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Patiofy Swing Chairs & Hammocks

Swing Chair or Jhula or Hammock Chair, whatever you call a swing chair. These are the upcoming and modern seating spaces that are replacing traditional furniture like Sofa or Chairs. These swing chairs provide you with comfortable seating, luxurious looks at your space, and functionality. The biggest advantage of getting a swing jhula or swing chair in India is that you get a new corner in your own space where you can spend your personal time. Unlike some chairs, swing chairs are strongly recommended over any other piece of furniture.

Patiofy Round C-Shape Swing Chair (White)Rs. 2499
Patiofy Square Shape Swing Chair (White)Rs. 2999
Patiofy Square Shape Complete Cushion Swing (Brown)Rs. 2999
Patiofy Double Seater / 2 Seater Swing (Black-White)Rs. 4999

“Patiofy” is not just a brand for us it is an emotion that we try to deliver to our customers. The emotion that gives you a feeling of comfort, durability, easy installation, and a product that you can completely rely on to rest on. We are a Made in India brand that is selling the finest quality swing chairs in the India Market. From manufacturing to selling all the operations are being carried by us, thus we are able to offer a competitive and affordable price. Shop Local & Support Local. 

These hammock swing chairs are basically modern seating options and they are absolutely graceful to decorate the ambiance of your space. A swing chair or hammock swing in very simple terms is a Hanging Jhula that is attached to the ceiling of your house, using hooks & hinges. With just minimal installation you can decorate your space, have a beautiful seating space and enjoy the luxury of a jhula for home. 

For every different space, you have separate choices for the variety of swings. A common myth is that a hammock swing is only suitable for home but that’s not true. Even if you have a casual seating space or an office then you can place a swing there too. For every space as per the ambiance, interior, and need you can choose from our collections at Patiofy Swings. 

Buying Guide: What to check before buying a swing chair or jhula in India. 

A buying guide is one that guides you on How to buy a product. It will help you choose the best swing chair as per your requirements. We at Patiofy have ensured good quality so, among all the products, you will get equal durability and material quality. Yes, with some products we have bundled a very soft and memory foam cushion that provides absolute comfort while sitting on the swing chair. We always ensure that you buy a hammock swing or jhula for home with a cushion. 

A cushion increases the seating comfort of a swing chair, even after hours of seating you will not feel tired or even feel like you are sitting on a swing. Other than the swing cushion you also get hanging accessories. The hanging accessories are a must with this swing chair, as they help you hang it properly and you can even do height adjustments for better comfort. 

Here are some very important points from our buying guide that will help you choose the right swing chair in India. 

Size: The size of the swing matters a lot because a swing chair is majorly all about its size and dimensions. We at Patiofy Swings have ensured that the size of the swing chair must be convenient per general usage in your space. We have kept a general size just like you have a universal size in apparel.

So, after them, the size variation only varies if you choose a different shape. About the shape of the swing, we will discuss it in our next point. But to conclude the size as a buying factor, for all the hammock and jhula for home the sizes are written with respective products. So you can choose accordingly. 

Shape: The shape of the Zula for home matters a lot. See we at Patiofy manufacture swing chairs in various shapes and sizes. At our online store, you will find swing chairs that are round shapes, U-Shaped, C-Shapes, and a complete hammock style where you have better back support. So you can choose among different shapes, as per your space.

And, once again the shape of the swing chair is dependent on the available space that you have. The common C-shape or round swing chairs have a general space requirement, but it’s always better to compare your space dimensions with the product. 

Material Quality: Material quality is a very big factor that helps you decide on the right Zula for home. We at Patiofy believe in superior quality products only. So all our products come with quality assurance and all of them are made using premium quality cotton ropes and stitched in macrame design.

The material used is compatible with both indoor and outdoor places. We as a brand literally guarantee that you will get an extremely durable product that can withstand all the damages or wear & tear. Every product is manufactured by artisans and is completely handmade.

All the swing chairs and Zula for home are made in Indian brands, so by shopping at Patiofy you are also supporting Indian craftsmen. 

Placement: The placement is important before you decide on buying a hammock chair swing chair and a Zula for Home. The placement can be either indoors or outdoors, but this is very very sure that the material used is very premium and top-notch. You can easily use the swing chair for home at all places. We even offer you different color combinations so that you can match them with your existing space interior. All the royal colors like White, Black, Golden, and many others are available at our Patiofy Swing Store. 

Installation: The installation is a major step because if it is painful then it will spoil your whole swinging experience. The installation of hanging swing chairs in India is very easy and convenient, we at Patiofy have manufacturers Zula for Home that require a basic installation. Within the package, you will get all the installation accessories like chains and S-Shape hooks. With the chain, you will be able to modify and adjust the length of the swing chairs. So, with Patiofy swing chairs in India, you get easy installation.

Within 20 minutes you can install your swing or Zula for Home it is purely based on DIY. This was our very detailed buying guide, hope it really helps you make efficient decision making on the right swing chair to choose from. If you use this particular buying guide then you can buy the right swing chair to match your requirements in only 5 minutes. Read this quick 5-minute buying guide before buying a Zula for Home.