10 Best Hanging Swing for Balcony in India

Hanging Swing for Balcony

Are you looking for Hanging Swing for Balcony? Balconies are a favorite spot for a lot of us and they become the best place to spend time, get entertained, and spend time with kids. People have an unmatched feeling about balconies as they enjoy those places. We at BabySwingStore would like to tell you the Top 10 Hanging Swing for Balcony where you can enjoy singing, reading, and burst your stress. 

Balconies are a compact space where you need something very comfortable, consume less space, look eye-catching, and also fulfill the main purpose of a Swing Chair. Buying baloney swings online is just like buying furniture for your place. We are also recommending the balcony hanging swings that are modern, have a mesmerizing and refreshing comfort level. Even at a compact balcony of yours, these balcony swing chairs will become an addictive corner for you. 

While you are looking for swing chairs in India online we are recommending you the best picks that you can buy online. We are following a very static buying guide that includes the criteria, based on which we are recommending the Top 10 Hanging Swing for Balcony online. All our recommended options are available online on Amazon. 

Here are the Top 10 Swing Chairs for Balcony:


1. Aryan Jhula Hanging Swing for Balcony | Two Seater Swing Chair for Balcony 

Hammock Chair Swing in India


  • Aryan Jhula is a swing chair that is made using rattan wicker material, this material resembles some durable plastic but it’s very different from that. It has the same durability but this material is more resistant to harsh weather conditions like water or heat. 

  • This swing chair has 100+ ratings on Amazon, all the customers have given very positive feedback for this balcony swing. You get a swing that is priced affordably under Rs. 5000. 

  • It has dimensions 165 X 105 X 72 Cms and has a massive carrying capacity of 200Kgs. The item weight itself is 13 Kgs, still, it supports the DIY installation. You simply need the required hinges attached to your Ceiling to install this swing chair for the balcony. 

  • This Hanging Swing for Balcony is completely washable and made with very durable polyester material, once you buy the product you will never regret the decision if you have been already looking for such a swing. 

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This was our very first product recommendation, we are keeping in mind the Indian taste and the corresponding needs. 


2. Kaushalendra Hanging Swing for Balcony | Stainless Steel Swing Chair for Balcony 

Hanging Swing for Balcony


  • Kaushalendra is a famous company that manufactures durable steel swings, these stainless steel swings are very durable and are meant for all weather conditions. They are single-seater Balcony Swing Chair and have a carrying capacity of 120 Kgs. 

  • It has dimensions like 76.2 X 63.5 X 106.7 cms, these dimensions are very common for a swing chair, with these dimensions this can easily fit into any balcony or small space. It is now that these balcony hanging swings are restricted to balconies, you can even install them in gardens or living rooms. 

  • The high-quality steel comes with an anti-corrosion coating, so it will serve you for many years. You can even place a cushion for extra comfort. 

  • This balcony swing chair online in India comes with easy installation, you simply need hinges connected to the ceiling for easy installation. 

  • It has many positive reviews and feedback on Amazon, it even comes with a Warranty of 6 months. If looking for a Stainless Steel Hanging Balcony Swing, then you can prefer to choose this one. 

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3. DMosiac Hanging Swing for Balcony with Cushion | Balcony Hanging Swings with Stand 

Hanging Swing for Balcony


  • DMosiac is another very popular brand that is selling on Amazon. When you think of swing chairs for the balcony, then you need something that’s very attractive and modern in design. 

  • This swing chair is made with Metal and rattan wicker material, comes with a stand you don’t need any special installation also, just place the stand and your swing chair is ready for use. 

  • It is priced under Rs. 10000, the most budget balcony swing that is available in India. You get this swing in multiple colors, it has dimensions 61 X 91.4 X 116.8 cms. It is very easy to install on your balcony and even as indoor swings. 

  • Since it’s made with stainless steel and rattan wicker material too, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. It has a massive carrying capacity of 120 Kgs and the product itself weighs only 15 Kgs. 

  • It has a very large installation as it only has a stand that can be placed at various places. We strongly recommend this swig chair as a Hanging Swing for a Balcony with Stand. 

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4. Zilver Handcrafted Rattan/Cane Hanging Swing for Balcony 

Hanging Swing for Balcony


  • Wooden/Cane Swings have no comparison with any other material swing, these cane swings have a very designer look that is appealing and attractive to look at. We strongly suggest going with these swing chairs as they provide value for money, and look so mesmerizing. 

  • Here we are recommending you a Handcrafted Rattan/Cane swing chair that has a beautiful U-Shaped seating space, it is more of an egg-shaped balcony swing. You can place a cushion for extra support and comfort. 

