Top 8 Best Smartwatch for Android under $100 in USA (NOVEMBER 2022)

best smartwatch for android under $100

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Looking to buy best smartwatch for android under $100? In today’s fast paced world most of us want to be connected. How we did it in the past was via our phones on our pockets and within the past 5-7 years smartwatches have been created which can help us stay connected.

Smartwatch is a wearable device which is connected to smartphones via bluetooth or any other wireless connection. It has various applications, can be used to control the basic functions of smartphone and many more uses. Smartwatches have been designed also by companies that manufacture the smart phones using latest technologies such as Android, iPhone etc.

In this article we have listed 8 best smartwatch for Android under $100. These watches not only look smart and stylish, but also offer some useful features to support your activities like sleep monitoring, fitness tracking ,call reminder etc.

Top 8 Best Smartwatch for Android under $100 are listed below:

  1. Amazfit GTS Fitness Smartwatch

best smartwatch for android under $100

The 1st in our list of best smartwatch for android under $100 is amazfit GTS Fitness Smartwatch. The Amazfit GTS smartwatch has a 1.65-inch stylish square screen that provides a larger display area than a round watch face of the same width. The most important information is displayed in the center, focusing on what is most important to you.

Amazfit GTS has a 14-day battery life while maintaining a slim watch body, allowing you to avoid frequent charging. Amazfit GTS is water resistant to a depth of 50 meters and supports a variety of swimming scenarios.

The Amazfit GTS supports 12 popular exercise modes. Outdoor running, walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, treadmill, elliptical trainer, climb, trail run, pool swimming, open water swimming, skiing, and exercise are examples of these activities.

The thickness of the watch is reduced to 9.4 mm due to a smooth transition from the 2.5D curved glass to the metal watch body. Amazfit GTS can perform continuous 24-hour high-precision heart-rate monitoring, as well as heart-rate interval monitoring during workouts, and can alert you if a significantly too high value is discovered.

Country of Origin: China

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars (





  1. Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

best smartwatch for android under $100

The 2nd in our list of best smartwatch for android under $100 is AmazfitThe Amazfit GTS 2 small is a smartwatch with a lifestyle switch that can be used for all of your looks. The Amazfit GTS 2 small sports a 1.55-inch AMOLED screen and 50+ watch faces to pick from, with the majority of them also having a matching Always-on Display3.

Upload your own photos to truly personalize the watch face, and use the custom modular dial to focus on what matters to you.

The borderless design1 of the GTS 2 tiny features a lightweight of 19.5g2 and a thickness of 8.95mm (without the sensor base), as well as a skin-friendly silicone strap to complement your most trendy ensembles. The GTS 2 mini offers industry-leading in-depth heart health tracking4, with alerts for abnormally raised resting heart rate.

Hold your arm steady after participating in strenuous physical or mental activity and test your SpO2 level7 to have a better knowledge of your health. You may also use the GTS 2 mini to determine your personal stress level – relaxed, normal, medium, or high – and get ideas on how to minimize it.

A PAI score is created by using an algorithm to process data about your heart rate and other sophisticated health information. This single-value score gives a tailored health evaluation for each user based on their unique health data, providing a personalized experience for everyone.

The GTS 2 small caters to most sports fans, with over 70 built-in sports modes and 5 ATM water resistance9. The watch can also control your phone’s music, send notifications about activity stages, weather conditions, and heart rate zones10, and generate a sports data report on the App after your workout.

You can talk to Amazon Alexa on your Amazfit GTS 2 tiny. Ask inquiries, obtain translations, set alarms and timers, make grocery lists, check the weather, and control your smart home gadgets, among other things.

Amazfit GTS 2 mini is one of the best smartwatch for android under $100. It has a completely tuned energy management system that allows for up to 14 days of usual battery life – or 7 days with intensive usage. Remove the stress caused by frequent charging and keep the energy flowing.

Improve time management and efficiency with the Pomodoro clock, use the Bluetooth camera13 to remotely control the mobile phone to snap images and turn on Selfie mode, follow female cycles intimately, and learn to relax with breathing exercises.

