable, and has an eye-catching appearance which makes it the best wooden baby cradle swing.

The wheels are secured with brakes and the swinging motion is gentle and safe.

The bassinet of the cradle is quite wide with large storage space beneath. The length of the cot can be adjusted at two levels.

It can also be used as a rocker. Moreover, it can be attached to your bed to give your baby a sense of security as it sleeps next to you.

Although it requires self-assembling, the manufacturer does provide the facility of installation across 25 cities within India.  

5. Fancy Wooden Cot

Age suitability:0 – 2 years

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 15kgs

Height Adjustability:N/A

Product Weight: 8 kg

Dimensions: 54.9 x 12.2 x 90.4 cm

This one has a royal design with a lavender-colored net canopy that pleasingly covers the baby wooden cradle.

It is high on portability as it’s lightweight and can be easily folded.

It gives the freedom of height adjustability at different levels, making accommodation comfortable for the growing baby.

The caster wheels of this cool baby cradle provide ease of movement. It’s multi-functional and can be converted into a rocker or a playpen.

Moreover, assembling and dismantling of the product is easy with the help of its instruction manual. You can also choose from the different colors and models that are available.  

6. Dream Time Wooden Cradle For Baby

Age suitability: Up to 1.5 years

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 12kgs

Height Adjustability: N/A

Product Weight: 2 kg 430 g

Dimensions: 49.74 x 25 x 16.5 cm

Boasting a premium brown look, this a-one quality product by R for Rabbit meets all the requirements of a great baby thottil.

It takes complete care of your baby’s security, possessing four lockable wheels and a swing lock.

The size of the crib is wide enough to provide ample of space for your baby to lie down, sit and play with comfort. Top rated and recommended wooden cradle for newborn baby.

It can indubitably be called a modern and advanced palna as it makes no noise while swaying and moving.

The frame of the cradle is strong and secured with sturdy railings and pillars.

The set-up is also very easy with a detailed video available online to guide you through the whole process. You can buy it on EMI, too.  

7. Wooden Thottil by MeeMee

Age suitability: Up to 2years

Weight bearing capacity: Up to 10kgs

Height Adjustability:  N/A

Product Weight: 340 g

Dimensions: 10.2 x 3 x 20.3 cm

With a simple yet attractive design, this cot cum cradle is made with superior quality wood and mesh material.

It has a breathable, detachable and washable insect protection net to keep your baby secured from bugs.

The product is easy to lift, store and transport, owing to its lightweight and high compactness.

There are two sizes available – small and large, that one can choose depending on the weight and size of the baby.

It’s multipurpose and can be used as a cradle, pram, bassinet, carrier, cot ora playpen.

You can undoubtedly go for this product if you want a not-so-showy and budget-friendly cradle for your babe.

With this brief buying guide and a list of some awesome cradles, we hope to that you get the most perfect thottil for your bundle of joy.

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Written by: MahakSaluja

Frequently Asked Questions

Why You should use a Wooden Cradle for Your Newborn Baby?

Unlike those made of plastic, these wooden baby thottils are quite durable and sturdy. In other words, they provide you a long-term value for money. You buy it for your first child and can go on using it for its younger siblings.

As wood furnishings are always crafted in exquisite designs, they have a vintage essence which is certainly pleasing to the eyes. Besides, they are safe as the wooden pillars and bars are less likely to develop sharp corners, toxic polishing, and splinters.

What to consider when buying a Wooden Baby Cradle Swing?

To make sure that you actually buy up a good cradle, always look for the type and quality of wood used in its manufacturing.

And even though most of them have a safe finishing, it’s always best to check for the safety measures yourself.

The edges of the cradle should be smooth and not poky or rough. Nuts, bolts, and other fixtures should be firm, making the joints tight and secured.

Moreover, the paint used should be lead-free having a negligible amount of  VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

For further details on the safety standards, look for the guidelines set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Also, if you purchase a mattress separately for the cradle, do consider a size that comfortably fits inside.

It’s advisable to go for those thottil that give you a warranty for at least two years.

Besides, you must consider the weight, height, and age of your little babe along with the quality of the string or rope used for making it swing.

Where to Buy a Baby Wooden Cradle?

They are easily available both in stores and over globally popular platforms like Amazon. If you prefer e-shopping and wish to search for wooden cradles online, we can surely assist you.

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