  • The swing chair is priced so affordably only under Rs. 6000 and has such compact dimensions 65 X 65 X 125 cms. Whether it’s your balcony, living room, or some backyard garden, this can fit at multiple places. 

  • It is made with rattan/cane material so it’s compatible with both indoor and outdoor conditions. So without a second thought, you can place it on a balcony, it can handle water, heat, or even dust. 

  • With such a beautiful design and made with cane material, this hanging swing for balcony is one of its kind. You will get addicted to this Hanging Swing for Balcony and it might become a new place to hang out for you. 

If you have been looking for a Cane Balcony Swing Chair then this one is highly recommended from BabySwingStore

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5. Patiofy Premium C-Shape Hanging Swing for Balcony | Cotton Swing Chair for Balcony 

Hanging Swing for Balcony


  • Patiofy is a leader in manufacturing swings made with macrame and cotton. These are also called rope swings, these swings are made with macrame, cotton, and nylon material. 

  • A premium C-Shaped Balcony Swing chair that comes with different color options and gives a modern appeal to your ambiance. 

  • Here we are featuring a round shape swing that is manufactured in a Hammock style swing. This gives more comfort and a premium feeling of furniture at your home. Don’t think these are rope swings so have anything less, they have a carrying capacity of 150 Kgs. This C-Shaped Single Seater Swing has a heavy build quality with dimensions, 33 X 63 X 17 inches. 

  • Even being made with cotton and macrame material they are suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions. Whether it’s the backyard, balcony, or your open garden space you can enjoy swinging with this swing chair. The ropes are made with nylon material that is very strong to hold a weight of 150 Kgs. Whether Kids or Adults, anybody can enjoy swinging on this Single Seater Swing for Home. 

  • A swing for comfortable seating for hours and basic hanging accessories are bundled with this single-seater hanging swing for balcony. You can buy these swings from Amazon India, you will never regret this recommendation. Also, Buy them from the Online Store of Patiofy Swings


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6. Carry Bird Single Seater Hanging Swing For Balcony | Balcony Swing Chair with Stand 

Hanging Swing for Balcony


  • Carry Bird is a very famous brand that manufacturers furniture online. Here we are recommending another amazing option available for hanging metal-based furniture. 

  • This wicker and metal swing comes with very durable quality, you get these egg-shaped hanging balcony swings in multiple colors. Each of them once used with a cushion gives unmatched comfort. 

  • It is a swing chair without any stand, it comes with all hanging accessories within the package itself. You get S-Shaped hooks and a chain that can hold a mass of 110 Kgs whereas the product itself only costs 15 Kgs. 

  • This single-seater balcony swing has 91.4 X 66 X 111.8 cm dimensions that make it very compact, whether it is indoors or outdoors you can use this one. With superior material used, it is resistant to wear and tear caused due to harsh weather, heat, and dust. 

  • Overall if you want a balcony hanging swing then you can prefer buying this one withstand, it offers better comfort and has a very easy installation too. This one is very stylish and appealing. 

This was another product recommendation if you specifically want a very attractive swing that is made with rattan and metal material. 


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7. RE ONN Hanging Swing for Balcony | Balcony Swings Online 

Hanging Swing for Balcony

  • RE ONN Hanging Chair is another egg-shaped swing chair that we are recommending in our article on Top 10 Hanging Swing for Balcony, this swing is more in a circular form than in an exact egg-shaped form 

  • The material used is rattan that makes it lightweight and very easy to install. It only weighs 14 Kgs whereas it has a massive carrying capacity of 130 Kgs. It comes with compact dimensions of 95 X 75 X 120 cm. 

  • This is a very appealing and modern-looking balcony swing chair that you can buy online on Amazon. This swing chair is strongly recommended if you have been looking for an egg-shaped swing. 


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8. Patiofy Premium Square Hammock Hanging Swing for Balcony | Balcony Swings Online 


Hanging Swing for Balcony


  • Patiofy is a very famous brand that is selling premium swings online in India. These swings are made with cotton, macrame, and nylon material. They are very durable and are handcrafted by Indian craftsmen. 

  • This premium swing is square-shaped and has a deep seating capacity that gives ample support to the back and has thigh support too. What we mean to say is you can sleep while sitting on this swing. 

  • The swing being lightweight can still manage a good carrying capacity. This swing has around 150 Kgs of carrying capacity, it’s a single-seater wing though, and is suitable for both adults and kids. And, whether it is indoors or outdoors you can easily use this swing for the balcony. 

  • With the  Hanging swing for Balcony, Patiofy is providing all hanging accessories and you also get a very comfortable cushion. You can easily install this swing as it follows a DIY installation. The only thing you need is some hooks on the ceiling that can handle the swing’s weight. 