Country of Origin: China

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars (





  1. Dirrelo Smart Watch

best smartwatch for android under $100

The 3rd in our list of best smartwatch for android under $100 is Dirrelo Smart Watch. Dirrelo improved Smart watch with 1.55-inch TFT-LCD, 3.5D curved glass HD, 360*320 pixels square touch screen makes understanding your health and sports data simple and intuitive. Set the watch face to reflect your personality with current photos or add your own. When you lift and twist your wrist, your watch face will light up automatically. Three-in-one bands that are soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly accommodate different wrist sizes.

The fitness watch is built with industry-leading IP68 water resistant technology, allowing you to swim in the pool without fear. Walk, run, mountain, swim, yoga, trekking, cycling, treadmill, and other sports modes are supported. It provides additional information about your body’s activities and monitors all of your workout data (step counter, pedometer, pace, distance, calories burnt, miles with smartphone GPS) to assist you in exercising scientifically and meeting your fitness objectives.

Advanced HR sensor accurately monitors your real-time heart rate, blood oxygen (SpO2) level, breath training tracker, and automatic sleep tracking your deep, light, and awake sleep patterns, and provides suggestions and comprehensive analysis via the “VeryFit” APP to help you gain a better understanding of your health and make reasonable lifestyle changes.

The Dirrelo smart watch is compatible with most iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 smartphones, as well as Bluetooth 5.2 devices. Download and install the free “VeryFit” APP, then pair this timepiece with your phone to get calendar, incoming call, SMS, APP notifications, and SNS (Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, and so on) alerts and preview messages. It will never let you miss anything vital.

It includes a magnetic charging USB cord. A full charge (2 hours) provides 7 days of working time and 35 days of standby time. Alarm clock, weather forecast, drink water reminder, sedentary reminder, stopwatch, timer, music control, find your phone, women’s menstrual cycle, adjustable brightness, and more new features

Country of Origin: China

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars (





  1. Amazfit Bip 3 Pro

best smartwatch for android

The 4th in our list of best smartwatch for android under $100 is Amazfit Bip 3 Pro. Amazfit Bip 3 Pro is a 2022 updated smartwatch that helps you live a healthier, more active, and connected life. The Amazfit Bip 3 Pro supports four satellite positioning systems, allowing you to track your movements in the wide outdoors with pinpoint accuracy.

Data is available for all of your favorite activities, such as indoor and outdoor walking, running, and cycling, as well as more freeform workouts such as strength training, yoga, and free training. Take your cardio game to the next level with the Target Speed function on the watch, which allows you to set and smash your pace objectives.

You may swim with your Bip3 Pro because it has a water-resistance grade of 5 ATM. With its Open Water Swimming sports mode, the watch can even track your activity statistics. Use the watch to swiftly assess your blood-oxygen saturation in as little as 25 seconds and have a better understanding of your physical condition.

Keep an eye on your body’s most vital muscle. The watch can monitor your heart rate throughout the day and alert you if it becomes unusually high. You can even see if you’re exercising in your target heart rate zone. The Amazfit Bip 3 Pro can track your sleep quality8, allowing you to get enough rest to continue making fitness progress.

Immerse yourself in the super-large and vivid HD display, and express yourself more with 50+ watch faces, customizable watch faces, and widgets – or create with your own photographs.

Connect it to your phone. Receive SMS/phone call/app notifications and operate your phone’s music playback/camera from your wrist. The smart watch will also have Sedentary Reminders, Do Not Disturb, To-Do List, and weather prediction capabilities, in addition to the ability to set alarms and stopwatches.

The ZeppApp on your phone displays and analyzes health and fitness data, has a watch face store, delivers system updates for your watch, and enables smart device control.

Country of Origin: China

Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars (





  1. Military Smart Watch

best smartwatch for android under $100

The 5th in our list of best smartwatch for android under $100 is Military smart watch. Using an innovative newest built-in optical sensor, blood pressure watch men can automatically monitor and measure your real-time heart rate throughout the day.

