How to reduce food wastage at home?????

Plan ahead, shop mindfully

1. make a grocery list and stick to it 

2. tries to shop every Saturday or Sunday to prep for the week ahead

3. Do not go to the grocery store hungry 

Store food properly

1. stowing apples separately from other fruit

2. keeping mushrooms in paper bags rather than plastic so they don’t get slimy

3. putting a paper towel inside the bag you keep your greens in to absorb excess moisture 

Scrap cooking

1. Carrot tops, can be repurposed into a delicious pesto 

2.cranberry sauce could be used to whip up seasonal cocktails or be enclosed in puff pastry 

3. pumpkin skin is just as edible as the flesh – sauteed with oil, the peel softens right up. 

Disposal and composting

1. Don't need to throw something out just because the expiration date on the package has passed 

“Your nose and your tongue are going to tell you whether it’s gone bad far better than the date is going to.”