On Amazon Patiofy Square swing hanging chairs have a lot of Positive reviews and consumer recommendations. 


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9. Swingzy Soft Leather Velvet Hanging Swing for Balcony 

Hanging Swing for Balcony


  • Swingzy is a very famous brand that manufactures quality and reliable products only. These swing chairs are very comfortable, they are made with leather and velvet finish. 

  • All the swings mentioned here are premium in their metal category, but here finally we have a leader based very comfortable swing that comes with the accessories and cushion base making it very comfortable.

  • This swing chair provides equal support to the back as well as thighs. You get the most comfortable swing with a carrying capacity of 200 Kgs and a compact dimension of 25 X 25 X 5. The item itself weighs only 400 gms and other installation accessories include all necessary hooks and hinges. 

  • This Swingzy Swing offers unmatched comfort as it’s made with very soft memory foam quality material, it has very stylish looks and has a comfort level matching to a mattress. 

This particular product is one of its kind, if you need one then it’s strongly recommended as Best Hanging Swing for Balcony. 


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10. Patiofy Premium Double Seater Hanging Swing for Balcony 

Hanging Swing for Balcony

  • We have already featured quite a lot of products from Patiofy, here is another very affordable and useful product. Till now you have been only reading about the single-seater swings but now here we are presenting you with a double-seater swing chair. This hammock chair swing is made with cotton but has a tremendous carrying capacity of 2 people at a time. 

  • This swing is suitable for 2 adults or 1 adult and a kid at a time. It comes with a carrying capacity of 200Kgs and is also bundled with a cushion. It is not that bulky at all, you are getting 21 X 38 X 68 inches of dimensions, which are not very much. 

  • This swing comes in 2 different color options with White-Black and Brown-White. The complete swing is made up of cotton and the ropes that take up all the weight are made with solid nylon ropes. 

  • Whether it’s outdoor or indoors these hanging hammocks are compatible with everything. And, you can use them with adults and kids too. 

  • Swing comes with a carrying capacity of 200 Kgs and itself weighs only 450 grams. You can easily hang this swing as it has a DIY installation associated with it. All the accessories for installation like hooks and hinges are already provided with the product. 

  • With the swing, you are getting a free cushion and 2 S-shaped hooks, 1 hanging ring, and a rod. If you have been looking for a 2 seater hammock chair then this Patiofy Double Seater Swing is highly recommended. 

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If you have been looking for Hanging Swing for Balcony then this article will really solve that problem of yours. Here we have recommended the best thing you can buy online from Amazon. 

You can find hanging swing for balcony made with rattan, stainless steel, and even cotton ropes. It is you who has to decide the suitable one as per your need. We need open you to like all our product recommendations. Happy Shopping!

Buying Guide: How to Buy the Right Hanging Swing for Balcony?

Swings in the market are available in various shapes, sizes, materials, purposes,s and even as per different carrying capacities. As per the Indian taste and budget, we are writing this article where we will be featuring some swings that are very durable and worth every penny. Our goal is to recommend to you the best swing chair for the balcony that is made with strong metals, wood, or even rattan material. 

Since we are looking for a swing for a home balcony, we are keeping a constant thought in mind that we have less space, But we need more comfort, extra space, and a luxury-looking swing that easily matches the ambiance of the corner. Here are a few things that we are matching and then suggesting to you the right Hanging Swing for Balcony. 

  • Dimensions (Swing Chair for Balcony): Since we are planning to place the swing on the balcony, we need to ensure that they eat less space. All the swings that we have listed consume a very nominal space and are easy to install. 

  • Carrying Capacity: The carrying capacity matters a lot, it becomes a major deciding factor. Some prefer to keep single-seater swings and some prefer to have multi-seater swing chairs at home. We recommend buying swings that ideally have a carrying capacity of 150 to 200 kgs. We have also mentioned a Hanging Swing for Balcony that has the same carrying capacity. Mostly we have recommended single-seater swings as they consume less space. 

  • Material: The material that a swing is composed of also decides the quality of a balcony swing chair. The better the material, the higher is the durability of that product, either you can choose to buy a metal swing or a wooden swing. We have even recommended buying cotton and macrame swings as they offer very good quality and comfort. 

  • Installation: Even installation is a big factor when it comes to Hanging Swing for Balcony, they are bigger in size and thus create some issues when you have to install them. The balcony swings online that we are recommending are appropriate and very easy to install. 


This was the brief buying guide that we have followed while recommending these Top 10 Hanging Swing for Balcony. We hope all our products were very helpful and finally you have decided on the swing that you want to purchase. 

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