Fitness tracker watch with 1.3-inch high-definition full touch screen, Bluetooth smart watch for android ios can track your sleep status all day, analyze your sleep quality (deep sleep, light sleep, and wake up time), which can help you better understand your health and make reasonable lifestyle adjustments.

This wristwatch accurately tracks steps, distance, and calories. It contains seven workout modes, including running, walking, cycling, skipping, basketball, football, and badminton, to provide a more thorough picture of your whole day’s activities.

To record your workout on the “Dafit” App, connect your phone’s GPS and conduct real-time heart rate monitoring, as well as properly recording all-day activities such as pedometer, distance, calories burnt, heart rate, and active time. It also provides weather forecasts, message alerts, and other features. Let you know that outdoor sports are safe. Hiking watches assist you in exercising properly and achieving your fitness goals.

After connecting your smart watch to Bluetooth, you will be able to get and receive all SNS alerts (SMS,Facebook,WhatsApp,Twitter,LinkedIn,Instagram,Gmail,etc) directly to your health tracker watch, ensuring that you never miss crucial news.

If you are busy, you may view incoming calls and reject them. You may listen to music using the built-in speaker. Communication at any time and from any location makes life easier. Work watches for men are equipped with 400 mAh high capacity extended battery life and may be used 7-15 days with a standby duration of 30 days if completely charged.

The upgraded smart watch has a 1.3″ HD square touch screen that makes it easy to grasp your health and sports data. Military tactical sports watch features ten military grade certifications and may be utilized in difficult weather circumstances. It is absolutely convenient for your outdoor activities.

Please download the most recent version of the “Dafit” APP, where relevant features can be set and used. The big smart watch has several dials to pick from, as well as additional 100 dials within the app. You may also change the look of your watch face. This is one of the best smartwatch for android under $100

This smart watch also has an alarm, stop watch, remote camera control, sedentary reminder, music control, and a weather prediction. Money refund or replacement guarantee for 12 months.

Country of Origin: China

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars (





  1. ZKCREATION Smart Watch

best smartwatch for android under $100

The 6th in our list of best smartwatch for android under $100 is ZKCREATION Smart Watch. When you connect the smartwatch that can answer calls to your phone through Bluetooth, you can answer and make calls on your watch using the built-in microphone and speaker. You can also add contacts to the “Da Fit” app and examine call history on the smart watches for Android phones. Free your hands whenever and wherever you choose to cope with home, business, sports, and other situations.

The fitness watch can measure your steps, calories, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and sleep quality. The women’s square smartwatch has 8 sports modes for data recording when exercising, allowing you to better understand your fitness track. The iOS compatible wristwatch can also link to GPS on the app to receive more precise real-time distance, speed, and heart rate fluctuations.

Choose from over 100 online customizable dials to suit a variety of tastes. The women’s digital watch also allows custom dials; upload your own photographs to make the watch dial really yours, and use a custom watch dial to focus on what’s important to you.

The smartwatch activity tracker’s 1.69-inch HD curved color screen is protected by 2.5D glass, and the bezel-less design seamlessly transitions to the aluminum body, providing more visual appeal and a broader field of vision. The IP67 waterproof women’s fitness watch may be used with confidence in everyday situations such as hand washing, rainy, and so on. Please do not use in swimming, diving, ocean, or hot water.

More functions are waiting for you to discover, such as heart rate/blood pressure/blood oxygen/sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, female physiological period, pedometer, stopwatch, alarm clock, remote camera control, music control, weather forecast, find your phone, brightness adjustment, vibration alarm, not disturb mode, theater mode, and so on.

By linking the activity tracker watch to your smartphone, your communications, such as incoming calls, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, and so on, may be synced and shown on your wristwatch for rapid information browsing. You may disable push notifications in the “Da Fit” app if you don’t want to be alerted of new messages.

The touch screen wristwatch is compatible with phone systems running Android 4.4 and above, as well as iOS 8.4 and higher.

Country of Origin: China

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars (





  1. LIGE Smart Watch

best smartwatch for android under $100

The 7th in our list of best smartwatch for android under $100 is LIGE smart watch. This black wristwatch allows you to make phone calls not only by pushing digits on the watch, but also by responding or hanging up. It serves as a reminder at business or in your personal life so that you do not miss critical phone calls. The stainless steel band fitness watch boasts a 1.3 inch super clear full touch screen for a smooth and fluid experience, as well as 5 brightness settings that can be adjusted.

