10 Best Wooden Zula for Home India MAY 2023

wooden zula for home

Are you looking for a Wooden Zula for Home? We at BabySwingStore are here to recommend to you an amazing list of the 8 best swing chairs that you can easily buy online from Amazon. These are hanging Zula for homes that are specially made from wood. Although we have divided the article into 2 different aspects, here you can get both a wooden swing chair and even a cotton rope swing chair. It depends on your need but still, we are recommending both options. 

While recommending you all these options we have been keeping in mind the basic needs that one has in mind before buying a swing chair/wooden zula for home. Our basic requirements include getting you a swing that can be used indoors and outdoors as well. One that requires very basic maintenance as well as installation too. All these swing chairs are highly recommended by reviewers and customers that shop online from Amazon. 

We strongly believe that you will like all our product recommendations for a wooden zula for home that we are choosing every product specifically from Amazon. 

Here are the 8 Best Wooden Zula for Home: 


1. Avika Bamboo Cane Swing | Wooden Zula for Home 

Wooden Zula for Home


  • Avika is a really famous brand that offers you amazing quality with complete quality assurance. This brand offers you multiple options when it comes to buying the right swing wooden zula for home. 

  • Avika brand will be repeated in our list of these 8 best wooden zula for home. We are encouraging you to buy these wooden swings for home because it helps the craftsmen of India to prosper their products through online sales. 

  • This wooden zula online is made using cane wood material that is very elastic and thus it can serve you for a very long purpose. It can be used both indoors and outdoors as well. So you can use it without any second thoughts. You can install it on your balcony or even indoors. 

  • The load capacity is 150 Kgs and it can handle a single person at a time. It is available in natural wooden color but yes for the shine it comes with a little polish on top. 

  • For extra comfort, while sitting on the swing you can always put a cushion, but that’s not bundled with the product itself. 

  • It’s a completely hand-crafted product and thus it’s slightly on a costlier side than a rope swing or any other swing. But it is a complete value for money product. 

  • For more information on the product, you can click on the “Buy Now” button and then buy accordingly. 


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2. Cane Arts Bamboo Cane Swing | Wooden Zula for Home Online 

Wooden Zula for Home


  • Cane Arts is also offering wooden swings that are made using natural wood and there is no plastic or metal that is involved in the product. 

  • The swing offers you a dimension of 40 X 40 X 38 cms and thus it makes it a very compact and easy to install option. Such swing chairs can be installed anywhere at your house. So this even if you have less space like a flat or so you can manage to buy them. 

  • The product is completely hand-crafted and thus it has a precision and quality of a standard. You can rely on this product for comfort and durability as well. 

  • The carrying capacity of the swing is 150 Kgs, it can handle one person at once. It’s available in a slightly yellowish color giving it a very natural and wooden look. 

  • The product itself weighs around 5 Kgs that makes it very lightweight and you can install it easily. For installation, you need basic hooks that are attached to your ceiling. 

  • It’s a very durable and very affordably priced product, so if you are looking for one then you can get more information by clicking on Buy Now button below. 

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3. Avika Bamboo Rattan Cane Swing Chair | Wooden Zula for Home Online 

Wooden Zula for Home


  • Another amazing and stylish product from Avika. As we said there are a few brands online on Amazon that are very famous when it comes to wooden swings online. If you buy products of these brands then you cannot go wrong in buying the right product for you. 

  • Here this product has a different design than the previous one and is very comfortable. It provides you with a 360-degree egg shaped swing chair, in this swing chair one always feels a complete sofa chair-like feeling. This is compatible for both adults and kids as well. 

  • For kids, this swing is very comfortable and safe as well because it a covered from all sides and they will not fall of from this swing. 

  • It is made using Rattan and wicker material that makes it very durable for long-term usage. 

  • This is available in proper teak brown color and will suit the interior of any house. Usually, we have a brown color and thus it will be ideal for any household. 

  • The dimensions of the product are 31 X 26.5 X 47 inches. So it is a compact product. It can be easily installed indoors or outdoors as well. Whether it is your balcony or indoors your room can be easily installed. 

  • Since it’s made with natural wood, no water or sunlight can damage it. The weight-bearing capacity of this wooden zula for home is 150 Kgs, so at a time it can handle only a single person. But as parents, you can carry your kids in your lap and swing with them. 

  • For more information on these wooden hanging zula you can click on the “Buy Now” button below. 

