Call of Duty Warzone 2: What is the Gulag?

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 brings conflict to Al Mazrah on a massive scale, 

with matches of up to 150 players spread out across a map that has 18 major points of interest. 

Also returning in Warzone 2 is the Gulag, though it looks a little different this time around. 

The 2v2 aspect of the Gulag in Call of Duty:  

Warzone 2 is a significant change given Gulag matches in the original Warzone were only 1v1.  

Some players have expressed concern that the expanded format might bring a level of unfairness, as a good player might be partnered with a teammate who's new or can't really help. 

Thus far, there don't appear to be any of the game-breaking bugs around the Gulag that sometimes appeared in the first game 

and Gulag matches are potentially balanced by including players 

who were all eliminated at roughly the same time. 

The new Gulag is a roughly symmetrical, small-scale arena built for 2v2 combat