When you connect your fitness tracker to your phone, you will never miss a call or message. If your phone receives a phone call, SMS text message, or SNS message, the gents fitness watch will vibrate to notify you. SNS notification: Facebook, Wechat, Whatsapp, Skype, Line, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

The trendy smartwatch There are eleven built-in sport modes: walk, run, cycle, rock climb, swim, dive, table tennis, badminton, football, and basketball. LIGE men’s smart watch can track your steps, distance, calories, and heart rate all day. You can regulate your time and optimize your fitness by using a stopwatch. This is one of the best smartwatch for android under $100

The LIGE gents activity tracker contains heart rate, blood pressure, and monitor capabilities, so you should constantly pay attention to your physical health, but the data is only for reference. This stainless steel smart wristwatch can also automatically measure your sleep, allowing you to know your waking, light, and deep sleep statistics.

This relojes smartwatch is compatible with smartphones running iOS 8.0 or Android OS 4.4 or above, as well as Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. Also included are alarm, stop watch, remote camera control, sedentary reminder, music control, and weather prediction capabilities on this LIGE watch. (It is also iPad compatible.)

Country of Origin: China

Ratings: 3.9 out of 5 stars (





  1. Feifuns Smart Watch

best smartwatch for android under $100

The last in our list of best smartwatch for android under $100 is Feifuns smart watch. Full-screen touch,free operation,240*240 1.54″ HD resolution,clear color,bring you diverse visual effects; You may easily set your own photo as the backdrop on a digital watch with multiple faces. Bluetooth Music playback allows you to listen to music directly from your feifuns wristwatch while exercising without having to bring out your phone like a bluetooth speaker.

On your watch, you may monitor your heart rate and blood pressure in real time. You may set up 24-hour automated monitoring and abnormal heart rate reminders, and all data is automatically synced to the APP. On the watch, manually check your stress and blood oxygen levels.

Multiple sports modes are supported, including walking, jogging, cycling, badminton, basketball, football, and rope skipping. This is one of the best smartwatch for android under $100.

Check the statistics on the smart watch or linked app after workout (exercise time, average heart rate, distance, steps, calories).  This info will be synced to your app. By analyzing this data, you can make better adjustments. And use the watch to organize your fitness plan by exercising your sports data.

Reminder Women may specify their menstrual data in the app, such as menstrual duration, period length, and last menstrual date, and select the time to remind them to prepare for their next menstrual cycle and ovulation. By keeping track of your menstrual cycle, you may get to know and care for yourself better. For men, simply disable this function in the app.

All day, it will automatically monitor and evaluate your sleep quality and offer you with deep sleep, light sleep, and wake up time. It may also wake you up with a vibrating alarm clock while remaining silent to your family members. Have a wonderful start to the day!

Synchronize calls, SMS, emails, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and other notifications, you will not miss any crucial information. Information storage and the clear setting make it easy for you to examine previous messages and erase junk, ensuring the security of your data.

Country of Origin: China

Ratings: 3.9 out of 5 stars (






With so many models in the market, finding the best smartwatches to fit your needs is not an easy task. We really hope that our selection of the best smartwatch for android under $100 has helped you to make a decision. Based on in-depth research, a product analysis, and user ratings, we have determined which smartwatch for android under $100 is the best in USA. Using the links provided in the article, you can purchase these best smartwatch for android under $100 on Amazon.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do smart watches work with all phones?

It's critical to realize that not every smartwatch is compatible with every smartphone. The majority of smartwatches are compatible with Android, iOS, or occasionally both types of devices. Some gadgets only function with particular products made by the same company and have their own operating systems.

Is smartwatch good for health?

According to research, smartwatches are better at picking up early warning symptoms of certain heart disorders including atrial fibrillation (AFib) by using digital health sensors. According to previous research, wearable technology may be able to detect other diseases including the common cold.



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