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4. Curio Centre Soft Wooden Zula for Home | Wooden Zula for Home | Hanging Zula Online 

Wooden Zula for Home


  • Curio is another popular brand online that sells quality products online on Amazon. These swing chairs are also based on cotton but they have various models that offer different comfort and support. Here we are recommending a model that comes with a cushion-based material and design. 

  • This curio swing is priced under Rs. 2000 and thus offers a complete value for money also. The dimensions of the swing are 10 X 10 X 5 cms, so it makes it enough spacious for a single person to sit at once. It’s a stylish-looking swing that is compatible with the interior and exterior as well. 

  • This wooden zula for home can be hung on your ceiling or outside on your balcony also. Heat or water can cause no damage to this swing chair. With a lightweight, it is a very portable and easy-to-deploy swing. This hanging zula online has a quality assurance that it is very safe and comfortable. 

  • These swings are available in multiple colors making it a very good deal under such a good budget. The product itself only weighs 350 gms and is very compact. It can be installed at independent and flats as well. 

  • It has a carrying capacity of 150 Kgs and thus it makes it a perfect combination for a very ideal and comfortable swing. If you have a balcony or any other open space then you can definitely go with this swing. 

  • For more information and other things on the Hanging Zula online, you can click on the “Buy Now” button below. 

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5. Patiofy Home Swing Chair | Wooden Zula for Home | Wooden Hanging Zula

Wooden Zula for Home


  • Patiofy is a very famous brand that is famous for wooden zula for home. They have been market leaders in online sales when it comes to these rope cotton swing chairs. If you are willing to buy swing chairs that are lightweight and yet fit into your budget then Patiofy is a go-to brand for it. 

  • Patiofy Hanging Chair for home that we are recommending is an entry-level product. The pricing, looks, and everything are entry-level. If it is your first-time experience with swing chairs then this product is right for you. Since it is not a very designer or premium category swing. 

  • This swing chair is designed with sturdy cotton ropes and a round wooden frame that provides it the right durability and carrying capacity. 

  • The dimensions are 28 X 28 X 58, it being a compact swing will be very easy to assemble and install as well. 

  • It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors as well, so whether you have a balcony or any indoor place you can easily manage installing it. With the swing, the installation materials come in handy so you can easily use it to hang the swing with your ceiling. 

  • If you are looking for budget wooden zula for home options then Patioy Hanging Chair for Balcony is strongly recommended. For more info on the product, click on the “Buy Now” below. 

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6. Kasuhalendra Swing Chair Jhula Indoor and Outdoor | Wooden Zula for Home 

Wooden Zula for Home


  • Kaushalendra is a brand that is well known for its branded swing chairs that come with quality, durability, and brand value. All the products are rated very good and thus they are bestsellers when it comes to wooden zula for home that is big sized. 

  • Like if you have very good open space then you can actually afford to keep one at your place, what you need is a big space to have such big size swing chairs. 

  • Initially, you will need a better installation because these are heavy swing chairs that require a hefty installation for the first time. But then thereafter you need not worry about any maintenance or anything. 

  • The dimensions are 50 X 137 X 40 cms and the carrying capacity is 350 Kgs. It can be used for both adults and kids as well. So whether you are buying it for your kids or you, you will enjoy this to the fullest. 

  • The quality of metal and wood used in this Wooden Hanging Zula for Home Indoor is top quality, it can be placed indoors and outdoors as well. 

  • So you can use it without fear of it getting damaged by heat or water. And you get an unmatched seating capacity of 3 people at once. So, you can just relax and enjoy the fun of having a new space at your house. 

  • You can enjoy swinging, sitting on the swing you can read or work even. For kids this is will be fun as it resembles a garden swing chair, so if you are looking for a real garden-like swing then Kaushalendra Wooden Swing for Home indoor is the perfect option. 

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7. Patiofy D-Shape Wooden Zula for Home | Hanging Zula in Balcony 

wooden zula for home


  • Patiofy is the first brand that we are recommending to you here and it is such a fantastic brand that once you land in buying a single product, you might wanna order all the products that they manufacture. So yes, here we are with a brand new product launched by Patiofy. 

  • Here is a D-Shape swing chair that gives you excellent comfort and offers complete value for money. It is priced only under Rs. 1500 so it is quite affordable and as said earlier very durable. The weight of the swing chair itself is 2 Kgs and the carrying capacity is 120 Kgs. 

