10 Best Baby Bather to buy online in India OCTOBER 2022

baby bather

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Baby Bather :

A baby bather, also popular a baby bather chair, is designed to keep newborns safe and comfortable during bathing. It makes it easy for parents to give their babies an uninterrupted and enjoyable shower experience. Babies have tiny bodies that are quite fragile to handle. So, most bathers have a backrest, headrest and footstool to support a child’s body. You can place these bathing chairs in in your wash basin or bathtub, and let your baby bask the sprinkles of the water.

Nevertheless, here are a few precautions you must consider:

  1. Never leave the child alone in a bather. Although most of them have a sturdy structure yet if the baby makes rigorous movements, the bather might not stand steady.

  2. Do not go for the ones that are not safety certified.

  3. Never buy a low quality plastic baby bather. It is very likely to have poky edges and does not guarantee the safety of little ones.

To further assist you in finding a good baby bather, we’ve sorted a list of the top 10 baby bathers online in India.

1.  MeeMee Infant Baby Bather

 infant baby bather

Brand: Mee Mee

Material: Plastic

Manufacturer’s Recommended Age: Up to 2 years

Item Weight:
‎1 kg 420 g

‎35 x 7.5 x 42.5 cm

Pros: This turquoise coloured infant bather is made of premium quality plastic and soft mesh. In fact, it is available in three more colours and designs. The edges of its seat are cushioned to make your baby feel comfortable.

Further, it boasts a padded headrest and a footrest, and is easy to fold. And to ensure your little one’s safety, it has a anti-skid design at the base which keeps the bather balanced. It can be adjusted at three different positions – reclining, sitting and sleeping.

There are issues with the size of this baby bather. Many parents have complained that it cannot accommodate babies who are slightly bigger in size, though the manufacturer recommends it for babies up to 2 years.

Conclusion: It’s a travel-friendly bather, owing to its compact design. Moreover, it is not a very expensive product, so you can definitely try it. We suggest this for babies not above the age of six months.


2.  Mastela Newborn Baby Bather

newborn baby bather

Brand: ‎Mastela

Material: Steel and Plastic

Manufacturer’s Recommended Age: Not Specified

Item Weight: 500 g

Dimensions: ‎20 x 15 x 5 cm

Pros: Firstly, it is a fully-assembled product so, you won’t be required to go through the tedious installation tasks. Then, it boasts a rugged steel frame and a soft sling which is easy to wipe and clean.

It also has a three-position backrest and, the head support cushion is removable. This bathing chair for baby is very easy to place in your sink or bathtub. Moreover, it comes with a great offer of buy one and get one free.

Cons: Some buyers don’t find the quality of its cloth up-to the mark.

Conclusion: Nonetheless, the overall rating of the product is good. Besides, it comes with a very good money-saving deal.

3.  R for Rabbit Bathing Chair

bathing chair

Brand: R for Rabbit Baby Products Pvt Ltd

Material: Not Specified

Manufacturer’s Recommended Age: Not Specified

Item Weight: 1 kg 280 g

Dimensions: ‎34.6 x 33.2 x 7.8 cm

Pros: This cute baby bather takes good care of your little angel’s safety. It is EN 71 certified and has an anti-skid design to provide firm grip at the base. The soft mesh sling and the detachable head support keeps the baby relaxed and comfy.

You can adjust it at three different positions as per your baby’s convenience. It is portable and easy to store due to its close-packed frame. You can buy it in either pink, blue or green colour.

Cons: The mesh is a little slippery and there’s no belt to properly hold very small babies.

Conclusion: If you want a baby bather for a 6 month old, then we surely recommend this one.



4.Luvlap Baby Bathing Chair

baby bathing chair

Brand: ‎Universal Corporation Ltd

Material: ‎Plastic

Manufacturer’s Recommended Age: Up to 9 months

Item Weight: ‎1 kg 290 g

Dimensions: ‎33 x 33 x 36 cm

Pros: This amazing new born baby bather is available in several prints and shades. It is especially designed for babies up to 6 months of age who cannot sit up properly. It has a sturdy metal structure, a wide base (non-skid) and is engineered with non-toxic materials. All its edges are padded to avoid any injury to the baby.

Also, it can be reclined in different positions and has a cushion headrest with an extended footrest to keep the babies at ease. What’s more, the fabric of this baby bather is quite soft and can be washed in a washing machine.

Cons: As already mentioned, it is specifically for 6-month-old babies and so, buyers have faced problem with it for babies older than this specified age.

Conclusion: Some parents do not like using bathing seats when the baby complete its six months. So, if you’re also looking for a temporary bather, this is a good pick.


5. Luvlap Bath Chair

bath chair

Brand: ‎Universal Corporation Ltd

Material: ‎Plastic

Manufacturer’s Recommended Age: Up to 9 months

Item Weight: ‎1 kg 290 g

Dimensions: 3 x 33 x 36 cm;

Pros: With a 3-position adjustable feature, compact design and soft mesh, it meets all the requirements of an ideal bath chair for babies. In addition, it has a steel structure with cushioned sides, head support and a footstool to give your baby maximum comfort.