  • Whether it is you or your kids anybody will just love sitting on this swing chair. It is a single-seater Wooden Swing for Home Indoor, but yes you can still sit along with your kids and enjoy a joyful day. 

  • And talking about the place to install it, it is compatible to be installed at indoor and outdoors both. So you don’t need to worry much about its installation. The next factor is the dimensions of this wooden zula for home, well they are 24 X 25 X 60 ( Length X Breadth X Full-Length). 

  • It is a compact swing chair that will help you enjoy your days, you can get away with those traditional sofa chairs that you have at your house. So the best thing about getting a Wooden Swing for Home Indoor will be getting a new corner at your existing space where you can actually enjoy your day. 

  • So if you want to buy a swing chair other than wooden material, then this Patiofy cotton swing chair is the best option. And, if you are interested in a different design or shape then you can choose to buy our next recommendation. 

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8. Patiofy Double Seater Wooden Zula for Home | Hanging Zula Online 

Wooden Zula for Home


  • Nothing can beat a double-seater swing chair. Here we are featuring a double seater swing chair on which you can enjoy swinging with you, your family, or kids even. Kids get to have a new Funtime playing area and you get a new corner to spend time with them. 

  • A double seater has a lot of advantages over the normal modern jhoola for living rooms. The size is not much bigger, it has dimensions 30 X 30 X 5 cm. It is highly compact and you can get it easily installed with the accessories that are bundled with the product. 

  • It comes in many colors and also offers a colorful cushion. So yes, you can choose one as per your existing interior color options. All the swing chairs by Patiofy can be easily installed whether you want them indoors or outdoors.

  •  Even when you want it to be installed on a balcony, garden, or any other place. You can get it installed indoors because they have such great color options available. 

  • With every swing chair, you get an installation kit so without any headache, you can get it installed at your place. It is as simple as any other DIY that only takes 20 mins. So if you are looking for a durable cotton macrame swing chair then Patiofy Hanging Chair for Balcony.


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9. IRA Furniture Bamboo Rattan Cane Swing Chair

  • IRA Furniture Bamboo Rattan Cane Swing is an ideal piece of furniture for your living room or balcony. In this product, rattan wood is used in conjunction with a thicker cushion material that is mixed with cotton.

  • This swing has dimensions of 63 L x 50 W cm and can accommodate a maximum weight of 150 kilograms. In addition, it takes up little space and is easy to install anywhere in the house.

  • Furthermore, the product comes with a 360-degree rotating spring and steel rods that can be used as needed. The rods are equipped with a high-quality chain that is not prone to rusting.

  • The swing is easy to maintain, but you should avoid frequent exposure to water. Whenever you are cleaning, it will be best if you use a dry cloth.  

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10. HM SERVICES Single Seater Cane Wood Swing Chair with Cushion

  • This Cane wood swing chair is made from Bamboo wood and is entirely eco-friendly. Essentially, it means that there is no plastic present or any other product that may be harmful to the environment.

  • This swing has dimensions of 159 x 49 x 89 cm and is equipped with a capacity of approximately 150 kilograms when loaded quickly. The swing can be easily assembled by a single person. You do not have to worry about taking up any additional space in your living room or balcony where you place it. 

  • All that is needed to install this is a pair of hooks so it can be attached. It is lightweight, weighing only five kilograms. The product is quite durable, and it is also quite affordable for a person to purchase. You will be able to match it with your modern or traditional aesthetic, and it will provide a classy look to your home. 

  • It has a comfortable space so a person can easily fit in and sit comfortably. It is precise and high quality and you can really rely on this when it comes to durability. 

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Conclusion: 10 Best Wooden Zula for Home

This was our brief article on Wooden Zula for Home. These Swing Chairs are very durable and can serve you for years. We have been recommending you these options so that finding a suitable product online becomes an easy task for you. Here we are recommending you the best-selling and best-rated swing chairs online on Amazon. 

Our major emphasis is on wooden swing chairs, these wooden zula for home are made from bamboo material and thus serve you a lot better than any other swing. They are compatible with water and dust even. So be it any natural phenomenon it can survive anything as its wooden. Not only wooden but we have also mentioned a few cotton rope swings so that you have all kinds of options. 

If you are looking for wooden then you can choose a swing or you can choose to have rope swings. We at BabySwingStore hope that our recommendations help you a lot. 

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