The base of this bather is quite wide which prevents it from skidding off. Since it is lightweight, ultra compact and easy to store, you can carry it with you while travelling. It also designed specifically for 6 months old babies.

Cons: Some buyers complained about the structure of this baby bather as it bends when the baby makes a lot of movements.

Conclusion: As to its bending issue, we suggest that you don’t place it directly on the bathroom floor and use it in an enclosed space like a bathtub or washbasin.


6. Luvlap Newborn Bather

newborn bather

Brand: ‎Universal Corporation Ltd

Material: ‎Plastic

Manufacturer’s Recommended Age: Up to 9 months

Item Weight: ‎1 kg 290 g

Dimensions: 33 x 33 x 36 cm

Pros: The cute fox print and the aqua colour of this baby bather is absolutely fascinating. It has a steel frame, an anti-skid bottom and is composed of zero toxic components. All its corners are cushioned to protect your baby against any physical harm.

It can be adjusted at various reclining positions. There’s a head support and a slightly raised footrest to posit the baby comfortably. Furthermore, the cloth covering of this bath chair for newborn baby is tolerant of machine wash.

Cons: Few buyers are not satisfied with the quality of the fabric and the plastic hinges which can cause trouble within a few months of use.

Conclusion: If you’re not planning to use a bather for a long time then this one is perfect for you.

7. MeeMee Baby Bather

baby bather

Brand: Mee Mee

Material: ‎Plastic

Manufacturer’s Recommended Age
: Up to 2 years

Item Weight
: ‎1 kg 320 g

Dimensions: ‎35 x 7.5 x 42.5 cm

Pros: Having a classic white colour and a lavish bathtub design, this is another best baby bather. It is an ergonomically engineered product that keeps up to the standards of international safety.

It has round edges and is quite spacious in comparison to other bathers. The padding of the seat is firm yet soft. And as it has a proper tub-like structure, your baby is unlikely to fall off. Moreover, it is made up of supreme PVC material so you can assure yourself of its durability.

Cons: Even though this baby bath chair has a wide frame, the overall size this product is quite small.

Conclusion: It’s suitable for babies having a small physique.

8. Mastela Bather for Baby

bather for baby

Brand: Mastela

Material: Not Specified

Manufacturer’s Recommended Age: Not Specified

Item Weight: ‎1 kg 300 g

Dimensions: ‎55 x 31 x 35 cm

Pros: Unlike other baby bather for newborns, this one is quite spacious and large. In fact, you can also use it when giving a body massage to your infant, owing to the relaxation provided by its footstool and headrest. You can also detach the head support when not required and set the position of the bather as per your baby’s comfort.

Cons: The joints of this bather are not flexible and you are likely to face problem in opening it up. Moreover, they might take some time to loosen up a bit.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a simple bather, you can surely go for this one.

9. Summer Infant Baby Bather

baby bather online

Brand: ‎Sunbaby

Material: Plastic and Steel

Manufacturer’s Recommended Age: ‎Up to 12 months

Item Weight: ‎1 kg 200 g

Dimensions: ‎55 x 30 x 40 cm

Pros: Available in 25 assorted colours and cool animal prints, it is constructed of high-quality and non-toxic plastic. The overall structure is made from sturdy metallic frame with a wide base for better stability.

It has a soft net fabric with fluffy padding to support the baby’s body. The base is made from rubber material to avoid skidding on the wet surface of the bathrooms. You can recline it at three different levels.

Cons: The headrest might not be very comfortable for some babies.

Conclusion: Without a doubt, this bather for kids is an excellent product.

10. Luvlap Baby Bather Seat

baby bather seat

Brand: ‎Universal Corporation Ltd

Material: ‎Plastic

Manufacturer’s Recommended Age: Up to 6 months

Item Weight: ‎420 g

Dimensions: ‎54.5 x 54.5 x 20.3 cm

Pros: The best part about this baby bather is its unique structure. It has a curved shape like that of a human, so as to give absolute support to your infant’s body. The bottom has vacuum suction pads to provide stability on slippery surfaces. What’s more, it has a grip handle for the mothers to firmly hold the bather, whenever required. It comes in four fascinating colours – blue, pink, green and yellow.

Cons: The suction cups are indubitably excellent but at times they might get completely glued to the surface they are placed on.

Conclusion: Nevertheless, one negative factor cannot make us overlook its smart design which gives ease to both parents and babies.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you use a newborn bather?

A bather is like a chair which can be placed on the bathroom floor, sink or a bathtub. You just have to put the baby on it and adjust the backrest at a comfortable position.

Are bath seats safe for babies?

Yes, they are absolutely safe. But please make sure to check the quality of material used and the safety standards of the product.

Does a 1 year old need a bath seat?

Some parents stop using a bath seat as soon as the baby turns one. However, you can continue to use it until the age of two.

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